Сообщество дало этой игре зеленый свет!

Сообщество выразило свой интерес к этой игре. Valve связалась с ее разработчиком и начала подготовку к ее выходу в Steam.

City Car Driving
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[NYTG] DemonzRage 15 ч. назад 
So whens it coming over to the store?
HuZZeZeD 17 ч. назад 
add it!!
RedBaron 25 июл в 12:19 
we all need this
TheChosenDiesel! 17 июл в 6:05 
STEAM plzz, add that game!!
dvir200(ISR) 13 июл в 4:04 
i want this game on steam!!!!!!!!!!
GBoT 13 июл в 0:51 
Там дикий комп нужен,чтобы не лагало.
snow9370633 11 июл в 11:19 
give us the game plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i want it so bad
гг вп 8 июл в 11:43 
Твою мать, когда уже добавят?!
mmonstalol 7 июл в 4:05 
cmooon!go! I know its red light but who cares? Anything can happen in Russia
ScOoT | trade.tf 6 июл в 19:15 
i want it
ВУАСЫЛЫЙ 5 июл в 12:16 
если появится в стиме , то напишите мне сообщение
ВУАСЫЛЫЙ 5 июл в 12:11 
так она есть в стиме ? Или нет
96tfarclooc 30 июн в 15:32 
when will publicate it?
Даешь Пшено Народ 30 июн в 10:57 
good, add please.
vlasov.es 30 июн в 6:15 
enrico.s ♛ 13 июн в 13:36 
Caos 13 июн в 7:12 
Quite good
NickJamisson 13 июн в 2:37 
Жду выхода в Стиме, а пока играю в версию за 400р.
Affection 12 июн в 11:29 
Still waiting....
BDAAAAY! 6 июн в 16:19 
Зашёл на торрент, увидел ИГОРА НА ГРИНЛИТЕ пздц друзя
TUR1KOFF 6 июн в 10:07 
добавляйте в стим лол)
Simbiot (54) 6 июн в 9:50 
так эта игра появится в стиме или нет? а то года 2 уже тут висит
Godfather 6 июн в 3:37 
Ребята игра реально хорошая.
jackpot33 5 июн в 17:00 
last time o checkeed on this game was in 2014 it is now 2015 WTF is going with this game i want this game i will not pay for it i want it for free if it is possible can you send me a free copy your Greatful Chooses1
iamjack 31 мая в 7:02 
omg! I want this game sooo much! btw why hasnt it come on steam yet ? like come on! people wanna play!!! cant wait to play it!! :):)
C05m1C G4m3R 24 мая в 11:39 
As for legal stuff it is not surprising for me because I live in one of those post communist countries. I live in Poland which is also freaking dumb country in terms of dealing with legal stuff and sorting out all that bureaucracy s**t. Best solution is to move to normal country ;) I am really thinking about moving somewhere else from this s**t hole poland. Maybe you guys should reconsider moving to normal country too ;) Your family can be always visited but all legal stuff is a matter of weeks not years like in our crappy countries :D Anyway I can only wish you best of luck with dealing with all your legal problems and I hope to see your game soon on steam with achievements system maybe ;)
C05m1C G4m3R 24 мая в 11:39 
Cool to hear from you guys. I literally forgot about your game about year or two ago. I saw it for the first time even earlier but on YT I bumped on vid where someone was playing this game and it reminded me about it so I checked my greenlight list because I remembered that I marked this game as product that I want to buy but your game was still there in greenlight and not released yet but OK I understand that you have some problems... I just did't bother to search web page or read any news. I spontaneously wrote my comment :]
Ghyzte 24 мая в 11:01 
i want this game
City Car Driving Developers  [автор] 24 мая в 8:24 
C05m1C G4m3R, we are alive and we are still developing the game. Recently we've started to build a new city, and its 1-st district is already available. Regarging the Steam release date - unfortunately we don't have any news yet. As soon as our lawers resolve all juridical problems, we will be able to release on Steam. When exacty it will be done - we don't know.
C05m1C G4m3R 23 мая в 13:56 
Devs must had ignored this game and its appearance on steam.... WEIRD! They dont want money? Hmm maybe dev/devs are dead because I dont see other explanation for such delay. I know this game for years now so WTF :D Release it already dammit... Oh add more features, cities, cars... If course if you are still alive! :D
Namidaro 22 мая в 2:15 
what are you stil doing here ? put it on steam.
I Love this game very much
mt.byr 20 мая в 7:39 
why this game still waiting ?
Galvanized5 16 мая в 5:04 
no they didn't I cant find it
raygunshot1 15 мая в 16:49 
Galvanized5 15 мая в 5:26 
Please come out I want to but it on steam!! My steering wheel is getting dusty!
Affection 13 мая в 5:31 
Waited for years.... My Steering Wheel is rotting in my room :/
It'sHexesBeyotch 12 мая в 13:31 
What year is it now? #nooffence #stillwaiting
Thyer 10 мая в 19:51 
#1 Please get this game on steam!

