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Driver Fusion
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90 kommenttia
Chemical Suppport 27.7.2016 kello 2.22 
sorry for my bad english))
what's behind the music plays?
Azaelion 27.4.2014 kello 3.50 
NotErix 23.8.2013 kello 23.38 
Давно ждал такую замечательную программу.
SkyNET 14.8.2013 kello 18.27 
I just can't get the demo to install AT ALL.
Acid_squirrel 30.5.2013 kello 1.42 
So are we able to link our fusion key purchased in the past outside of steam to our accounts here yet.
CHI LONG QUA 29.5.2013 kello 15.06 
I see people don't understand that Steam does more than just Games
Hinachi 20.5.2013 kello 17.54 
Useful stuff for noobs users
iBangGangTing 19.5.2013 kello 13.17 
y even complain about it
Illutian 10.5.2013 kello 13.45 
I see people don't understand that Steam does more than just Games.
Petekaboo 9.5.2013 kello 0.07 
Because we voted for it? Duh.
Musegetes 7.5.2013 kello 22.36 
I agree...why is this on steam?
sir chudly 7.5.2013 kello 19.25 
why is this on steam?
DeeDoubleU 10.4.2013 kello 9.50 
Oh, its 60$? Hmmm, I'll wait for discounts then.
Amaranth 2.4.2013 kello 22.28 
Agreed with - CJ - [DSS]
$60 is a bit much.
[☥] - CJ - 29.3.2013 kello 9.22 
Forgot to mention however that, i feel $60 for such software is a bit over priced, as such the Free Version does a good enough job.
[☥] - CJ - 29.3.2013 kello 9.19 
The Free version does plenty as it is so i really dont know what some of you are whining about. Ive been using it for a while and even replaced driver sweeper with it, if it didnt work i sure as hell wouldnt have done so. Driver Fusion is the new Driver Sweeper so you'll just have to deal with it.

While i dont care about the premium aspect of it they have a right to make money off of a program that helps resolve issues for Gamers.
B0ss 25.3.2013 kello 22.08 
I cant belive people greenlighted this, its expensive for what it does, and with the free version you cant do shit. Theres a lot of free alternatives that do it better and faster than this.
warheat1990™ 6.3.2013 kello 9.09 
I'm wondering did I need to go premium to be able to clean registry? Last time I tried the free version, it wasn't able to clean registry.
#SG# Sharkiller 5.3.2013 kello 22.10 
driversweeper > driverfusion
jussa 3.3.2013 kello 1.43 
I have recently upgraded my GPU and decided to test your demo. I found nice pile of Nvidia driver remains and cleaned them... Pretty nice
StaticRadion 2.3.2013 kello 4.57 
I used Driver Sweeper for the last year or two, but it seems like I have been using it forever. I upgraded to Windows 8 and Driver Fusion and I have to say that I am happy with Windows 8 in part because of Driver Fusion. Thanks for the great product and your hard work.
Shark 27.2.2013 kello 4.24 
questarey 26.2.2013 kello 14.02 
gefeliciteerd ;-) let the money flow! :P
Ch40sM4g1ck 26.2.2013 kello 8.32 
Ohja, ben hem ook aan het verspreiden voor Ja/YES votes ;)
Ch40sM4g1ck 26.2.2013 kello 8.32 
Ook van tweakers.net
Geweldig programma!
Ik heb niet (alleen) Ja gevote omdat jullie het vroegen, ook omdat het een geniaal programma is!
Veel succes mannen(en misschien ook wel vrouwen :P )

Groetjes, Max van den Berg
KnalMeneer 25.2.2013 kello 23.50 
Via tweakers, good luck guys!
Crappynuker 25.2.2013 kello 3.43 
Via Tweakers.net , I give it a try
Polder 23.2.2013 kello 12.39 
Need to have this on Steam so I can purchase it with IDeal and I don't wanna have a creditcard period!
Treexy  [tekijä] 23.2.2013 kello 3.22 
@ All

