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City Car Driving
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LeiTing Il y a 13 heures 
Skydance 25 juin à 6h16 
I want this game
Please release on steam PLEASE!
Please release on steam PLEASE!
︻デ═一KiллERS 22 juin à 10h30 
Где купить? Что нажать?! P.S. Я слепой мудак
Peter47 17 juin à 15h12 
We want this game NOW On Steam !
larry555203 14 juin à 17h23 
when this coming i like play and buy this game on steam
Nat1ve 13 juin à 6h27 
Why we're not released in STEAM yet

Too many negative comments forced us to write this message with detailed explanation of our problem - why we still didn't release in Steam.

Our problems with Steam are related to the accounting documents workflow. Most of the Western countries works without excess bureaucracy. Most of the documets are digitally signed, and that's enough for the goverment and all supervisory authorities. For many cases excess reports and invoices are not required at all.

Unfortunately such approach doesn't work for Russia. We HAVE to report about ALL incoming transactions, and Tax service and banks require the signed documents (invoices, etc.). Steam agreed to provide with signed agreement, but not with the invoices. Regarding the invoices - we unable to get even digitally signed ones from Steam!
Nat1ve 13 juin à 6h27 
All these years we continue negotiations regarding this problem with Steam. We even asked lawyers for help, but with no success.

Steam only suggests asking for our collegues - other Russian companies, who already work with Steam. However, when we try asking other companies about how they work with Steam they avoid direct answers and prevaricating. After reading the gamedev forums we came to conclusion that there's no 100% legal way for Russian company to work with Steam, and every game developer solves this problem in his own way - some of them receive money just as physical person without company at all (hoping the Tax service will not catch), some of them register bogus firm in offshore zone, maybe there're some other not very legal variants...
Nat1ve 13 juin à 6h27 
For now we continue to look for a legal way of sorting this out. Now we're considering the variant of providing screenshots of sales reports from out Steam account, which will be notary approved. Maybe this will be enough for our Tax service. But we need an example of such report to show our Tax service and ask them if it's ok. However Steam didn't provide us with example of such fulfilled report yet.

Therefore we continue to fight against the system. And we hope for your understanding and patience. Thank you.
PAŞA6406 13 juin à 5h26 
lütfen city car drivin yeniden steam a gelsin
Please release on steam PLEASE!
[HZ]Cpl. ShrikeTheGod 12 juin à 20h01 
Please release on steam PLEASE!
Sunyu67 12 juin à 12h27 
ce srai bien quelle sorte :)
enrico.s ♛ 4 juin à 13h59 
let´s go! release!
JackCrafts 4 juin à 11h01 
Dhanuka8000 4 juin à 10h38 
TW1L1ghT 31 mai à 6h04 
Эх не дождался и купил с сайта.
Please Release this Game on Steam we still be wait
larry555203 26 mai à 22h10 
when this coming this coming to steam?
chii 16 mai à 0h33 
kote 15 mai à 2h24 
скажите пожалуста
kote 15 mai à 2h23 
сколько она будет стоить
kote 15 mai à 2h23 
когда же она выйдет
<<< -=FilosOFF™=- >>> 10 mai à 17h16 
С нетерпением жду выхода!
larry555203 9 mai à 22h25 
i like this game when i buy it price from steam when i download this game?
City Car Driving Developers  [créateur] 9 mai à 21h46 
Выпустим раньше )
Уже работаем над этим. Как только будет более точная информация, разместим её в новостях.
Линар 8 mai à 9h50 
лет через 10 выпустятнаверно
Super_Flower 8 mai à 8h27 
Да не выпустят они ее) Можете не ждать..
larry555203 5 mai à 20h08 
when this come?
[CH] Arrowhead 5 mai à 9h37 
i hope the Game come to Steam Shop :).
sn 4 mai à 11h58 
шли годы...
zaur0065 2 mai à 11h55 
Долго ещё ждать ?
WIREFIRE 29 avr à 23h19 
LOL. Still not released on Steam. Seriously, I don't think the company are interested in your money. It shouldn't be that difficult to either team up with another company or start up a company outside russia if they have got legal issues with the payments inside russia.
DimanchikGTR 23 avr à 14h15 
главное что бы можно было поменять ключ на ключ в стиме, а то покупать заного будет не круто
Invasion 16 avr à 9h38 
Day 2185989 still waiting
✪ er1k 15 avr à 11h34 
Реальная интересная "штука". Только это не игра ... Это именно симулятор вождения. Крутая штука. Пробовал. Понравилось.
we are still waiting be fast...
Iraq Lobster 4 avr à 0h31 
Скорее бы вышла
TW1L1ghT 3 avr à 14h34 
когда она выйдет в стим??????
Leo Sniper 30 mar à 13h05 
Olá, gostaria de comprar o jogo, más não concordo com a taxa de serviço e não consigo imprimir ou visualizar o boleto bancário. como proceder para adquiri-lo?
TBD-Samed 28 mar à 12h32 
Barney Calhoun -HL:BS- 25 mar à 21h57 
rip gta serie
[GC] Дюня 24 mar à 5h52 
blueshift1980 23 mar à 14h51 
For you people wondering why they're not releasing the game yet, might wanna read this first: steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/107382151/451851477884927971/
xXDas_OXx 21 mar à 10h35 
Pls add the game... It´s the best "Just a little ride" game EVER!!!!! I didn´t find another game like this. IT´S AWSOME!!!!
sondreb 15 mar à 7h09 
add the game
lauri.kivikallio 5 mar à 3h08 
When is the release date????
Роллтон 2 mar à 21h07 
Sauron 29 fév à 3h51 
When release date for steam??? We still wait.
minutestomidnight 28 fév à 9h35 
steam add this game pls!!!
Milky_Way 28 fév à 7h08 
Hyper МАРИХУАН 23 fév à 7h46 
Купите на официальном сайте и успокойьесь