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JD.nau (fr) 16 avr à 12h19 
enfin plus obligé de chercher son cheval pendant des heures...
Nekofy 15 avr à 9h34 
i'll never loose my modded horse again ^^
sMas_ 14 avr à 0h12 
Obviously a must, something that should have been in the game from the beggining imo.
rehautala 13 avr à 13h16 
No more hunting for my horse after a dismount. Thanks
i would lick the creator just for this mod...
johnmin93 5 avr à 16h38 
One of the best mod in the ENTIRE mod community and I am not saying this to kiss up to the creator. I really, truly, honestly, from the bottom of the heart, love this mod for its simplicity and usefulness. KUDOS Iskariot!!
Jean Stéphane 30 mar à 11h52 
Very usefull . . . just one thing, I would prefert if my horse could coming at me far more a way from miself when it has to travel from a long distance . . . can you do any thing about it ?
Connorpistol 30 mar à 11h14 
you start the game with it, you have to assign it as your current shout from the POWERS menu tab, not the SHOUTS tab
littlepanda115 16 mar à 1h26 
if its a dragonshout how do u unlock it?
littlepanda115 16 mar à 1h25 
how do u change the button or is it a dragon shout?
Plasterinho 13 mar à 8h39 
It's only appropriate to call your horse Epona from now on :)
Death Angel {B} [Qc] 7 mar à 17h10 
Thank you so much, this mod is ledgendary and it can counter a bug where your horse compleatly disaper after finishing the main quest. Thank you so much!
Cap'nBFG 1 mar à 5h59 
Nice mod, very convenient. There seems to be a bug with Shadowmere though. If you whistle while Shadowmere is far away, the fade-in effect when doesn't work quite right and he ends up semi-transparent (just like ghosts in the game, but not blue).
MutoSan 28 fév à 2h38 
Fantastic, like in Two Worlds. This is so superb and saves so much time.
nelvega9000 25 fév à 11h49 
Great mod, very convenient.
SSmylie 23 fév à 22h45 
Very helpfull when your horse constantly runs away when you enter a battle
clock55 22 fév à 12h26 
Excellent mod. I could kick myself for nor downloading it earlier. What a time saver.

Thanks Much
RendCycle 18 fév à 3h28 
First of all, I want to thank the creator for a wonderful and very useful Mod. I want to report a bug in the quest wherein you acquire the Black-briar horse named Frost. After you deliver said horse to the quest giver and he pays you the promised gold reward, he rides off with Frost. Then when you try Whistling, the quest giver will be automatically dismounted and left hanging on air while Frost continue to run away. I think the right behaviour would be that the Whistle ability has to be associated instead to the more previous horse the Player has before he acquired Frost... or if he doesn't have any horse before, Whistle should have no effect.
Meraere 15 fév à 9h12 
I have a question. I have the start enougher life mod, but every charater I have made using it does not have the whistle power. Is this just an incombatablity? Thanks!
Connorpistol 13 fév à 8h18 
this lets me be a mounted knight, in a dungeon...
Gorillabot3000 10 fév à 18h10 
I whistle while I twerk!
mati_1523 9 fév à 11h02 
donde descargo
cabbage 9 fév à 2h35 
can you whistle for other animal mounts from different mods
CrazyAssCC 8 fév à 20h43 
THIS MOD ROCKS. depending on were your horse can take a while to come to you, but I LOVE this.
((-THC-)) The Human Doctor 7 fév à 21h18 
@mb210978 yea id love to have that audio clip play
Zenshougun 6 fév à 18h51 
You should totally do an Epona's Song version. Or someone have the little horse-whistle necklace from Twilight Princess.
moksha_raver 5 fév à 14h58 
This is my very favorite Skyrim mod!
sdv 3 fév à 19h07 
Now i just need a whistle for lydia...
Bardouv 28 jan à 19h08 
Now if only someone imported the "AGRO!!!" yell from Shadow of the Colossus. Definitely can appreciate this mod
NordicGriffonOfTf2 27 jan à 21h31 
NordicGriffonOfTf2 27 jan à 21h31 
NordicGriffonOfTf2 27 jan à 21h31 
Millten 26 jan à 14h10 
wow, it's just perfect!
one of the most useful mods out there. period.
Pyro Shark Fin soup 26 jan à 8h05 
can u make one for dogs
mb210978 25 jan à 14h55 
Good one, useful and simple. Would be even better if the whistle sound would be the one Gandalf uses to call Shadowfax. :-)
Anoobis 25 jan à 14h05 
Awesome mod.
Sassy 24 jan à 0h28 
Great mod!!! I"ve been looking for something like this for quite some time now and here it is!! What a GREAT mod! Bravah! Ciao! *HUGS* :D
Karones 23 jan à 13h52 
I lost my horse :c
now my lvl 8 soldier has a shadowmare lel
Master of Puppets 23 jan à 6h52 
Just brilliant! I don't know how I lived without this mod...makes life on the open plains of Tamriel much more pleasant now that I know I can find my damn horse whenever I please :-)
Rusty Venture 21 jan à 3h44 
Very helpful.
Cookiemonster 20 jan à 10h28 
where do i download it
spyro128 18 jan à 20h47 
@Darkmario96 that song is not about whistling, its... something else.
Darkmario96 18 jan à 12h04 
Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby let me know!
solitude1984 17 jan à 14h46 
Great mod!!
Squi5hyBi5cuit 14 jan à 9h59 
Well i had a glance at this mod, looked at comments and i'm subscribed. i play with all immersion mods on giving my guy the need to eat sleep and drink, feel cold ect, my horse is invauble to me as i do not fast travel, thank you for a great mod sir and a well done to so many positive comments which made me sub.
FaNaTiX 14 jan à 8h49 
thats a pretty nice mod ! well done man :D
Sile 14 jan à 3h37 
There is a phase "Whistle, whistle or whistle?" on all NPC`s first conversation choice, is this because of your mod?
Code MD 12 jan à 14h01 
Essential! I played +120 hours without your whistling mod - now I see the error of my ways! Thank you very very much!
michelhusky 12 jan à 11h42 
very very good idea thanks
kage74 12 jan à 10h08 
This is a great mod to have, but I was wondering...can this be updated to call your dog as well (assuming you have one)?