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Dragon's Lair
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Pointless Entertainment LLC 12. Juli 2016 um 11:00 Uhr 
I can't believe this had to be even Greenlit...business is business.
Someone 29. Apr. 2015 um 18:32 Uhr 
Now I feel really old. Hasn't this been released on practically every format known to man. Still it's a tough to play game and has a great sound system in place. Now we need Space Ace to go with this!
the Winter Warlock 30. Dez. 2014 um 13:48 Uhr 
Dragon's Lair was released in 1983 :-)
the Winter Warlock 30. Dez. 2014 um 13:42 Uhr 
Now Let's get Dragon's Lair 3D going on here and I will die a happy man!
goemon.13th.ishikawa 29. Juni 2014 um 8:15 Uhr 
SAURON-ITA 5. Juni 2014 um 6:11 Uhr 
Is Fantastic!
^5Zed 19. Dez. 2013 um 10:41 Uhr 
I'm shocked to see this game on steam.

I have the 95 dos windows cdrom which worked with creative adlib and ensonic audio chips.

This steam version of the original means no need for those audio chips !
ΔιΖεΝ aka. Suk Mike Hawk 3. Dez. 2013 um 13:11 Uhr 
The old version hadn't the touch that you have to push, in the original you have to predict where, when and how touch you have to use
RP 25. Okt. 2013 um 4:43 Uhr 
One old pc game, but extremelly dificult
Guines 6. Okt. 2013 um 5:58 Uhr 
I've played this game on my childhood, very nice.
jpr9845 28. Sep. 2013 um 8:38 Uhr 
I played this in arcades back in the late '70s, early '80s. Great game!
Avatar God 3. Aug. 2013 um 7:27 Uhr 
Jogo para fans
Melon 25. Juli 2013 um 12:28 Uhr 
I've played it before on my DS but its a old game
Baristan 22. Juli 2013 um 12:27 Uhr 
looks interesting
Doctor Rory 21. Juli 2013 um 12:05 Uhr 
Space Ace please :D? Just bought this and im excited!
Nerestro 9. Juli 2013 um 10:24 Uhr 
very nice
GeneralTisane 30. Juni 2013 um 15:05 Uhr 
trop bien !
FleCzi 16. Juni 2013 um 18:10 Uhr 
Nice one !!
Papa-Steekh 15. Juni 2013 um 2:45 Uhr 
Awesome game!
Sugarcube 11. Juni 2013 um 14:28 Uhr 
I played this years ago,on the origanal xbox.Boy it was fun...kindoff
Kindzadza 2. Juni 2013 um 13:32 Uhr 
I used to play this on the Philips CD-I
Xaras {ONM} 23. Mai 2013 um 9:25 Uhr 
The good old days
Orion Glow 21. Mai 2013 um 0:08 Uhr 
YES!!!! now i hope, in future also Dragon's Lair 2, and Space Ace
🍩Donut✅ 20. Mai 2013 um 4:42 Uhr 
Il a l'air d'être fun comme petit jeux ...
Moa2607 19. Mai 2013 um 3:07 Uhr 
now we need space ace
Tonius 18. Mai 2013 um 20:11 Uhr 
I just purchased my game too!!! Its really great, the 720p is great.
Chaz 17. Mai 2013 um 15:30 Uhr 
Congratulations. I just purchased my Dragon's Lair.
DendoCast 17. Mai 2013 um 14:10 Uhr 
estyles31 16. Mai 2013 um 6:37 Uhr 
Ah, I remember the first release of Dragon's Lair - the first time I realized that a computer game could look pretty and still suck so hard. Just horrible. Barely even a game.
Sleepyeyed Films 16. Mai 2013 um 6:08 Uhr 
For those of you who love Dragon's Lair: congrats! It's greenlit and we can all buy it when it comes out. To the haters: why complain? nobody's making you buy it, so don't.

In the meantime everyone can check this out. http://vimeo.com/37600315
RedGreatWyrm 15. Mai 2013 um 14:15 Uhr 
ahh only 720p ... I already own the 2006 blu-ray
RedGreatWyrm 15. Mai 2013 um 14:13 Uhr 
will this be the same 2006 version allready avalible ?
Samurai Snake 15. Mai 2013 um 12:47 Uhr 
Tuercovich 14. Mai 2013 um 7:33 Uhr 
True, true
The Eye 12. Mai 2013 um 10:13 Uhr 
I remember going to the Arcades in England when this first came out !!! I had to wait a long time just to play it and was Hooked for about 2 months .. This one is the first of three and as always , for me The Best One out of them ... Cant Wait for the re-vamp ... Well I'll be Buying just to remember my Youth !!!
Spagett 11. Mai 2013 um 14:26 Uhr 
Wait a minute, I remember this. This is Quick-Time-Event, The Game. Are people voting this up out of sheer nostalgia? There's actually less content in this game than there is in a twenty-page-long Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book. What the heck :/
McShave07 10. Mai 2013 um 15:02 Uhr 
Oh my god, how did this get greenlit. I thought the world relized QTE games were the worst kind of games after having to endure such Mega-CD classics as Road avenger, Space Ace and whatever that helicopter one was (yup showing my age). If you've never played this before, you're in for one hell of a shock.
{TLM} DojoDog 10. Mai 2013 um 10:35 Uhr 
I can't wait to play this on my 27" I7 Imac!
gmodlightboomer 10. Mai 2013 um 0:04 Uhr 
:O must have
Chaz 9. Mai 2013 um 17:37 Uhr 
This is greenlit, need it now.
SuperDean (all is bothered) 6. Mai 2013 um 11:52 Uhr 
oh gosh this game mostly contained you just clicking a area at the right time. i got it for 50 cents at a pawn shop
Geek Citadel 4. Mai 2013 um 3:34 Uhr 
Dragon's Lair is great, but where is Dragon's Lair 2 at?!?!
=hb2b= 4. Mai 2013 um 0:52 Uhr 
take my money!
Applelicious 1. Mai 2013 um 15:39 Uhr 
Ahhhh ! so much nostalgia god I miss playing this game i'm definitely gonna buy this game once its out,
D. Stitz, Esq. 1. Mai 2013 um 6:53 Uhr 
We are now almost halfway through 2013. I kind of wish they'd update the release date.
Legend 29. Apr. 2013 um 0:11 Uhr 
.....Wee... a movie based game that's a movie. How did this get Greenlit again?
nin 27. Apr. 2013 um 1:02 Uhr 
Any ETA? Thanks!
lxMattAranxl 24. Apr. 2013 um 0:18 Uhr 
Now THIS is awesome! I've played the one on Sega-CD (emulator) and the 3D version for Gamecube, and I love the game for many reasons! Most due to the art style: Don Bluth! Love his videos. lol

I can't believe that they actualy have this greenlit! That's so cool! :D
chaffe 22. Apr. 2013 um 21:30 Uhr