Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

Battle Nations
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ShoopShoop McBefumbledazzer 22 nov om 1:15nm 
Yolo Medic 22 nov om 1:14nm 
Put back??
Santi 13 okt om 6:54nm 
Please put it back
STARTING A BREAD FARM 10 okt om 8:37vm 
put it back
Boss Kaye_PhagzZ 20 sep om 8:00vm 
Please put it on again on steam I really really love this game. Please.
Tau Commander 8 sep om 11:06vm 
Add it again PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Le MlG L0RD M0Rd3C@I. 6 sep om 11:04vm 
AWw w cmon!!! Add it on steam again! Im playing it on bluestacks and i alot play it! Please :F but make min. fOr win xp :P
(TR)PurpleNightmare 26 aug om 3:40vm 
This game was on steam already but they removed it from steam for some reason... it was one of my favourite games , it was awesome! But now you can only play it on iphone's and stuff (idk much about those things :p) And when i checked the iphone version , there was soooo many problems about the game like it crashes , it laags , it's hard to move the camera and talking bubbles are getting stuck! if this game comes back , it'll be awesome!
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away BATTLE NATIONS was on steam. Modern day ww3 is on the horizen becuase of fatass gaban and 2 nerds removed battle nations from steam.
z2 WHY U NO PUT BN ON STEAM?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CyroTheGamer 15 aug om 1:46nm 
I check like all the time WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE REALEASED
slender152152 22 jul om 5:53vm 
Battle Nations epic!!!
CyroTheGamer 21 jul om 10:58vm 
Its been like a year sence people have been talking about it!
CyroTheGamer 21 jul om 10:57vm 
Chrom 13 jun om 10:36vm 
This game used to be availible until Z2 was bought by King (CandyCrush). Now it's only for iOS...
buzzchambers 11 jun om 4:39nm 
When is this Fricking thing cumin out
09legoman 5 jun om 12:25nm 
how do you get this game for steam? where is the download link to this game?
Saint of Death | trade.tf 4 jun om 11:16vm 
someone can send me the link to download the battle nations on steam?
he came out of my steam
Yon 30 mei om 10:56nm 
Devs silence makes me worried about this project's status. Almost two years since last footage was provided. High probability this is vaporware.
Nicholas Winton RIP 30 mei om 11:26vm 
If you dislike this game you will be banned & censored.
The developers have censored and banned hundreds of disappointed users.

* This game is a bad mobile port.
* It is pay to win.
* There is no skill involved.
* It is boring.
* The developers try to make you pay every 10 seconds.
* Everything you do will be artificially delayed (and the only way to remove the delays is to pay).

This review will be probably be removed soon and I will be banned yet again (for the fourth time!).

Their own forums are full of people who are angry and demand refunds!

Some reviewers were attempting to start a class action lawsuit against the company who scammed them into buying in-app purchases before removing the game from Steam.
Maybel 28 mei om 8:43vm 
How play?
buzzchambers 27 mei om 6:55vm 
How do u download this?
Yon 11 mrt om 12:04nm 
Hey devs, is this project still alive? Are you having difficulties with the development? Hope you provide new footage and, hopefully, a release date soon enough. Thanks.
Kippster 22 okt 2014 om 6:59vm 
I first had this on ipad now i have is on computer but i still love the game on both
Thankful Testsubject276 1 okt 2014 om 1:56nm 
i love this game so much
bcasmartin 6 sep 2014 om 11:00nm 
fun game all around
Lezzo666 2 aug 2014 om 3:52vm 
it is only a free to play
Tiber Septim 18 jun 2014 om 1:18nm 
Sogeking1000 31 mei 2014 om 2:32nm 
the game crashes
Naoaki 23 mei 2014 om 7:22vm 
Fix your stuff, when I open the game, it crashes and is the tab is forced to close.
Bluehomzee 25 apr 2014 om 12:16nm 
it's relesed look on free to play
Kimiyosis 24 apr 2014 om 9:35nm 
Excellent! I can't now play it on the computer!
Pettifer7 23 apr 2014 om 9:41vm 
It.. is already released. Silly people! Search Steam for Battle Nations! You'll find it.
Marco_O_Panzer 23 apr 2014 om 6:22vm 
I´m going to explode if this isn´t released.
Caboose 19 apr 2014 om 6:34nm 
Hell, it's about time they greenlit this.
PSquiddy 17 apr 2014 om 2:59nm 
Release NOW, Z2Z, And Steam. Do it or I'll rip your arms off. Please.
Chillaxout2 16 apr 2014 om 10:45nm 
It will be free. How many people following this play BN already?
STARKILLER 10 apr 2014 om 8:37nm 
better be free just like on apple products
Alpha 8 apr 2014 om 8:29nm 
I love Battle Nations on IOS and I'm waiting for this to be released on Steam so I can play on a big screen
Yolo Medic 6 apr 2014 om 4:19nm 
My Question is, will it be free like it was on Mac and Apple Products??
Yolo Medic 6 apr 2014 om 4:09nm 
Chillaxout2 5 apr 2014 om 5:03nm 
Still waiting! Why??????
THE SPOOKY BAGEL 4 apr 2014 om 6:54nm 
Z2 your game is greenlit put it on steam or find a diffrent way to put battlenations on PC please
Deatric87 3 apr 2014 om 11:21nm 
lol maybe it shouldnt come out on steam, i just may go for 2m bs points if i had a nice sized screen and a mouse. None the less, sick of small touch screen to play this game :/.....
Deatric87 3 apr 2014 om 11:20nm 
The Lamb 2 apr 2014 om 7:14nm 
Z2=Valve Time
Zoom Dude 2 apr 2014 om 1:23nm 
Still waiting :c
FrostScout 1 apr 2014 om 2:30nm 
Please make this game for steam and pc alrdy we have waited long enough please Z2
Антей 1 apr 2014 om 10:17vm 
This is a very cool game!
I love her very much!
I played for a long time and I think that this deserves to gras played it through STEAM!
PYROxSYCO 29 mrt 2014 om 4:10nm 
The game is starting to feel like a PAY 2 WIN, althoug is do like the game it does bug me that i have to pay for certain units in the game