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Company of Heroes: Eastern Front
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Blackbishop  [author] Dec 20 @ 10:55am 
The contest will start in 5 minutes!
Blackbishop  [author] Dec 7 @ 11:16am 
I'd like to read the warnings.log located in your "Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes Relaunch" folder. Remember every time you open CoH that file gets overwritten, so you would need to upload it right after it crashes.

You can upload it here if you like (and don't forget to post the link in this comment section or send me a PM on our forums):
TudorG Dec 7 @ 6:55am 
i tried playing this game and it aws crashing so much
$hAdoW SteelSeries Nov 30 @ 5:03am 
atillakayabas Nov 27 @ 1:21pm 
Good game
Blackbishop  [author] Nov 24 @ 11:10am 
We are not ready to release a patch yet, we have some things to finish. But if you want to know more about it you can check this:
BORICHA Nov 24 @ 2:25am 
better than SEGA's trash!
MinamiKotori Nov 23 @ 6:05pm 
very interesting
Levitan Nov 18 @ 9:55pm 
Very much looking forward to!
chris951121 Nov 3 @ 3:21am 
Please resolve the AI Problem.
lemurmat Oct 29 @ 12:55pm 
and i think ill' wait to dwonlaod until Steam release.
lemurmat Oct 29 @ 12:23pm 
do'nt think you put in there but i just got scared and Deleted the dowload because of that i gotta be careful with mods nowadays.
Blackbishop  [author] Oct 28 @ 12:44pm 
I'm sure you didn't find any trojan file because there are none, but if your antivirus software says so, it probably had a bad guess.

In other words your antivirus just got a false positive, that's all.
lemurmat Oct 28 @ 10:03am 
Thanks i tried to Download the mod and look at this i found an Trojan in your mod can you explain?
00:46 of second vid. that's one hella patriotism :P
lemurmat Oct 28 @ 4:28am 
Where can you download this on your own page?
WartotalXD Oct 25 @ 8:25am 
too bad 1918 have problems i hope EF wont share the same fate as 1918 mod where you cant download it from steam and they will just give you keys to it because Steam Cant Reproduce it
Blackbishop  [author] Oct 24 @ 11:04am 
Because they didn't wait for a fix. If you download it from Steam you won't be able to play any mod as usual and you will need to make some additional steps to play them. In example, players who installed TGW 1918 from Steam cannot play EF or BK regardless they installed them correctly... until they remove the Steam version and use the regular one.
WartotalXD Oct 23 @ 6:52pm 
Cant Wait surprised why the 1918 mod goes first than Eastern front
alorbe Oct 16 @ 6:58am 
I dont know, i need to check, i just allowed he installer to do his thing, i didnt move any files around
Cant wait for the next updates! Glory to the Motherland! -Spooky
Blackbishop  [author] Oct 15 @ 9:00pm 
Have you confirmed each update was installed in the right folder?
alorbe Oct 15 @ 12:00pm 
three different times, of course
alorbe Oct 15 @ 12:00pm 
I used the installer three times, and i fully updated it before launching
Blackbishop  [author] Oct 15 @ 10:42am 
Then EF wasn't installed correctly, because if it has that error and CoH works fine with other mods, it means some files are missing or corrupted.
Yamato25 Oct 14 @ 10:24pm 
how the hell did i miss this i remamber playing this befor moveing to steam...
alorbe Oct 14 @ 11:39am 
Ill do that but it cant be a CoH error, because Blitkrieg mod runs just fine
Blackbishop  [author] Oct 14 @ 11:22am 
It seems CoH fails to load the Steam API, but that's not an EF bug. If you are not sure that's the right file, then launch EF, play a match and when it crashes upload the warnings.log file once more.
alorbe Oct 14 @ 10:10am 
Is this it ? If not that means ill have to install EF again to play so that it carashes and i can send you the right one.
Blackbishop  [author] Oct 12 @ 7:51pm 
If it crash that much, most likely you did something wrong when installing it. Try the advice I offered to @[F|H]alorbe so I can check if everything is fine. Unless your error is related to the AI error.
Blackbishop  [author] Oct 12 @ 7:49pm 
Blackbishop  [author] Oct 12 @ 7:48pm 
Thanks for the compliment!

We are working to release the patch in the next days, and it fixes one AI crash, however, perhaps your game crashes due to a different reason? Could you upload your warnings.log in your "Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes Relaunch\" folder here and paste the link here.

If you don't want to paste the link you can go to and send me a PM with the link :).
duxetiu Oct 11 @ 7:40pm 
This mod is well better than COH2
alorbe Oct 11 @ 1:13pm 
Help, the mod crashes randomly during skirmishes
beastmodeactual Oct 10 @ 7:37pm 
pansaelite31 Oct 1 @ 10:53pm 
So whats going on when will this be ready if it was made in 2010 its now 2014 i can run it through steam but most of the time it crashs during the game ever match hafe an hr if lucky 5 to 1 if not great game though company of heros 2 is a big fail keep to the basics

///Le Soldat Sans Honneur Sep 28 @ 4:05am 
This mod is well better than COH2
[Hun]ExploitedFan*** Sep 22 @ 12:53am 
Thx, i love you :D GREAT GAME.
Blackbishop  [author] Sep 21 @ 3:57pm 
Thanks for the feedback, that error will be fixed in the next patch. We are only waiting for the translators to finish the Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean locales so we can release it.
[Hun]ExploitedFan*** Sep 21 @ 4:55am 
Help fatal error! the game crashez.

-- Log file for all error messages related to the Scar --

Starting SCAR...
Init Alt CT
Sandbox race= allies_commonwealth
Sandbox race= allies_soviets
race is Soviets
Sandbox race= allies
Sandbox race= axis_ostheer
race is Ostheer
Sandbox race= axis_ostheer
race is Ostheer
Sandbox race= axis
race is Wehrmacht
Squad* cannot be nil!
Shutting Down SCAR...
Plz help!
Crukz Sep 20 @ 8:10pm 
thank you, the preoblem was that me and my freind played no pop-cap and that caused the game to crash, thanks for the help!
Shakle Sep 20 @ 3:36pm 
Best mod for COH
Blackbishop  [author] Sep 20 @ 1:59pm 
From what I read I'm not sure what the problem might be, could you check this page?

Not yet :)... Relic is still working to fix the issue with mods and the Steam version.
joeltheowl Sep 20 @ 1:52pm 
Is it on steam yet?
Crukz Sep 19 @ 10:44pm 
i have been having a problem every time i play online with a freind, when we play 15mins in to the game the game freezes for about 4 seconds and then it crashes, but when we play solo it dosent happen, it there a bug in the game you guys need to patch? or is there something wrong with my game?
Jersey Sep 18 @ 7:36pm 
Blackbishop  [author] Sep 9 @ 11:34pm 
@Doc Koiva
We will replace the model later, until then the only thing I can do is to remove the machine gun.
Squad 7 Lt. Welkin Gunther Sep 9 @ 7:22am 
New update looks amazing, but i found a little bug - KV-1 rear turret machinegun shoots in the front through turret. Any tips?
COMBINE_RANGER Sep 8 @ 1:37am 
Only pussies are crying for balance, fighting and winning against overwhelming forces that the glory for true commanders.