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The Good Life
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PCPsicoCyberCybin 20 de Ago a las 16:08 
Thanks god there is going to be a virtual reality with this type of game because i wont ever be well off enough to do any of these things in real life
buddhadoglove 20 de Ago a las 12:11 
....................... / - - - \
[C]face 12 de Ago a las 14:58 
When is this game going to be on steam?
Ty2999 23 de Jul a las 17:39 
if your able to play with your friends and have servers then i'm sold on this game *hint* *hint* developers
Dally Dragon 20 de Jul a las 3:22 
Go to 2:19 in the video. How bright must that camera flash be to vaporize a plane?
Dance_Lokos 18 de Jul a las 10:46 
I think i like ;D
Ty2999 16 de Jul a las 12:18 
Please give us this game

Sgt.Mactavish 29 de Jun a las 23:26 
Aka Millionaire People Boat Driving and Diving and Fishing and Travelling Simulator
=RGBD= Chop 18 de Jun a las 8:20 
WoW woooooooow!!! I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Major Brighton 17 de Jun a las 14:30 
A lot more work needed on your carrictors and there movment also the landscape was extreamly boxy too right? Appart from that the music was nice, yet hate games with floating billboard signs, how attractive is that? Ha ha
Nordmann 30 de Mar a las 3:14 
das währe ein guter comunity treff platz für steam mitglider ,wo mann einzelne inseln für seinen avatar hat und dannsich mit anderen trifft ,zeit verbringt oder seine insel aufbaut
Nordmann 30 de Mar a las 3:10 
gibts denn irgend ein offizelles datum oder muss ich tag für tag das selbe video anschaun
Nordmann 30 de Mar a las 3:04 
open world gaming
Mikey 27 de Mar a las 10:04 
Looks interesting enough to give it a try.
[Snipars]ParisGr 27 de Mar a las 5:06 
100% 8a to agoraso!
Smoke Weed Every Day 26 de Mar a las 1:10 
Looks quite promising. the interface looks a bit out of date, but make it fun enough and I'll buy it when it comes out.
Manos  [autor] 25 de Mar a las 10:09 
All kinds of sea life, tropical fishes, stingrays, sharks, even whales. And birds of course.
AviusL 25 de Mar a las 8:31 
I hope there's animals at least...there should be. Then it would be great!
Manos  [autor] 24 de Mar a las 6:52 
This is not another boat simulation game. The Good Life is essentially a business simulation game because the main goal is to attract customers, make profits, improve and expand.
Reko 23 de Mar a las 10:23 
Boat Simulator 2014
Klumb3r 20 de Mar a las 19:17 
Hermoso, lo quiero!
Jack teh Ripper 18 de Mar a las 12:31 
Germiau 17 de Mar a las 8:49 
Looks pretty fun
ComfortableFetus 14 de Mar a las 13:11 
at first i was thinking
" is this just an exploration game with nothing much more? no bad guys, multiplayer, puzzles, or even minigames?"
then i saw the end of the video and it blew me away
did you see that hurricane/monsoon?
i'd love to see this hit steam, although based on current graphics and in-game content, i wouldn't pay a pretty penny for it, but definitely more than an ugly penny
maybe a mid 2000s penny that hasn't seen much use but one of the previous owners spilt something on it and it never fully came out, but for the most part the embossed print is still legible and the penny remains a brown-red color
selimozenuk 12 de Mar a las 4:01 
It's an amazing game!
Justicescooby 10 de Mar a las 21:41 
I want this.
Mikasa Ackerman 9 de Mar a las 13:06 
this game looks like new hit :D
Revolve 8 de Mar a las 8:46 
Looks pretty fun
jujce 7 de Mar a las 22:35 
ok this looks good but what do they say dont judge a book by its cover
Manos  [autor] 5 de Mar a las 10:01 
Thanks man. Keep voting because we're really close now! Probably we'll be in the next batch but you never know...
Lifemaul 5 de Mar a las 6:03 
Dude, Manos. This is an awesome game. I would play the mess outta something like this. Thanks for making it. Any idea when steam is going to let us play it? I mean it could still use a little graphical work as many indie games could but who cares. When you get down to it, the game play is about all that matters. This one looks like a game worth playing.
Manos  [autor] 4 de Mar a las 23:10 
Because of limited budget, this is an indie team, remember...
Pain McPain 4 de Mar a las 6:53 
Why is she snorkeling in pants?
Postal 2 de Mar a las 0:12 
Nice to meet you just cause 2
Marty 28 de Feb a las 9:52 
выглядит все свежо и необычно
Jkdragon 27 de Feb a las 14:17 
is so good....
krazedlion 25 de Feb a las 18:57 
Looks amazing! Hope the gameplay is as good as it looks!
©©©® 16 de Feb a las 8:08 
Мне понравились пираты, природа.
Griffin Polska 15 de Feb a las 0:25 
-={Keyser Soze}=-® 11 de Feb a las 23:31 
I'll see this on a multiplayer simulation...
[P.a] vinhed 10 de Feb a las 10:37 
Manos  [autor] 8 de Feb a las 7:47 
Sure. Book them for a trip, take them to your boat, serve them wine or offer them sun oil, save them from drowning or just say a 'hello'. Tourists are there to make you richer.
chayduk 3 de Feb a las 17:03 
chayduk 3 de Feb a las 17:01 
hide 30 de Ene a las 1:34 
It's looks very beautiful.But I hope that this game has a Chinese version.Good luck!!
Manos  [autor] 26 de Ene a las 23:51 
The characters are significantly improved in the updated version.
DC_FOX 23 de Ene a las 10:09 
I really hope this is alpha or beta footage, 'cause the charcter modeling still isn't there but keep up the good work and eventuelle it will be perfect :-)
Yasli Oyuncu 21 de Ene a las 10:39 
its really interesting. im waiting for this game coe to steam. i like it. its perfectly needed my let's play channel.
Manos  [autor] 16 de Ene a las 3:04 
Linux version is certainly in our plans once TGL is in Steam.
ShizZ 15 de Ene a las 0:27 
no linux version? no greenlight support.