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Company of Heroes: Eastern Front
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Lord Mikel®™ Nov 17 @ 9:11pm 
Come to steam!!!
Legowonderboy Nov 13 @ 2:14pm 
Any news when it might come to steam?
AJ8446 Nov 9 @ 1:11pm 
Man this mod is the best
[TGW] Xeno426 Nov 9 @ 12:23pm 

So, regarding the Mechanized Warfare Strategy, what reward tree is it revising? Breakthrough Assault Strategy? If so, what happened to the regular KV-1 and ISU-152?

If it's a replacement of the Urban Combat Strategy, what happened to the KV-2, Partisans and Sniper Ace?
Seanshultze Nov 7 @ 7:02am 
hey......since the Opel Maultier has a Supply Ability to the First Ostheer Doctrine......would it there be a Flak AA Gun Upgrade to the 2nd Doctrine....while the Third would be some Like an 88mm Artillery or AT upgrade to the 3rd Doctrine?
Seanshultze Oct 29 @ 9:25pm 
Anyone Heard about "The Black Prince" and "SuperPershing"? :3
[AE-Dev]Blackbishop  [author] Oct 29 @ 8:57pm 
They got some tweaks(or at least were planned), I haven't checked the changes yet though.
Seanshultze Oct 29 @ 4:55am 
would The Brandenburgers can have Upgrades in the next Update?
that can be useful for Killing High Priority Targets like officers or Command vehicles

i also see about Churchill tanks have Trouble Killing Panzer IIIs..... and would there be a Powerful Reward unit Tanks for the Brits?
[AE-Dev]Blackbishop  [author] Oct 25 @ 1:18pm 
@Jughashvili Joseph Stalin
No, because we still don't submit the "final" version.I haven't been around too much lately but it seems there is no change in our build lately.

I know we are really behind on schedule, and I'm really sorry about that, but I can't just release it as it because it will likely be taken down some time after.
Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz Oct 25 @ 1:23am 
Did steam alrdy told you when you could release it? People are craving to take a bite from your creation. I feel like the original developers left the game incomplete and went for MONEY. And I hate that so much that I rather pay my dollars to you. An actual developer that cares about the comunity. KEEP THE GOOD JOB!
Seanshultze Oct 24 @ 1:16am 
and......whats the Difference between the american howitzer and from the ostheer?
[AE-Dev]Blackbishop  [author] Oct 23 @ 9:51pm 
Yes, unfortunately we will change a lot of files if that happens. It might break some of your custom skins :\. I'm not sure what we can do to avoid this.
Seanshultze Oct 22 @ 5:01am 

And ya......also after the next Update Begins .......would it change its own Files again?
cuz most people (including me :3 ) use skin packs to look the game better :3
most of best skins i used is close to historical Pack :)
Seanshultze Oct 9 @ 6:46pm 
or......make a Command vehicle to americans and Panzer elite?
Ivan (YearsLate) Oct 5 @ 11:28pm 
I've been looking around but haven't found a guide yet for the Soviets or Ostheer in EF 2.3. Are there any detailed breakdowns of everything they have and how it holds up in comparison to other factions units? I love a good read.
Seanshultze Oct 5 @ 4:59am 

Dude i got something Again :3

well......since other factions have officers except the americans and the Panzer elite :3

how about an American officer (a Field captain or Supply officer or any :3 ) would it be possible as Reward unit to the structure called Supply Depot :3

and A Waffen-SS officer(might have camo to uniform or pants.....similar for some sort of Autumn color) Reward unit From the Funkewagen (the Vampire half track).....cuz this might be an idea for players Required an increase of Support of the Troops from the Frontlines....or still use the Funkewagen to weakening the Enemy's economy and slap it without the enemy standed straightly like an old man :3.....well.....would make an idea of abilities if you agree :3
sonje Oct 5 @ 12:55am 
Thanks dude, Good Luck!
[AE-Dev]Blackbishop  [author] Oct 4 @ 6:04pm 
I don't think the Opel Maultier will have a new upgrade, specially the medic one. We have the Medic HT but was removed from OH because balancers didn't like it for the role :\.

The flak upgrade might be possible, but I'm not sure how it would fit.

Also, feel free to give ideas for the mod :). I cannot promise we will use them in the mod, though.

The mod is done and the latest version is 2.300, however thew steam version isn't ready yet, and I don't have a release date yet. As soon as I have it I'll change the status of the mod and everyone will be able to see its page on the Steam store.
Seanshultze Oct 4 @ 5:09am 
Hallo....Im bek :3.....oh and one of my Comments should optional for the author

so.....can i gave more optional ideas?
sonje Sep 25 @ 2:41am 
do you know when it is done?
I want to meet this mod faster
Seanshultze Sep 21 @ 7:28am 
and.....was even the opel maultier do anything like reinforcing?....or upgradable with flaks ,Medic and a repairing :3
Seanshultze Sep 21 @ 7:24am 
and......wheres gebirsjagers? O_o......also an m1 Garand sniper or even and british sniper?
Seanshultze Sep 21 @ 7:22am 
wait dude i got something on my head again O_o

Make a short barreled Stug III as reward unit to replace the PE AT halftrack.....which it has the ability to stun enemy tanks and very good against infantry may able or may not ridable by infantry accepted? O_o :3
Seanshultze Sep 18 @ 10:56pm 
yeah.....glad to support this Mod
[AE-Dev]Blackbishop  [author] Sep 18 @ 10:32pm 
Indeed, I haven't been in the forums for some months because I'm busy with other things(work+university in my case), there are other devs that are busy too but can work a bit in the mod from time to time, so if things were slow before now are slower. I think it is the first time I take a long break since I joined the team 5 years ago.

