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City Car Driving
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Fazbear For 5 timer siden 
this is most likely never going to be on steam
MikkI 25. dec kl. 5:50am 
когда выйдет?
Kim James Jong Bond Un 21. dec kl. 3:26pm 
67nikko 20. dec kl. 12:00pm 
Быстрей бы вышла в Steam
chooses1 16. dec kl. 6:08pm 
this is to long of a wait
Spike30001 14. dec kl. 1:31pm 
And road bumps ( sleeping police men) near for build up areas say near a school
Spike30001 14. dec kl. 1:25pm 
I think as I can't see a way to enable it, that we should have realistic changing weather conditions. We have all the weather conditions mostly done apart from ice and snow. It would if free roam better if it cycled through different times of the day and weather conditions. If a dev reads this please can you leave feedback on this. Many thanks.
Spike30001 13. dec kl. 8:49am 
Yes this should be on Steam and it will buy why wait, trust me if you like sims this one is amazing if you have a nice wheel and mid range pc with good Dx11 card. Im sure when it is on Steam people who have already bought it will just need to enter the serial for there support. I would like the ffb to be improved and add motor bikes on the road and cyclists would be a good idea. Don't know if its ever possible for a mp mode. And on other sims I have tried you have loading screens which take the realism away this is a massive city and no loading screen which is great. Wife getting me a G27 for xmas to repace my current when so it should be amazing with that. DON'T WAIT BUY NOW. You wont regret it, I paid full price and worth ever penny.
Spike30001 13. dec kl. 8:49am 
I have this game, had it for a long time now 2 yrs I think best buy ever. It's really come on a long way from the begining its the best driving simulator I have used and I have tried others for when I wanted to practice driving on the right hand side before I drove in France for the first time as I'm in the UK. I see some people are complaining about the performance, I feel you need a Dx11 card to get the best out of the Sim, I use a Radeon 270X Black Edition and it runs amazing and looks superb. The new update has taken it to a new level, I like the fact cars and people can suddenly be a hazzard.
Spike30001 13. dec kl. 8:48am 
Sonic 12. dec kl. 3:30am 
))))0 10. dec kl. 11:27pm 
Steam'da city car driving İSTİYORUZ VALVE
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 10. dec kl. 10:27pm 
Dear customers! Presenting to you the long-awaited big addon! It is a major upgrade (to version 1.4.0) with many new features and a new location! For users of version 1.2.0 (and higher) this City Car Driving update to version 1.4.0 is completely free! Added new exercises, a new location, as well as many other important changes. You can read more about them below.
yourdeath2332 10. dec kl. 3:51am 
Уже год прошел, когда же выпустят здесь!
Лёшик♥ 8. dec kl. 8:44am 
ducat 7. dec kl. 1:57am 
добавте плиз
EG.ppd 6. dec kl. 4:11am 
Было бы круто, если бы добавили Multiplayer.
ChipMelo# 6. dec kl. 3:51am 
Найс. Ждем в стиме!
Purple 6. dec kl. 12:13am 
been a year since greenlight... come on guys
Mr.Jubs 4. dec kl. 7:47pm 
Quiero el juego, se ve muy excelente.
gangstar21 4. dec kl. 6:41am 
Как скачать то? и вообще она есть?
C4MEL 4. dec kl. 5:27am 
Когда выйдет в стиме то?
honelith 2. dec kl. 1:59am 
Version 1.4.0 coming out soon, nice to see you are still developing new things for this game. When is Steam release? :(
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 30. nov kl. 6:42am 
DK, our site was working and is working now just fine. You should seek the problem on your side.
DK 28. nov kl. 9:05am 
I have tried to buy the game three times via the website for the Black Friday sale and have three times been frustrated. Your ACH company goproglobal is terrible and is a known scam site. Sorry I want to buy this game but I just can't deal with this
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 27. nov kl. 8:44pm 
avtonom 18. nov kl. 11:58am 
сделайте удобную покупку на сайте =) и что бы обновится можно было нажав кнопку в меню =) купить хочу но у вас система настолько упорота и неудобна в этом плане...
powergear7 17. nov kl. 5:00am 
сделайте на MAC OS
˜”*°•.Goldberg.•°*”˜ 13. nov kl. 11:28am 
Трындец, это 2 года ни как не пропустят ? Жесть. Такой трешняк уже прошел через гринлайт, а эту игру все никак
˜”*°•.Goldberg.•°*”˜ 13. nov kl. 11:25am 
Габен, давай пропускай быстрее !
BaSSie86 IAm back 13. nov kl. 12:31am 
is it release ? where buy :P for my friends this wil learn for car simulator
MI NE BUDEM RABAMI 12. nov kl. 7:23am 
За такое время ожидания уже появится алтернатива
[S] 11. nov kl. 1:36am 
ВИВНИЧ 7. nov kl. 8:25am 
█░░ Valve ░░░█
█░░ Add ░░░░█
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Пикапер Эдуард 7. nov kl. 12:13am 
долго жду эту игру, надеюсь оправдает мои ожидания
xxxDSSxxx 4. nov kl. 5:24am 
ждем с нетерпением
-=[***xXx***]=- 4. nov kl. 3:32am 
Shut up and take my money!!!
Skatercars 2. nov kl. 8:54pm 
█▄░▄█░█▀▀░█▀▀▀░ █▀█
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GrantD458 1. nov kl. 3:14am 
The mirror links don't work for me either, just errors saying the file isn't safe and it is removed. Will purchase the game as soon as it is released on steam
darcymiller 27. okt kl. 3:25am 
Wish it would come out on mac :(
CooKiezi 26. okt kl. 8:29am 
iam waiting for this, only buy when on steam
Phenomenon 26. okt kl. 7:43am 
I ll buy this immediately when it comes to steam <3
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 26. okt kl. 6:07am 
TheHotShot, there're mirror links on the download page of our website. Try using them.
proxy 26. okt kl. 3:27am 
Когда вы его выпустите уже?
Zanz 25. okt kl. 7:19pm 
How do we download this game?
Codex Pseudonym [TWS] 25. okt kl. 6:19am 
I can't wait for this game!!! I will be buying it!!!!!
Glazzer 25. okt kl. 4:17am 
Когда выйдет уже игра?
TheHotShot 24. okt kl. 8:41pm 
I've tried downloaded it a few times. It said something about error while downloading it. So I've asked my friend to download it for me but it is still the same. I live in Malaysia
City Car Driving Developers  [ophavsmand] 24. okt kl. 9:27am 
TheHotShot, what exactly the problem?
TheHotShot 24. okt kl. 8:12am 
I can't download this game on its own website. Can anyone help me? I've always wanted to download this game but I can't