Thank you all for your kind comments. Be sure to tell your friends to vote for us as the next batch of software titles will be Greenlit on February 26th!
korangler 23.2.2013 kello 3.06 
It sure helped remove most Nvidia traces when I installed a new ASUS ARES II video card!
I'd happily pay for more functionality and regular updates.
paul967 22.2.2013 kello 20.04 
Just brilliant, it removes previous versions for you and will make sure all traces are gone to do clean install of any graphics or any drivers at all.
The Kraken 21.2.2013 kello 0.18 
Wonderful ... WONDERFUL Utility for making sure you have all the junk from a previous driver install removed and to have your system ready for the latest drivers.
Treexy  [tekijä] 15.2.2013 kello 1.42 
@ Britannicus

Thanks for the suggestion. Driver Fusion will tell you when there is an update available and, in case you are a premium user, will update automatically. Free users will also receive an update notification and will be directed to our website.
Britannicus 15.2.2013 kello 0.06 
@Treexy re Philidor comment. Version information is normally found through the menu selection "help->about". It may be worthwhile for you to move it from the current non-standard location to where people would expect to find it.
Theeta Zai 14.2.2013 kello 19.44 
Friendly interface, looks like a nice centralized place to manage your drivers
Fernanda 'Zowye' Sielski 11.2.2013 kello 4.10 
The function of this software is mainly function as assistance for home users and who have little technical knowledge. Remove or add drivers without any guidance certainly undermine the performance of the machine, or worse, as their total destruction. Therefore, such programs are essential because automate a task that otherwise would be expensive (at the time) and dangerous (at the risk of compromising the system), Thank you for your attention, Success.
Treexy  [tekijä] 5.2.2013 kello 10.48 

AMD has drivers available for their devices on their website: http://amd.com
Jimbo 4.2.2013 kello 13.10 
I was thinking that this could fix AMD, but then I realized that AMD doesn't have any drivers.
@InFlame // RedHorde 1.2.2013 kello 3.15 
KillerAtWar 1.2.2013 kello 1.16 
A easy yes.:)
Treexy  [tekijä] 31.1.2013 kello 2.13 

The version number can be found in [Settings] -> [About Driver Fusion]. Driver Fusion will automatically update to the latest version when you have Driver Fusion Premium.
Palider 30.1.2013 kello 16.47 
I can't seem to find the version information within the program (Help -> About Driver Fusion).
Skarn 29.1.2013 kello 8.29 
This nifty little piece of software saved me hours of reloading Windows - worth the investment to me.
Treexy  [tekijä] 24.1.2013 kello 5.47 
We just released Driver Fusion 1.5.0! You check out the announcement here on Steam for more details.
Karutoh 18.1.2013 kello 12.41 
Great program even before it was called driver fusion, had an issue with my video card drivers, and it crashed my computer on the start of windows, so I went on safe mode and used this program, solved the problem! :)
Caelistas 14.1.2013 kello 2.33 
Yes i've used this program countless time before when trying to remove old drivers before i install new ones. GREAT program and i would buy it if it was on steam.
McShave07 9.1.2013 kello 17.24 
Great product, I was nearly pulling my hair in frustration today, trying to uninstall CCC properly (Driver Sweeper destroyed my OS yesterday and I had to do a fresh install), Duh I installed the crap CCC version again before I realized that was the problem.

Then I discovered the free Driver Fusion. Worked flawlessly (apart from having to reboot and scan again, due to the free versions restrictions).

This is THE best driver remover I've used. However, I'm sad to say won't be buying this at the stated price Which is about £12-13. If it was £5 ($8) then yes I'd snap it up.

Thumbs up anyway.
Treexy  [tekijä] 9.1.2013 kello 5.27 
@ falcobird

Thank you for your reply, we are currently working on automatic driver updates. Since the latest version (1.4.0) you can identify unknown devices, which is a start for getting automatic driver updates functioning.
falcobird 9.1.2013 kello 4.55 
I am a fan of the concept for this program, but in its current form I don't really see the benefit of having premium over free.

I would however thumbs up this if it could find updated drivers similar to how windows update does it.
[CG] SanSamurai 1.1.2013 kello 12.10 
Well, it's good but finnish translation is quite a way off.