Have a few more Blood Potions!
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Pedobeer 12 nov 2013 om 11:49vm 
1 month in skyrim! Also vampire will drop old Bloodpotion on that crate!
Phönix 15 nov 2012 om 9:56vm 
ty i waited a month before
Neogrip  [auteur] 15 nov 2012 om 3:56vm 
@philipp.hietsch I just set it to do standard respawn so it will reset when the cell reloads! :)
Phönix 14 nov 2012 om 10:21vm 
how long is thw spawn time?
Zyphrexi 13 nov 2012 om 8:17nm 
this will be handy. I was annoyed that the vendors in the castle didn't sell blood. It's not really unbalanced for me since I have absurd amounts of coins.
Microsoft Word 12 nov 2012 om 8:25vm 
lol dude trueblood addon doesn't even add them :)
Happy to see this though! thanks mate
heavenly father save me please 9 nov 2012 om 9:45nm 
omfg finaly.. i know where it is!!!! some idiot who made a tru blood addon didn't say where we buy it he just said "at some inn keepers" which doesn't help if it isn't at all inn keepers