# PLEASE! ADD WORKSHOP so we have easy acsess to user made mods, Some of the mods for this game are incredible! No offence, as i know you where going for a teaching tool but the cars you can drive in game are pretty boring. but with mods you can drift around in 700HP supras!

Molodec 8 мая в 9:59 
Алё, вы будете выпускаться или нет? Я за это гоvno зря что ли голосовал еще три года назад? За это время эта какашка уже высохла и устарела.
CaptainOreMan 5 мая в 11:02 
2 years......................................................................................What takes so long to transfer a game to steam? Please tell me why?!?!
|WAG| AlerDerp NL 27 апр в 14:08 
I wanted to buy it on their website. I thought 25$ wasnt so bad ( even though dollars are almost equal to euro's now ) but then i found out the 25$ is without VAT.. I have to pay almost 30€ for this game, which is insane! Ill just wait till its on steam cause this is crazy.
Statefan0826 21 апр в 15:37 
Wait a minute... it was greenlit t-tw- two....

two years ago?
and still not released?

Statefan0826 21 апр в 15:35 
I'm excited! Though I forgot the key again to my game, so I can't register it on steam )=
Hopefully I find the email to get it back or see if I wrote it down somewhere...
I'm really excited! It means one less game I have to remember the key to. Because I have to remember the key to the game and redownload it whenever an update comes out. And I don't ever update these games since I never remember the key and/or forget to write it down! Omg this game is $25 I need to stop forgetting the key!! qq

Anyways, so excited! Can't mother fricking way until it is released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mohammad Tourj 21 апр в 11:00 
I can essentially help you with maps from international locations, audio, bug fixes , UI design, graphics (I know tricks to make games look significantly better without harming performance), and more. Sorry if I'm trying to pick up so much attention, I just really wanna help with this game and I really want to start doing work. After all I do like working with games and I am a fan of simulation games.
Mohammad Tourj 21 апр в 10:50 
Hey, I'm interested in working with you.

I am a:
- Programmer (self-explanatory)
- UI Designer (means I work with menus and user interface)
- Native English speaker (can help with English translation)
- Native Arabic speaker (you know, I can help you add in an Arabic language pack)

and I've got experience with making games. I really like this game and I always feel like there is A LOT that I can personally fix.

I can even work for free, I don't care. Contact me via Steam. I'm right here.

You're awesome for making this game, and I really think I could help. I can really help you speed up development! PLEASE contact me!
두룹두뚜 16 апр в 2:24 
I want to this game!!
jackpot33 15 апр в 20:16 
Dear customers! A free patch from v1.4.0 to v1.4.1 has been released! Update now! New version makes available the new city location for left-side driving mode and contains several bugfixes stuff this crap realese realese realese realese realese v realese
jackpot33 15 апр в 20:14 
█▄░▄█░█▀▀░█▀▀▀░ █▀█
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█░░ Valve ░░░█
█░ Add This ░░█
█░ Please! ░░░█
█░ And Give ░░█
█░ Me One! ░░
jackpot33 15 апр в 20:13 
when will it be realeased on steam it as been on greenlight for ages