Ta gra została wybrana do dystrybucji dzięki Greenlight!

Społeczność wyraziła swoje zainteresowanie tą grą. Valve skontaktowało się z jej twórcami, aby sprawdzić możliwości publikacji ich dzieła na platformie Steam.

Battle Nations
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Santa's Little Helper 22 Paź - 6:59 
I first had this on ipad now i have is on computer but i still love the game on both
Festive Testsubject276 1 Paź - 13:56 
i love this game so much
bcasmartin 6 Wrz - 23:00 
fun game all around
Gliccavd 2 Sie - 3:52 
it is only a free to play
Tiber Septim 18 Cze - 13:18 
Sogeking1000 31 Maj - 14:32 
the game crashes
[ZACHI] Rukiyo 23 Maj - 7:22 
Fix your stuff, when I open the game, it crashes and is the tab is forced to close.
Bluehomzee (ᴳѕ) 25 Kwi - 12:16 
it's relesed look on free to play
Kimiyosis 24 Kwi - 21:35 
Excellent! I can't now play it on the computer!
Pettifer7 23 Kwi - 9:41 
It.. is already released. Silly people! Search Steam for Battle Nations! You'll find it.
danielgpf11 23 Kwi - 6:22 
I´m going to explode if this isn´t released.
spoderman 19 Kwi - 18:34 
Hell, it's about time they greenlit this.
PSquiddy 17 Kwi - 14:59 
Release NOW, Z2Z, And Steam. Do it or I'll rip your arms off. Please.
Chillaxout2 16 Kwi - 22:45 
It will be free. How many people following this play BN already?
STARKILLER 10 Kwi - 20:37 
better be free just like on apple products
Alpha 8 Kwi - 20:29 
I love Battle Nations on IOS and I'm waiting for this to be released on Steam so I can play on a big screen
My Question is, will it be free like it was on Mac and Apple Products??
Chillaxout2 5 Kwi - 17:03 
Still waiting! Why??????
DJ 1KP 4 Kwi - 18:54 
Z2 your game is greenlit put it on steam or find a diffrent way to put battlenations on PC please
Deatric87 3 Kwi - 23:21 
lol maybe it shouldnt come out on steam, i just may go for 2m bs points if i had a nice sized screen and a mouse. None the less, sick of small touch screen to play this game :/.....
Deatric87 3 Kwi - 23:20 
Jigsaw 2 Kwi - 19:14 
Z2=Valve Time
Merry Stein-mas 2 Kwi - 13:23 
Still waiting :c
Frost_Scout 1 Kwi - 14:30 
Please make this game for steam and pc alrdy we have waited long enough please Z2
Simon{GTR} 1 Kwi - 10:17 
This is a very cool game!
I love her very much!
I played for a long time and I think that this deserves to gras played it through STEAM!
PYROxSYCO 29 Mar - 16:10 
The game is starting to feel like a PAY 2 WIN, althoug is do like the game it does bug me that i have to pay for certain units in the game
Awakeland 28 Mar - 13:53 
this is free for iphone an sucks
megabot 23 Mar - 19:26 
SirArtix-[ITA]- 22 Mar - 16:24 
e' promettente. sara' un ... "piccolo" ... successo.
OGMapleSyrup 17 Mar - 16:50 
I quit the game because the developers can't get their shit together and are ruining the game in the updates. We've waited too long for this
Abyssal Dinivas 16 Mar - 14:15 
Cannot wait for this game to be released :3
Kernel F.™ 15 Mar - 19:49 
how long does it need to turn it into a pc version??????
I_eat_poodles 15 Mar - 9:58 
Fuckin panicing. Release it already
Spyseand6 15 Mar - 7:50 
omfg just fucking release it already or at least have more than one fucking person working on it!
Hiro Protagonest 14 Mar - 16:18 
Still not out. EVERYBODY PANIC!
|DR| Russia 14 Mar - 6:57 
this has to be on steam like really think about it
Glugthorn 14 Mar - 0:49 
belive it or not i have been w8ting since 2009
Chillaxout2 13 Mar - 23:15 
Void the Cuntscoper 11 Mar - 18:47 
fire461 Bearified 9 Mar - 22:02 
The game is not going to be relased until november on steam but definlty after summer :)
Spyseand6 6 Mar - 17:53 
Tiber Septim 5 Mar - 9:09 
why cant we just release it allready!
ATF_STOUT // BF4 5 Mar - 6:52 
This has been here for month, why have they still not moved it to steam.
Okkkay 4 Mar - 21:08 
Ofcourse you would be able to use your account
{FA} {AF} Dsneezit 4 Mar - 15:08 
i hope you can use your acount from ipods on the steam vertions
ApexTitan 4 Mar - 10:44 
Seems like there is only one guy working on this game, and he doesnt know how to code...
The Festive Destroyer 4 Mar - 10:13 
*sigh* still waiting :/
I_eat_poodles 3 Mar - 15:20 
Is this ever going to come?
Invisigoth 1 Mar - 19:53 
i am waiting for this game for so long lol