Brits are a bit difficult to work due to how they were featured by Relic, that's why we haven't planned something for them yet.

For PE, I'd not add a sniper though and at the moment we don't have modelers to make the scoped variant, and I know everyone would love to have one :).

For the next update, I can't say much about it at the moment, but if something good happens I'll return briefly to assist the release plan.

And thanks for your support comrades!
Seanshultze Sep 18 @ 6:43pm 
also......can you make an Heavy airborne as a Reward unit....armed with m1 Garand...can be upgrade with Browning LMG which the allies never had one in the game and also Thompson
or.....just make a Some sort of Elite rifleman reward unit :3
Seanshultze Sep 18 @ 6:19pm 
also......Canadian infantry as a reward unit that replaces The Infantry section.can be upgraded with Stens which The British never have a non Doctrine SMG,Right?...and a AT rifle and also whats the Third upgrade will be? or Replace that as another Unit?
Seanshultze Sep 18 @ 6:15pm 
well.....that was what the PE was missing...a one shot killer...
Ben_D Sep 17 @ 7:36pm 
that would change PE too much I think
Seanshultze Sep 16 @ 3:57am 
Dude......can i request something by making a PE sniper using scoped Kar98k as REWARD unit.....anyone agree :D
Ben_D Sep 15 @ 5:41pm 
It looks like the devs are taking a break, looking in from the outside. Can't say I blame them, it's been a long project it looks like.
Seanshultze Sep 13 @ 12:52am 
so.....where the next update will be released?.......can't wait :3
Savage Theron Aug 30 @ 6:45pm 
when will this come out on steam
rdietz123 Aug 18 @ 8:58am 
Any update on progress?
RastahMan Jul 28 @ 1:13am 
Keep up the good work guys, literally one of best mods to CoH:)
[AE-Dev]Blackbishop  [author] Jul 20 @ 10:28pm 
@jealco [LOSC]
You can hear them in the OST of the Company of Heroes games. I'm not sure if THQ released one with all or one for each game, so depending of the faction you might need to check for a different compilation.
jealco [LOSC] Jul 20 @ 9:50pm 
I have to ask, where did the soundtrack for the maps come from? I've heard that somewhere, from a game in the past, I think. It's driving me nuts.

Also, congrats on getting this into Greenlight! It'll make it easier for people to find it and join us for proper CoH EF gameplay, not that turd called CoH2!
[AE-Dev]Blackbishop  [author] Jul 2 @ 1:41pm 
KOS Jul 1 @ 2:14pm 
Где скачать, как поиграть?
[AE-Dev]Blackbishop  [author] Jun 27 @ 2:22pm 
No, EF won't have BK damage system implemented.

These two are the only new factions. Adding more factions would result in a more unstable mod.
rdietz123 Jun 27 @ 1:58pm 
Is the mod only Soviets and the Ostheer or are their additional factions like the British or Panzer elite
[F|H]alorbe Jun 27 @ 10:24am 
Will the Blitzkrieg damage system be implemented on this mod? It's the only thing keeping me from going back to EF; I used to play EF but I preferred the Blitzkrieg damage system so I changed to it. Any chance that'll be added to EF?
don piano Jun 20 @ 8:13am 
Thanks for your quick Reply!! Realy appreciate that! And i'm rly glad to hear that you and your team haven't givin up on this SUPERB Mod. I also wish you the best with your new Role in Life ;)
[AE-Dev]Blackbishop  [author] Jun 17 @ 11:20am 
@don piano
We aren't as fast as in the past because as time goes we get new roles in our life and we need to give less time to modding and more to other things. But you can be sure we haven't abandoned the mod, although I haven't posted a single announcement for a while.

We are preparing an announcement about what was being done after all these months of silence.
don piano Jun 17 @ 10:46am 
Im Really looking forward to this Mod! It looks so promissing and i sadly couldnt get it to work when installing it extarnally from the website and connecting it to my steam data. Anyhow i hope that once finished and published on Steam i can finally enjoy this AWESOM LOOKING MOD!!!!
rdietz123 Jun 17 @ 7:38am 
Cant wait for this to come out on steam possibly the best coh mod out there
Kaptin Bluddflagg Jun 14 @ 11:04am 
coulda swore I had another comment or two on here
, weird....
[AE-Dev]Blackbishop  [author] Jun 14 @ 10:58am 
[RISE] Shockbent
The non-Steam version has some models we shouldn't be using, because of their high poly count makes the game run slower. If we want to improve the mod we need to create low poly versions of these models. The models pending to be finished because of that are the Panzer III, StuG III and Marder II; the non-Steam version additionally has the SU-85 but that one was finished already. These are what I call missing models; we have them in the beta, but for the final Steam version, it is like if they don't exist.
Shockbent Jun 12 @ 3:36pm 
Does the non-steam version of EF have missing models and what does those appear as if so?
[AE-Dev]Blackbishop  [author] Jun 12 @ 10:44am 
RIP Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee (27 May 1922 – 7 June 2015)