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Superposition Funnel 0
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8MMW  [作者] 2013年6月30日下午12:32 
I wouldn't call that a bug (like portal bumping or cubes passing through grating), it's just how (un)intentionally the funnel acts when reversed constantly. The mechanism behind it is quite simple, you can see it in Geneosis' "Reversed" map. I'm glad you liked it.
lennygold 2013年6月30日下午12:19 
that was a great use of that bug
SkyRoots 2013年4月2日下午6:39 
I concur with Avatar who wrote down exactly what I was thinking.
Geneosis 2013年2月25日上午4:43 
Nice introduction ^^ Will try the next maps to see what other uses you found for this mechanism ;)
Yavie 2012年12月29日下午12:10 
Yay I love surfing (; Great, simple little chamber.
8MMW  [作者] 2012年11月28日上午10:41 
This map was meant to be easy, so the new mechanism wouldn't be confusing. The other maps from the series are the actual puzzles. Thanks for testing!
Avatar 2012年11月28日上午10:34 
This was simple and straight forword. I liked the use of the funnels, I haven't seen them used like that before. I will have to experiment some with this technique. Thanks for sharing. Now I will play the rest of your chambers.
8MMW  [作者] 2012年11月8日上午7:02 
That's exactly the solution I intended. About that sound, well, I don't like it too. I managed to make it quieter and less disturbing in may map Superposition Funnel 1 by hiding the mechanics and putting it far away from the real test chamber. Maybe in Hammer it would be possible to mute it completely, but I don't know how to use it ...
Metzger Ben | GER 2012年11月8日上午3:47 
My solution: http://youtu.be/ctNps_fa9eg (I don't like the sound)
8MMW  [作者] 2012年11月7日下午10:06 
Thanks for testing it again. I'll change the second part back to the original. I think most people would activate the laser at first (thay already know it from part first), and then look at the rest of the test .
KruXol 2012年11月7日下午2:17 
Well sorry to say that but the second part is still doable and you also made the original solution harder by putting it to the right but it is still possible to do both ways.
8MMW  [作者] 2012年11月7日下午12:29 
Just added a new map: Superposition Funnel 1 ! If you liked this one, test that too!
8MMW  [作者] 2012年11月7日上午10:27 
Updated, first part is impossible to skip, second one should be very hard to skip.
@KryXXerY - could you please check if you can skip second part with your trick, it shlould be harder now (moved last panel right)?
8MMW  [作者] 2012年11月7日上午9:42 
I fixed the first part (but can't upload - servers are busy) - unless you're super skilled it should be impossible to skip. About second part you're right, it would need more rebuilding. I hope not everyone knows that forth-back trick. But it kind of destroys the whole fun of this idea :)
KruXol 2012年11月7日上午9:32 
Well the its fixed even though I have to say it is possible to do the first part without pressing the button twice but it definitely is not easy to.
Same for the second part it is easier when moving back and forth in the funnel but it is possible without as well with good timing.
All in all if you do what you just wrote it will be close to perfect but to fix it entirely you probably have to rebuild some stuff which is just not even necessary for this chamber.
Enjoyed the idea and maybe sch a technique can make itself into a puzzle.
8MMW  [作者] 2012年11月7日上午9:26 
Thanks for quick reply :) I forgot these buttons are easily spammable. About the second part, well, I'll make the delay before 2nd panel a bit longer, so it will be harder to haing in the air for so long.
KruXol 2012年11月7日上午9:18 
Well yes I was able to link below.
8MMW  [作者] 2012年11月7日上午9:14 
@KryXXerY - I assume you were able to somehow ninja-jump for the ball in the first part, but how about the second one? Did you manage to jump through the blue funnel to the other side?

@Lyzern - Thanks, but I don't have many more maps right now. But I hope to add some soon.
KruXol 2012年11月7日上午8:41 
Idea is pretty cool but it is possible to solve it without the lasers nor any portals.
Lyzern 2012年11月7日上午8:23 
You make maps? Nice, I may check those out
8MMW  [作者] 2012年11月7日上午7:52 
Thanks :) I'll add part 1 and 2 with more of these soon.
mausilibaer 2012年11月7日上午7:43 
Thats a funny idea