RO1 Chatter Mutator - Beta 3 - Rev. 57
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[GG] Nameless ¯\_(シ)_/¯ 25 apr om 4:49vm 
What about combining the RO1 and RO2 chatter? Gives allot more sentences.
(You got to make shure tho that your char sticks to one voice pack)
stabkamay 31 jan om 5:10vm 
Fidagu 27 jan om 3:19vm 
Still better than RO2
Devent morgen "The Witcher3 " 14 jan om 2:17vm 
GermanSoldat 13 dec 2014 om 11:44vm 
Where can i find the Death Sounds from the Soldier? Which Folder?
Cpl. Fritz [29ID] 15 nov 2014 om 10:52vm 
Anyway to get this whitelisted?
Vladimir Putin 27 okt 2014 om 8:30vm 
фашисты хуй сосут и будут сосать
Punzybobo 22 jul 2014 om 12:12nm 
@H3ckenschütze, so just switch over to native languages, more immersion, and no more annoying teenagers talking. :D
Civvy the Otterer 22 mei 2014 om 8:29nm 
Wow- people actually talking, and NOT insulting me!
H3ckenschütze 28 jul 2013 om 5:32vm 
uh ... ok, so i hope its getting white listed, because the hihgpitched german voices r so annoying !!!!
And i found a way at Mike_Nomads Site : ) !!!
TWB*BlueDuck  [auteur] 28 jul 2013 om 3:42vm 
Sorry, but the mutator didn't got white-listed and for that reason none of the servers run it (or else they would go unranked).
H3ckenschütze 28 jul 2013 om 2:20vm 
A link to the Server, where the mutator can be played, would be nice!!
Sharky 1 jun 2013 om 8:26nm 
could you do one like this but for practice maps to?
Anderson 6 mei 2013 om 1:47vm 
Is it possible to combine them with the new ones from RO2? I liked Ro2 ones as well.
NMakhno Insurgente 20 mrt 2013 om 4:54vm 
Tripwire must change the voices or to give the option for select. Thanks for the job.
_Grenadier_HR_ 25 jan 2013 om 10:27vm 
Meh, too bad it doesn't work when playing custom maps solo either. Is it for the time being (the mod requiring the server to have it installed in order to work) or you don't have any plans regarding this?
TWB*BlueDuck  [auteur] 2 jan 2013 om 3:32vm 
Sorry, but that is not possible. Client side versions of mutators do only work wnem the server is running the server side version. It's the server that actually starts the client-side mutator.
BlaKe 1 jan 2013 om 5:43nm 
Is it posible to make it work on all servers that isnt got the "sounds" running?
BlaKe 1 jan 2013 om 9:20vm 
Nice!!!! i hate the english-german voices.. i like when the team speaks its own language.
Lince_246 14 nov 2012 om 10:12vm 
Thank you man!.
UnknownSoldier 14 nov 2012 om 7:40vm 
At least! I was waiting for this mod on the workshop! Love it.
gaston van der lagger 13 nov 2012 om 4:11nm 
[MSU] Delta 13 nov 2012 om 10:06vm 
i changed my audio back to native tounges...and that works just fine for me...even if i cant understand half what they r saying lol.
robb3566 12 nov 2012 om 8:05nm 
That's awesome, thanks! I've wondered why they all speak English in RO2
Blu Luna 11 nov 2012 om 5:20vm 
ok thx for the info :)
TWB*BlueDuck  [auteur] 11 nov 2012 om 4:39vm 
A Red Orchestra 2 server. Currently the mutator is still under test and AFAIK only the custom map RGN server is running it. Try to join that one.
Blu Luna 11 nov 2012 om 4:32vm 
What kind of server?
TWB*BlueDuck  [auteur] 11 nov 2012 om 3:31vm 
@[LS]iBlueMoonITA, It does work. But you need to look up a server that supports this mutator.
Blu Luna 11 nov 2012 om 2:52vm 
Not works.................
R5CYA 10 nov 2012 om 11:05vm 
lol! i love the avatar! good job, Ducky! thank you!
{MERC.6}M.B.S 10 nov 2012 om 7:37vm 
f.... good
[RGN] Mike_Nomad  [auteur] 10 nov 2012 om 4:32vm 
This great......
Extension 9 nov 2012 om 4:58nm 
Nice! The RGN server is running this guys! It's really neat ^_^
[0 Coy] Rabid 9 nov 2012 om 3:33nm 
Achtung, Shambeh Bambeh!