Shut Up! Mutator
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Kastrenzo 4 чер о 4:35 
Need this for battlefield 4... Lol
Miciso 23 бер о 15:31 
had many times as solo... sneaking: FOR MURRICA! then a guy hears it and dead no fucking serv has this
Smiley Magnus 13 січ о 3:14 
ShadowPuppet, shame on you. Real men yell during a banzai charge.
Crystal 23 лис 2013 о 9:58 
Very cool mutator.
ShadowPuppet 11 вер 2013 о 18:49 
can i have a mute japaneese banzai charge :)
Jack Burton 2 вер 2013 о 6:06 
The Kid (IWBTG) [DKA] 19 сер 2013 о 13:15 
In my experience, the only time you shout out those things are when you're around teamates. If you're going solo you stay quiet, even when you're firing and reloading. I actually like it when I hear the talking, especially when I hear enemy talking! I can tell if they're nearby with that and it helps me out, if anything. Let's be honest though, in the end it really adds to the game to hear battlefield chatter.
Humpypants 13 сер 2013 о 15:38 
haven't experienced this issue, but will subscribe anyways. I remember those quiet moments in many games. Even your computer buddy would say "let's go quietly" then you would yell "RELOADING!!!"
Crystal 27 лип 2013 о 8:31 
Yeah i noticed it.
|DD|-=THOR=-  [автор] 27 лип 2013 о 8:30 
For online usage, it needs to be installed on the server, so you may have to contact the admin of your favorite server and ask for it to be installed.
Inventor of the Rock 27 лип 2013 о 4:16 
last time no body was attacking anything, me and my squad tried to flank them when suddenly one of my squad mates said: MY GOD HELP ME! and got shot by 4 russians.
so i hope this will work :P
Crystal 11 лип 2013 о 15:31 
Sounds very usefull.I ll try it soon and vrote a small feedback.
|DD|-=THOR=-  [автор] 4 лип 2013 о 13:43 
It downloads when you start RO2/RS
Gefreiter Terry Dietrich (23rd) 4 лип 2013 о 11:58 
how do i download it i subbed and nothing happend how do i do it
ArchæA 11 чер 2013 о 19:48 
I was sneaking through a bush, all of a sudden I heard this Japanese guy talking on and on to himself, looked down and saw him near my feet. Bet that guy was yelling at his computer screen, "shhh! shut up! shut up!" before I shot him in the back of the head.
[W/\R] nic0lasap0ne 7 чер 2013 о 13:53 
[25th] James 15 тра 2013 о 9:31 
This is epic, one of the first things I noticed about the game is how your squadmates have to scream something vulgar everytime they're getting shot at or shooting someone.
|DD|-=THOR=-  [автор] 1 тра 2013 о 8:51 
It has to be installed on a server. Its presence on the workshop is mainly for demonstration purposes. It also allows to test the different settings more easily.
A. Soldier 1 тра 2013 о 6:47 
Wait, doesn't this give you an advantage over the others? Or is it only for servers?
Gamelover1214 7 кві 2013 о 15:33 
this rulez
|DD|-=THOR=-  [автор] 15 бер 2013 о 6:32 
You're welcome :)
Cotton Pickens 14 бер 2013 о 19:39 
thnks Thor, just what i needed
rodeoclick 23 лют 2013 о 12:04 
gametester074 7 лют 2013 о 8:10 
You mean you actually sneak? WHAT KIND OF RUSSIANS ARE YOU?!?!?!?! FOR GLORY OF SOVIET UNION, AND OUR NATIVE SOIL, CHAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
|DD|-=THOR=-  [автор] 2 лют 2013 о 13:05 
Players who want to try it can simply subscribe. Server admins can download the files in the main thread:
[RVT] The Block Mongler 2 лют 2013 о 11:00 
FoxHound 12 січ 2013 о 21:57 
thx, bro
Unregistered HyperCam 2 28 гру 2012 о 6:40 
This really helped me out, now my player won't whine about how sad he is :D
|DD|-=THOR=-  [автор] 28 гру 2012 о 6:19 
Thanks :)
TheSynchronizer 28 гру 2012 о 1:45 
Excellent, love the description :D
我的小小世界 28 гру 2012 о 0:01 
Unregistered HyperCam 2 25 гру 2012 о 4:42 
Thank you!
_{||=||Craïnd||=||}_ 30 лис 2012 о 9:09 
lol is true
ßąįąŋø 26 лис 2012 о 0:38 
(PzU)Murkz 10 лис 2012 о 7:05 
That is correct and I would like to thank THOR very much for his help with my issue :)
|DD|-=THOR=-  [автор] 10 лис 2012 о 6:50 
FYI, the problem depicted by (PzU)Murkz is fixed. We talked a bit and it turned out to be a problem with his antialiasing settings. Even his game settings were gone. That's a known bug with the game. The solution was to disable AA settings in the NVidia control panel.
Motörhead 9 лис 2012 о 17:53 
Well, nevermind, afeter numerous Steam restart , game restart and such, the problem just fixed itself. I can now fully configure the mutator.
Redstorm 8 лис 2012 о 11:05 
had a problem like this once going around a corner and i see three dudes lind up perfectly the my guy screams "we must do this we must" they turn around and turn me in to the new wall paint
(PzU)Murkz 8 лис 2012 о 5:12 
Thank you for the reply Thor, unfortunately my config menu is empty, there are no option to configure. Any ideas?
JPO 7 лис 2012 о 10:39 
well done, and thank you! that fucking russian propaganda shouts made me sick -.-
Vincent 7 лис 2012 о 9:53 
Yes, first mod going in the right direction, it was so annoying to play inside a dumb*ss soldier, who can't keep his mouth shut !
fmc' Arizona 7 лис 2012 о 9:52 
Very good :)
|DD|-=THOR=-  [автор] 7 лис 2012 о 8:58 
@(PzU)Murkz. In the game, in the workshop window, select the "mutator" tab. Select ShutUp to the left. BEFORE you add the mutator to the right list, press the 'Configure' button. Then you can select which chatter you want to enable/disable. The tank chatter is mostly at the bottom.
(PzU)Murkz 6 лис 2012 о 23:31 
Hi Thor,

Thank you for the mutator and how do I use it for the tank crews?
Adolf Stalin 6 лис 2012 о 12:13 
Brilliant. One of the most annoying abominations of tripwire's genius is that random voice comments thing. God damn how many times I died because of this.
Magus 6 лис 2012 о 11:33 
[HS]=>®omano 6 лис 2012 о 10:51 
Nice I didn't ear about this mutatore before! :)
Rônin Inside[BE] 6 лис 2012 о 6:38 
lol i was just asking, why am i always spotted ? ^^ Thx !
1stSSViking[Maj]Derpy 6 лис 2012 о 6:10 
thats sound good in a game i like it
Weak1ings 5 лис 2012 о 18:43 
love the description