the Divine Rapier
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BUYING CARDS AT 1-3 SCRAP 13 de abr às 12:26 
This NEEDS to be in the game. It looks awesome. Someone should start a stats discussion
Willard 5 de abr às 23:23 
Well, it's no rapier. Two handed, used for cutting, not a giant needle. I like it!
[DFS] Soldier Trainee 25/out/2014 às 19:09 
possible stats:
on kill: attack power increased by 10
+20 max health on wearer
-10% speed decrease
Paradisiac 26/mai/2014 às 5:14 
For The Horde! 1/fev/2014 às 0:24 
well it dosn't work
Deity Link  [autor(a)] 30/jan/2014 às 13:09 
from Game Banana
For The Horde! 30/jan/2014 às 11:43 
how do i add it?
5tumpy 21/jan/2014 às 6:58 
Yes well done! :D
Van Doopy The 1sty 19/jan/2014 às 7:51 
perfect job mate!
SniperOwlKnight 15/jan/2014 às 11:33 
i like the sword :D
§ Gab § 11/jan/2014 às 18:57 
Demo doesn't need other meele weapon! create some cool granade launcher instead!
Captain Crunch 3/out/2013 às 8:36 
They won't accept shit from other games. At least I don't think so.
Dudugs 17/fev/2013 às 11:14 
the divine raper to me
The Walking Daniel 15/set/2012 às 7:44 
were is your pyro axe from dota 2? with the skull that weapon was so badasss
Sokje 12/mai/2012 às 9:38 
Maybe because it's a DotA 2 weapon skin for tf2
Captain Derple 30/abr/2012 às 20:30 
Viviky 13/abr/2012 às 14:53 
so much want!
Mabeas 3/abr/2012 às 9:08 
That looks more like a broadsword than a rapier.
greeb 24/mar/2012 às 19:17 
it glows too much, if you maybe make it a little less lustrous and add some bloodstains - but not too much blood either - then it will fit the tf2 look better
N1NJAP00P 24/mar/2012 às 10:46 
вау дота рулит
People like grapes 17/mar/2012 às 20:12 
you need to make this more tf2-ish it looks like its from a fantasy rpg
David51896 15/mar/2012 às 23:57 
A sword that's fit to a right demoknight
dorcus_1 11/mar/2012 às 12:28 
Oh yes! I want that sword to cut all heads!
syltgurk 3/mar/2012 às 4:43 
Im sure Valve will add your project if you continue with it! :D
Darkmatter 1/mar/2012 às 19:31 
That, Looks beutiful,
HippoPON:3 27/fev/2012 às 2:26 
'fuccboi' SPACE GUY 25/fev/2012 às 2:05 
sorry doesnt fit with the tf2 art style
Aberac the Matterlic 23/fev/2012 às 15:02 
This works as long as it ain't a reskin of Eyelander!
EpicPwner 23/fev/2012 às 9:37 
JMM 22/fev/2012 às 21:04 
and it is a broadsword. Just saying...
JMM 22/fev/2012 às 21:04 
Is good but sword/shield should be a set with armor and helmet, although is only suggestion...
Patriot Penguin 22/fev/2012 às 15:32 
all i ever wanted was my beta key :P
PUGNAM NIGRIS 21/fev/2012 às 19:47 
Dont like it.
Cool Resolution Persian Cat 21/fev/2012 às 12:36 
this sword adds 250 attack points ( DOTA / WARCRAFT III ) LOL
Light1997 21/fev/2012 às 8:16 
Rain 21/fev/2012 às 7:19 
Only for lvl 30 spiral knight players, could be a way to unlock it
[GDUR] THE SILVER WOLF 20/fev/2012 às 13:30 
i love this weapons
Responsive Hydra 20/fev/2012 às 13:16 
it is awesome though
Responsive Hydra 20/fev/2012 às 13:15 
arent rapiers thin long blades not broadswords like shown
Carl 20/fev/2012 às 6:58 
i think he ment not rapier but a raper
☢☣Manax☣☢ 20/fev/2012 às 6:19 
MightyDonut 20/fev/2012 às 4:55 
Sonic the Hedgehog 20/fev/2012 às 3:53 
Gentlefish 19/fev/2012 às 16:08 
But... But it's not actually a rapier. D:
A A$AP, Joshy#ROCKY 19/fev/2012 às 9:57 
thats kick ass
Cryptling 19/fev/2012 às 9:20 
ALEXANDER PAIN 19/fev/2012 às 5:29 
Astaraths 19/fev/2012 às 4:49 
Quite the Inconvienence 19/fev/2012 às 1:45 
thats not even a rapier idiot
Lance Gunslinger 18/fev/2012 às 21:29 
I don't really get it and what it was going to do so I won't complain and just move on with the weapons