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Dragon's Lair
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858 comentário(s)
Pointless Entertainment LLC 12/jul/2016 às 11:00 
I can't believe this had to be even is business.
Someone 29/abr/2015 às 18:32 
Now I feel really old. Hasn't this been released on practically every format known to man. Still it's a tough to play game and has a great sound system in place. Now we need Space Ace to go with this!
the Winter Warlock 30/dez/2014 às 13:48 
Dragon's Lair was released in 1983 :-)
the Winter Warlock 30/dez/2014 às 13:42 
Now Let's get Dragon's Lair 3D going on here and I will die a happy man!
goemon.13th.ishikawa 29/jun/2014 às 8:15 
SAURON-ITA 5/jun/2014 às 6:11 
Is Fantastic!
^5Zed 19/dez/2013 às 10:41 
I'm shocked to see this game on steam.

I have the 95 dos windows cdrom which worked with creative adlib and ensonic audio chips.

This steam version of the original means no need for those audio chips !
ΔιΖεΝ aka. Suk Mike Hawk 3/dez/2013 às 13:11 
The old version hadn't the touch that you have to push, in the original you have to predict where, when and how touch you have to use
RP 25/out/2013 às 4:43 
One old pc game, but extremelly dificult
Guines 6/out/2013 às 5:58 
I've played this game on my childhood, very nice.
jpr9845 28/set/2013 às 8:38 
I played this in arcades back in the late '70s, early '80s. Great game!
Avatar God 3/ago/2013 às 7:27 
Jogo para fans
Melon 25/jul/2013 às 12:28 
I've played it before on my DS but its a old game
Baristan 22/jul/2013 às 12:27 
looks interesting
Doctor Rory 21/jul/2013 às 12:05 
Space Ace please :D? Just bought this and im excited!
Nerestro 9/jul/2013 às 10:24 
very nice
GeneralTisane 30/jun/2013 às 15:05 
trop bien !
FleCzi 16/jun/2013 às 18:10 
Nice one !!
Papa-Steekh 15/jun/2013 às 2:45 
Awesome game!
Sugarcube 11/jun/2013 às 14:28 
I played this years ago,on the origanal xbox.Boy it was fun...kindoff
Kindzadza 2/jun/2013 às 13:32 
I used to play this on the Philips CD-I
Xaras {ONM} 23/mai/2013 às 9:25 
The good old days
Orion Glow 21/mai/2013 às 0:08 
YES!!!! now i hope, in future also Dragon's Lair 2, and Space Ace
🍩Donut✅ 20/mai/2013 às 4:42 
Il a l'air d'être fun comme petit jeux ...
Moa2607 19/mai/2013 às 3:07 
now we need space ace
Tonius 18/mai/2013 às 20:11 
I just purchased my game too!!! Its really great, the 720p is great.
Chaz 17/mai/2013 às 15:30 
Congratulations. I just purchased my Dragon's Lair.
DendoCast 17/mai/2013 às 14:10 
estyles31 16/mai/2013 às 6:37 
Ah, I remember the first release of Dragon's Lair - the first time I realized that a computer game could look pretty and still suck so hard. Just horrible. Barely even a game.
Sleepyeyed Films 16/mai/2013 às 6:08 
For those of you who love Dragon's Lair: congrats! It's greenlit and we can all buy it when it comes out. To the haters: why complain? nobody's making you buy it, so don't.

In the meantime everyone can check this out.
RedGreatWyrm 15/mai/2013 às 14:15 
ahh only 720p ... I already own the 2006 blu-ray
RedGreatWyrm 15/mai/2013 às 14:13 
will this be the same 2006 version allready avalible ?
Samurai Snake 15/mai/2013 às 12:47 
Tuercovich 14/mai/2013 às 7:33 
True, true
The Eye 12/mai/2013 às 10:13 
I remember going to the Arcades in England when this first came out !!! I had to wait a long time just to play it and was Hooked for about 2 months .. This one is the first of three and as always , for me The Best One out of them ... Cant Wait for the re-vamp ... Well I'll be Buying just to remember my Youth !!!
Spagett 11/mai/2013 às 14:26 
Wait a minute, I remember this. This is Quick-Time-Event, The Game. Are people voting this up out of sheer nostalgia? There's actually less content in this game than there is in a twenty-page-long Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book. What the heck :/
McShave07 10/mai/2013 às 15:02 
Oh my god, how did this get greenlit. I thought the world relized QTE games were the worst kind of games after having to endure such Mega-CD classics as Road avenger, Space Ace and whatever that helicopter one was (yup showing my age). If you've never played this before, you're in for one hell of a shock.
{TLM} DojoDog 10/mai/2013 às 10:35 
I can't wait to play this on my 27" I7 Imac!
gmodlightboomer 10/mai/2013 às 0:04 
:O must have
Chaz 9/mai/2013 às 17:37 
This is greenlit, need it now.
SuperDean (all is bothered) 6/mai/2013 às 11:52 
oh gosh this game mostly contained you just clicking a area at the right time. i got it for 50 cents at a pawn shop
Geek Citadel 4/mai/2013 às 3:34 
Dragon's Lair is great, but where is Dragon's Lair 2 at?!?!
=hb2b= 4/mai/2013 às 0:52 
take my money!
Applelicious 1/mai/2013 às 15:39 
Ahhhh ! so much nostalgia god I miss playing this game i'm definitely gonna buy this game once its out,
D. Stitz, Esq. 1/mai/2013 às 6:53 
We are now almost halfway through 2013. I kind of wish they'd update the release date.
Legend 29/abr/2013 às 0:11 
.....Wee... a movie based game that's a movie. How did this get Greenlit again?
nin 27/abr/2013 às 1:02 
Any ETA? Thanks!
lxMattAranxl 24/abr/2013 às 0:18 
Now THIS is awesome! I've played the one on Sega-CD (emulator) and the 3D version for Gamecube, and I love the game for many reasons! Most due to the art style: Don Bluth! Love his videos. lol

I can't believe that they actualy have this greenlit! That's so cool! :D
chaffe 22/abr/2013 às 21:30