Places: Granitehall
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Stupendous Man [WDZ] 1月26日下午5:38 
Wow. I did NOT expect to see what I saw inside that place. Easily the most atmosphere I have ever found in a mod. Highly recomended.
wildmick 1月23日下午6:39 
Lame, utterly lame!
Thorin_1998 2014年10月26日上午6:41 
where is the book in the college?
Balthias 2014年10月22日上午7:18 
Very cool. Was quite difficult to find mainly cause I was looking everywhere for the book but the most obvious place. Was impressed by the story and the effects. Rated up.
Molag Bal 2014年8月7日下午3:08 
All of 'em are awesome.
Molag Bal 2014年8月7日下午3:08 
You've done an awesome job on these.
RangerRex 2014年7月27日下午1:22 
Where granite fall? I can't the damn thing
Williamep4 2014年7月21日上午4:03 
Wow bravo! I stumbled upon this place wandering around in the dark. Thought it was just another dungeon, didnt even realize i downloaded this mod it was so long ago. Tryed looking it up on the wiki. Found out after i completing it and not seeing it on the TES wiki. This was a amazing genuine dungeon looks like something straight out of bethesda if not better. Cant wait to see your other mods.
pizzapicante27 2014年7月20日下午10:39 
does anyone here knows if this is compatible with this mod's granitehall?:
jerosnel 2014年6月19日上午10:15 
i can't find the book as loot or in the bards college
Kip the dog 2014年6月16日下午2:31 
great mod.
DesoLark 2014年5月13日下午5:29 
The atmosphere!! I I I... it's just so... CREEPY!! well done, now... to go have a warm mug of hot coco... *shudder*
sgtwinkler 2014年5月10日下午2:50 
Out of curiosity, how did you get the font you use in your pics? It's very official looking :)
CaVe_DoVah 2014年5月1日下午2:12 
I like this mod very much, especially that it was really scary when the things began to fly...

GIBE DE PUSI B0SS 2014年4月26日下午8:15 
I never comment on mods, but I liked this one so much that I had to say something. I absolutely loved this mod, and that time I spent inside the cave/ dungeon gave me many goosebumps, up to the point that I jumped when I knocked something over. Very interesting story, and to anyone considering downloading, you should!
tmoodyguitar 2014年3月30日下午2:11 
where is it located?
vice11191 2014年3月29日上午2:14 
i cant find it
johnzervos13 2014年3月8日下午1:25 
Great mod.Very short exploration but very atmospheric and intriguing.It actually gave me goosebumps at somepoint!
Alex K 2014年3月5日上午3:50 
I really liked and enjoyed this mod. Excellent atmosphere and intriguing story! So just wanted to say thank you very much 13Oranges!
Fusion Cabbage 2014年3月2日下午12:51 
thirteen oranges how do you come up with such amazing, awesomely terrifying mods. this should be a movie, im serious. you would win like hundreds of oscars.
Fusion Cabbage 2014年3月2日下午12:48 
oh my god........i havent finished exploring yet and i dont want to give anything away but my heart is beating so fast i think its on fire, ive got a massive lump in my throat, i cant move my legs or arms, my eyes are so wide they are taking over my head, and my breaths are in small little gasps so......yes i am terrified.
ImpKing 2014年2月7日下午7:37 
I'm kinda freaking out about this quest...I'm not still cursed or anything right?
Haz 2014年1月2日下午7:19 
I've found the book, as sool as you go into the college, turn left and the book should be on top of the shelf on the right wall
Haz 2014年1月2日下午7:12 
Can someone please tell me which book I need to read in the bards college?
hell a waits 2014年1月1日下午11:31 
ok lots are saying this is a great mod ive looked at every book in the bards college can not find the book ive looked all over for the Granitehall and cant find it can anyone help me please
WintericeUK (iamiko) 2013年12月29日下午12:13 
Loved this mod, it fits seamlessly into the vanilla setting and has a great background story. Also had the hairs standing on the back of my neck at several points. Two thumbs up!
markorply 2013年12月21日下午4:48 
Hi, I like how you posed the dead npc's in specific ways, would there be a tutorial that you know of how to do this or could you tell me?
Sunchees 2013年12月11日上午2:17 
Such a creepy story. Great mod.
Shyning 2013年12月10日下午12:41 
Ok, thanks a lot, wanted to play with'em ! They're really nice (discovered some while playing with a friend at his place, he got ye'mods).
ThirteenOranges  [作者] 2013年12月9日上午5:16 
Yes, its not specified as they were released long before.
Shyning 2013年12月7日上午4:42 
Hi ! Are you Places mods compatible with Dragonborn ? Since it's not precised, I wondered.
Powerthrucontrol 2013年12月2日下午3:36 
I gotta Say Thirteen Oranges. Your mods are quietly awe inspiring. Love them!
redglasstheater 2013年11月25日上午8:57 
OOOoooooommmggggg!!!!!!! Horrifying!!! This one scared the crap out of me! Loved it!!!!
Thord 2013年11月20日上午6:15 
I haven't seen this before. When I arrived this time there was a chest by the fountain outside, inside was a note called "Journal" on which was written "Your reward awaits in back of your camp". Is that chest from this mod?
ThirteenOranges  [作者] 2013年11月6日上午6:16 
I'm not saying I won't ever, but currently I'm not working on any 'Places' mods.
Arserail 2013年11月4日下午6:19 
Are you making anymore towns to go with your "Places" collection?
GamedOutGamer 2013年11月2日下午3:24 
Hi. Is this compatible with Dragonborn DLC and other DLC you didn't mention in the description?
Report Noob 2013年10月7日上午9:59 
Wait so are you sure it's not compatible with dragonborn?
maciuk851 2013年10月4日上午4:04 
Where is is?
Romas 2013年10月2日上午6:24 
For god sake, I've been searching for 2 HOURS for Granitehall and I can't find it! Someone PLEASE tell me where it is before I jump off a cliff!
Fallschirmjäger 2013年9月22日上午11:13 
So spooky, gonna try it again during the day.
Report Noob 2013年9月16日上午9:42 
Why do you make all your mods not compatible with certain DLCs!!??
Nukefreezer 2013年8月31日上午10:42 
Suberb, simple flavor add-on.
janbrasel 2013年8月25日下午1:04 
This one was simple and awesome. After I read the story of this town I was scared, and that happens not that often.
Shanodin 2013年8月14日上午11:40 
This incredibly simple and inobtrusive mod is by far one of the best I have ever encountered in my years of modding The Elder Scrolls games. Thank you.
Blake.J.Norton 2013年8月12日上午1:05 
Good mod make more like this, and keep up the good work comrade!
BloodyLager 2013年8月6日下午4:07 
You sir, are a devil. A masterfully executed scare.
tom 2013年8月5日下午8:39 
Wow...I stumbled across this place after having spent many, many hours playing and I had forgotten that I had even subscribed to this mod. This was my favorite moment of all of Skyrim. I went from "oh...crap" to "oh crap!" to "OH HOLY CRAP." And may have damaged my mouse from squeezing it so tightly. Genuinely excellent...thank you for a fantastic setting and amazing moments.
Ernwalfe 2013年7月25日下午3:25 
@morgan.knives lol
morgan.knives 2013年7月22日下午9:48 
Well, I found it. And then I ran out like a pansy.... I'll go back in, just not when I'm by myself at night.

Props for making an infitely scarier dungeon than any of the vanilla places.