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City Car Driving
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lux99 For 1 time siden 
Hi. If I buy game on your website, when it get out on steam, will it be added in my steam library and could I connect game with my steam if I bougt it on your site . Thanks
Glazzer 29. sep kl. 10:06am 
Когда игра уже будет доступна для покупки в STeam?
Lifan solano 2 28. sep kl. 2:14am 
добавь ты их :(
Lifan solano 2 28. sep kl. 2:13am 
но их нет :( ДАЖЕ НА АДДОНЫ
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 27. sep kl. 7:37pm 
Para mauroturza: Gracias
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 27. sep kl. 7:35pm 
Для Lifan solano 2: Пользователи уже создали огромное количество дополнений с автомобилями. Наверняка и какие-то из желаемых автомобилей есть среди них.
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 27. sep kl. 7:31pm 
For [JP]chii: You have to wait a bit.
mauroturza 26. sep kl. 1:39pm 
Gran juego
Lifan solano 2 26. sep kl. 9:49am 
короч чтоб вышла игра и все , и еше добавь машину Lifan solano и lifan x50 или x60 такая помощь тип
Nissan GT-R 23. sep kl. 5:58pm 
@JP it's already released though..
[JP]chii 23. sep kl. 5:53pm 
I bought G27 to play this game. I'm looking forward to release ^o^
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 20. sep kl. 7:59pm 
Для Lifan solano 2: Это очень личный выбор )
И как каждый личный выбор этот выбор является точкой личностного роста <тут нарисована заумная занудная физиономия> ))
Lifan solano 2 20. sep kl. 1:20am 
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 18. sep kl. 1:25am 
For Bmw335i: Absolutely. City Car Driving using the Steam will be easier to update.
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 17. sep kl. 4:35am 
TeqLike için: City Car Driving sürüm bu yıl için planlanıyor. haberleri izleyin.
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 17. sep kl. 4:23am 
For DeXTR: City Car Driving release is planned for this year. Follow the news.
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 17. sep kl. 3:53am 
Для 19171953: Дата выхода игры будет объявлена дополнительно.
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 17. sep kl. 3:52am 
Для Lifan Solano 2: Спорить будем на желание или на деньги? )))
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 17. sep kl. 3:50am 
Петя Дроболёт: Игра много лет существует вне Steam.
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 17. sep kl. 3:47am 
Для ЗАЙКА: Ожидается, что цены будут такие же как для продаж вне Steam.
It is expected that the price will be the same as for purchases outside the Steam.
Петя Дробелёт 16. sep kl. 9:44am 
игра существует, а это просто реклама в стиме
Lifan solano 2 13. sep kl. 10:05pm 
Этой игры не будет скажу вам :(
Bmw 335i 10. sep kl. 7:04am 
this being added to steam will make it so much easier to update! Really looking Forward! see what i did there? no? ok...
Nissan GT-R 9. sep kl. 1:59pm 
Hey City Car Driving, This is kinda a off-topic question. But, there was a video, with music at the end and it sounded real good. I think that video is in the list, but it is private. Can you/somebody help me find the link of that song? thank you very much if you could. :)
☼♣SONICMASTER♣☼ 7. sep kl. 3:19am 
when this will released on steam?
19171953 4. sep kl. 10:07am 
Когда игра выйдет в Стиме?
[ΖмBя.™] Gemini ♊ Saga 3. sep kl. 6:30am 
For City Car Driving Developers: I have the same question of [HeLX] walula about add license to steam account.
Профессор mvkras 1. sep kl. 12:47am 
Будет ли кооператив с другими игроками? И когда уже дата релиза в стиме?
TeqLike 31. aug kl. 3:50pm 
Oyun ne zaman Steam'e gelecek acaba ?
Eugene Forward 31. aug kl. 5:06am 
We're working on resolving all of the rest issues with Steam. So, we have good chances to release this year.
iKurd_Gamer 27. aug kl. 2:21am 
Why is it taking so long to release? Looking forward to it!
larry555203 25. aug kl. 3:39pm 
when this game coming out i like to buy it
DeXTR 25. aug kl. 12:10pm 
When is the release?
rus 25. aug kl. 1:22am 
Давайте 100 руб цена)))
rus 23. aug kl. 7:14am 
сколько она будет стоить?
How much will it cost?
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 23. aug kl. 3:22am 
For [HeLX] walula: I will bring this information to managers.
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 22. aug kl. 11:28pm 
For Der Geselle: Thank you )
hello from Siberia
Der Geselle 22. aug kl. 10:34am 
nice game, grettings from germany
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 20. aug kl. 12:39am 
For Chii: 時間が近づいています
私たちの家に自信 :-)
[JP]chii 19. aug kl. 6:46pm 
[HeLX] walula 18. aug kl. 5:31am 
Really happy to see that the game is going to bo on steam soon! I just wanted to ask if you figured out if we can activate City Car Driving Sim purchased on your website on steam.
I'm asking just to know if i have to wait or i can buy the game right away.
Thanks in advance
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 17. aug kl. 10:30pm 
for papersbros: Now just getting ready for the release of Steam. Purchase program can be through the official website -
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 17. aug kl. 10:17pm 
Для Kurumi Tokisaki: Очень рад!
Мастрескую не обещаю, но рекомендации для создателей пользовательских моделей автомобилей можно найти на форуме посвященном симулятору. Так же как и большое количество модов с пользовательскими автомобилями.
Апасный 17. aug kl. 6:25am 
Ура теперь можно будет купить её в стиме
ETD 15. aug kl. 11:24am 
Looking forward to it, will buy when the game is up on Steam!
papersbros 11. aug kl. 1:34am 
how can ı install
Kurumi Tokisaki 9. aug kl. 10:54am 
Скорее бы она вышла я её сразу тут куплю!!! а если ещё и мастерская будет то это вообще высший класс!!!!!!
larry555203 6. aug kl. 12:36pm 
Let me know when it when I get this game on stream game and price send me email
When it coming out on stream game and eBay
Vlad173RUS 6. aug kl. 8:54am 
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 6. aug kl. 12:41am 
larry555203: We are certainly glad of this fact!