Tato hra dostala od komunity zelenou!

Komunita projevila o tuto hru zájem. Společnost Valve je nyní v kontaktu s vývojáři, aby se věci pohly správným směrem a hra byla vydána ve službě Steam.

City Car Driving
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Poppie 1. srp. v 1.51 odp. 
Whats keeping this from releasing on steam?

1. Find the problem.
2. Fix the problem.
3. Make lots of money.
SimulasyonTurk 31. čvc. v 3.24 dop. 
Türk oyuncular için bilgi vereyim. Şu an boşuna beklemeyin :D Ek paketlerle oyun genişletilmeye çalışılıyor. Yeni özellikler kazandırılıyor bu süreçten sonra gelebilme ihtimali yükselir. Ayrıca şahsi görüşüm oyunun komple yenilenmesi gerek ilk sürümden bir farkı olmalı mod yükleme özelliği entegre edilmeli bunla birlikte Steam workshop desteği eklenmeli ve benzerlerinin yaptıklarını yapmalıdır - Bunu yapabilecek bir ekip yok ve yavaş ilerliyor. Bir gün geliştiricisi başka bir oyun ekibine katılıp bu tarzda bir oyun yapılırsa o zaman çok daha başarılı olunabilir.
[NYTG] DemonzRage 27. čvc. v 11.43 dop. 
So whens it coming over to the store?
HuZZeZeD 27. čvc. v 9.19 dop. 
add it!!
RedBaron 25. čvc. v 12.19 odp. 
we all need this
GalaxyDiesel! 17. čvc. v 6.05 dop. 
STEAM plzz, add that game!!
dvir200(ISR) 13. čvc. v 4.04 dop. 
i want this game on steam!!!!!!!!!!
GBoT 13. čvc. v 12.51 dop. 
Там дикий комп нужен,чтобы не лагало.
snow9370633 11. čvc. v 11.19 dop. 
give us the game plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i want it so bad
Съел подъезд 8. čvc. v 11.43 dop. 
Твою мать, когда уже добавят?!
mmonstalol 7. čvc. v 4.05 dop. 
cmooon!go! I know its red light but who cares? Anything can happen in Russia
ScOoT | trade.tf 6. čvc. v 7.15 odp. 
i want it
ВУАСЫЛЫЙ 5. čvc. v 12.16 odp. 
если появится в стиме , то напишите мне сообщение
ВУАСЫЛЫЙ 5. čvc. v 12.11 odp. 
так она есть в стиме ? Или нет
Willyrex 30. čvn. v 3.32 odp. 
when will publicate it?
Даешь Пшено Народ 30. čvn. v 10.57 dop. 
good, add please.
vlasov.es 30. čvn. v 6.15 dop. 
enrico.s ♛ 13. čvn. v 1.36 odp. 
Caos 13. čvn. v 7.12 dop. 
Quite good
NickJamisson 13. čvn. v 2.37 dop. 
Жду выхода в Стиме, а пока играю в версию за 400р.
Affection 12. čvn. v 11.29 dop. 
Still waiting....
Phuck my life 6. čvn. v 4.19 odp. 
Зашёл на торрент, увидел ИГОРА НА ГРИНЛИТЕ пздц друзя
TUR1KOFF 6. čvn. v 10.07 dop. 
добавляйте в стим лол)
Simbiot 6. čvn. v 9.50 dop. 
так эта игра появится в стиме или нет? а то года 2 уже тут висит
Godfather 6. čvn. v 3.37 dop. 
Ребята игра реально хорошая.
jackpot33 5. čvn. v 5.00 odp. 
last time o checkeed on this game was in 2014 it is now 2015 WTF is going with this game i want this game i will not pay for it i want it for free if it is possible can you send me a free copy your Greatful Chooses1
JackPlays 31. kvě. v 7.02 dop. 
omg! I want this game sooo much! btw why hasnt it come on steam yet ? like come on! people wanna play!!! cant wait to play it!! :):)
C05m1C G4m3R 24. kvě. v 11.39 dop. 
As for legal stuff it is not surprising for me because I live in one of those post communist countries. I live in Poland which is also freaking dumb country in terms of dealing with legal stuff and sorting out all that bureaucracy s**t. Best solution is to move to normal country ;) I am really thinking about moving somewhere else from this s**t hole poland. Maybe you guys should reconsider moving to normal country too ;) Your family can be always visited but all legal stuff is a matter of weeks not years like in our crappy countries :D Anyway I can only wish you best of luck with dealing with all your legal problems and I hope to see your game soon on steam with achievements system maybe ;)
C05m1C G4m3R 24. kvě. v 11.39 dop. 
Cool to hear from you guys. I literally forgot about your game about year or two ago. I saw it for the first time even earlier but on YT I bumped on vid where someone was playing this game and it reminded me about it so I checked my greenlight list because I remembered that I marked this game as product that I want to buy but your game was still there in greenlight and not released yet but OK I understand that you have some problems... I just did't bother to search web page or read any news. I spontaneously wrote my comment :]
Ghyzte 24. kvě. v 11.01 dop. 
i want this game
City Car Driving Developers  [autor] 24. kvě. v 8.24 dop. 
C05m1C G4m3R, we are alive and we are still developing the game. Recently we've started to build a new city, and its 1-st district is already available. Regarging the Steam release date - unfortunately we don't have any news yet. As soon as our lawers resolve all juridical problems, we will be able to release on Steam. When exacty it will be done - we don't know.
C05m1C G4m3R 23. kvě. v 1.56 odp. 
Devs must had ignored this game and its appearance on steam.... WEIRD! They dont want money? Hmm maybe dev/devs are dead because I dont see other explanation for such delay. I know this game for years now so WTF :D Release it already dammit... Oh add more features, cities, cars... If course if you are still alive! :D
Namidaro 22. kvě. v 2.15 dop. 
what are you stil doing here ? put it on steam.
◢ ◤ 高三再不玩了 2016 20. kvě. v 9.55 dop. 
I Love this game very much
mt.byr 20. kvě. v 7.39 dop. 
why this game still waiting ?
Galvanized5 16. kvě. v 5.04 dop. 
no they didn't I cant find it
raygunshot1 15. kvě. v 4.49 odp. 
Galvanized5 15. kvě. v 5.26 dop. 
Please come out I want to but it on steam!! My steering wheel is getting dusty!
Affection 13. kvě. v 5.31 dop. 
Waited for years.... My Steering Wheel is rotting in my room :/
It'sHexesBeyotch 12. kvě. v 1.31 odp. 
What year is it now? #nooffence #stillwaiting
Thyer 10. kvě. v 7.51 odp. 
#1 Please get this game on steam!

