Yhteisö on antanut tälle pelille julkaisuluvan!

Yhteisö on osoittanut mielenkiintonsa tätä peliä kohtaan. Valve on ottanut yhteyttä kehittäjiin saadakseen pelille Steam-julkaisun.

Battle Nations
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KippSteR O_O 22. loka, 2014 6.59 
I first had this on ipad now i have is on computer but i still love the game on both
Testsubject276 1. loka, 2014 13.56 
i love this game so much
bcasmartin 6. syys, 2014 23.00 
fun game all around
Gliccardo 2. elo, 2014 3.52 
it is only a free to play
Tiber Septim 18. kesä, 2014 13.18 
Sogeking1000 31. touko, 2014 14.32 
the game crashes
Rukiyo[TRDN] 23. touko, 2014 7.22 
Fix your stuff, when I open the game, it crashes and is the tab is forced to close.
Bluehomzee (ᴳs) 25. huhti, 2014 12.16 
it's relesed look on free to play
Kimiyosis 24. huhti, 2014 21.35 
Excellent! I can't now play it on the computer!
Pettifer7 23. huhti, 2014 9.41 
It.. is already released. Silly people! Search Steam for Battle Nations! You'll find it.
danielgpf11 23. huhti, 2014 6.22 
I´m going to explode if this isn´t released.
spoderman 19. huhti, 2014 18.34 
Hell, it's about time they greenlit this.
PSquiddy_1337 17. huhti, 2014 14.59 
Release NOW, Z2Z, And Steam. Do it or I'll rip your arms off. Please.
Chillaxout2 16. huhti, 2014 22.45 
It will be free. How many people following this play BN already?
STARKILLER 10. huhti, 2014 20.37 
better be free just like on apple products
Alpha (Depressed) 8. huhti, 2014 20.29 
I love Battle Nations on IOS and I'm waiting for this to be released on Steam so I can play on a big screen
=PB= Yolo Medic | pbfortress.com 6. huhti, 2014 16.19 
My Question is, will it be free like it was on Mac and Apple Products??
=PB= Yolo Medic | pbfortress.com 6. huhti, 2014 16.09 
Chillaxout2 5. huhti, 2014 17.03 
Still waiting! Why??????
DJ 1KP 4. huhti, 2014 18.54 
Z2 your game is greenlit put it on steam or find a diffrent way to put battlenations on PC please
Deatric87 3. huhti, 2014 23.21 
lol maybe it shouldnt come out on steam, i just may go for 2m bs points if i had a nice sized screen and a mouse. None the less, sick of small touch screen to play this game :/.....
Deatric87 3. huhti, 2014 23.20 
Jigsaw 2. huhti, 2014 19.14 
Z2=Valve Time
Ornstein 2. huhti, 2014 13.23 
Still waiting :c
FrostScout 1. huhti, 2014 14.30 
Please make this game for steam and pc alrdy we have waited long enough please Z2
Simon{GTR} 1. huhti, 2014 10.17 
This is a very cool game!
I love her very much!
I played for a long time and I think that this deserves to gras played it through STEAM!
PYROxSYCO 29. maalis, 2014 16.10 
The game is starting to feel like a PAY 2 WIN, althoug is do like the game it does bug me that i have to pay for certain units in the game
Awakeland 28. maalis, 2014 13.53 
this is free for iphone an sucks
megabot 23. maalis, 2014 19.26 
SirArtix-[ITA]-™ 22. maalis, 2014 16.24 
e' promettente. sara' un ... "piccolo" ... successo.
OGMapleSyrup 17. maalis, 2014 16.50 
I quit the game because the developers can't get their shit together and are ruining the game in the updates. We've waited too long for this
Abyssal Dinivas 16. maalis, 2014 14.15 
Cannot wait for this game to be released :3
Kernel F.™ 15. maalis, 2014 19.49 
how long does it need to turn it into a pc version??????
I_eat_poodles 15. maalis, 2014 9.58 
Fuckin panicing. Release it already
Spyseand6 15. maalis, 2014 7.50 
omfg just fucking release it already or at least have more than one fucking person working on it!
Hiro Protagonest 14. maalis, 2014 16.18 
Still not out. EVERYBODY PANIC!
|DeM| Russia AFK 14. maalis, 2014 6.57 
this has to be on steam like really think about it
Glugthorn 14. maalis, 2014 0.49 
belive it or not i have been w8ting since 2009
Chillaxout2 13. maalis, 2014 23.15 
Fujetus 11. maalis, 2014 18.47 
fire461 Bearified 9. maalis, 2014 22.02 
The game is not going to be relased until november on steam but definlty after summer :)
Spyseand6 6. maalis, 2014 17.53 
Tiber Septim 5. maalis, 2014 9.09 
why cant we just release it allready!
ATF_STOUT // BF4 5. maalis, 2014 6.52 
This has been here for month, why have they still not moved it to steam.
xKerlinx 4. maalis, 2014 21.08 
Ofcourse you would be able to use your account
[AF]Dsneezit 4. maalis, 2014 15.08 
i hope you can use your acount from ipods on the steam vertions
ApexTitan 4. maalis, 2014 10.44 
Seems like there is only one guy working on this game, and he doesnt know how to code...
The Destroyer 4. maalis, 2014 10.13 
*sigh* still waiting :/
I_eat_poodles 3. maalis, 2014 15.20 
Is this ever going to come?
Invisigoth 1. maalis, 2014 19.53 
i am waiting for this game for so long lol