# PLEASE! ADD WORKSHOP so we have easy acsess to user made mods, Some of the mods for this game are incredible! No offence, as i know you where going for a teaching tool but the cars you can drive in game are pretty boring. but with mods you can drift around in 700HP supras!

Molodec 8. kvě. v 9.59 dop. 
Алё, вы будете выпускаться или нет? Я за это гоvno зря что ли голосовал еще три года назад? За это время эта какашка уже высохла и устарела.
CaptainOreMan 5. kvě. v 11.02 dop. 
2 years......................................................................................What takes so long to transfer a game to steam? Please tell me why?!?!
|WAG| AlerDerp NL 27. dub. v 2.08 odp. 
I wanted to buy it on their website. I thought 25$ wasnt so bad ( even though dollars are almost equal to euro's now ) but then i found out the 25$ is without VAT.. I have to pay almost 30€ for this game, which is insane! Ill just wait till its on steam cause this is crazy.
Statefan0826 21. dub. v 3.37 odp. 
Wait a minute... it was greenlit t-tw- two....

two years ago?
and still not released?

Statefan0826 21. dub. v 3.35 odp. 
I'm excited! Though I forgot the key again to my game, so I can't register it on steam )=
Hopefully I find the email to get it back or see if I wrote it down somewhere...
I'm really excited! It means one less game I have to remember the key to. Because I have to remember the key to the game and redownload it whenever an update comes out. And I don't ever update these games since I never remember the key and/or forget to write it down! Omg this game is $25 I need to stop forgetting the key!! qq

Anyways, so excited! Can't mother fricking way until it is released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mohammad Tourj 21. dub. v 11.00 dop. 
I can essentially help you with maps from international locations, audio, bug fixes , UI design, graphics (I know tricks to make games look significantly better without harming performance), and more. Sorry if I'm trying to pick up so much attention, I just really wanna help with this game and I really want to start doing work. After all I do like working with games and I am a fan of simulation games.
Mohammad Tourj 21. dub. v 10.50 dop. 
Hey, I'm interested in working with you.

I am a:
- Programmer (self-explanatory)
- UI Designer (means I work with menus and user interface)
- Native English speaker (can help with English translation)
- Native Arabic speaker (you know, I can help you add in an Arabic language pack)

and I've got experience with making games. I really like this game and I always feel like there is A LOT that I can personally fix.

I can even work for free, I don't care. Contact me via Steam. I'm right here.

You're awesome for making this game, and I really think I could help. I can really help you speed up development! PLEASE contact me!
두룹두뚜 16. dub. v 2.24 dop. 
I want to this game!!
jackpot33 15. dub. v 8.16 odp. 
Dear customers! A free patch from v1.4.0 to v1.4.1 has been released! Update now! New version makes available the new city location for left-side driving mode and contains several bugfixes stuff this crap realese realese realese realese realese v realese