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Action! Screen Recorder
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「¢α∂єℓι¢ισυѕ」 2016年11月7日 20時46分 
Mawskeeto 2015年10月24日 0時52分 
Just A Jabb 2015年9月28日 8時09分 
anyone else having problems with going on the site
Cansel 2015年9月27日 7時28分 
please respond when release date
Mirillis  [作成者] 2015年8月31日 10時16分 
To run Action without steam you have to purchase it through our website.
You 2015年8月30日 21時54分 
how do i run this action without steam?
Re: 2015年7月24日 16時47分 
can i use mirilis without steam?
Ferengi 2015年7月4日 18時33分 
Your pictures have borders, which means this isnt 16:9 ratio. 16:9 is the standard for monitors and TVs since 2009. Please correct this or fix the screenshots via:
Commie Spy 2015年2月12日 5時21分 
Could you make a demo/trial so I can see if it is worth it?
gabriel_gaming 2015年2月5日 17時27分 
can i buy
Mirillis  [作成者] 2015年1月30日 4時16分 
We are always joining the Steam Sales so keep watching ;)
Commie Spy 2015年1月29日 17時46分 
Thank you so much, little pricey, can't oford it but its going on my wishlist.
Mirillis  [作成者] 2015年1月29日 9時19分 
It's already released.
Commie Spy 2015年1月28日 4時47分 
Whens the relese date, need to get to work on my chanel.
Charls S. #back 2014年12月21日 17時20分 
When can i buy it ?:(
Mirillis  [作成者] 2014年12月18日 7時27分 
Elmo 2014年12月17日 15時49分 
Hi, does this use NvENC, NvIFR NvFBC?
Shahar.M 2014年11月2日 15時14分 
Great Recorder Software!
Mirillis  [作成者] 2014年7月28日 10時34分 
Yes, we do giveaways from time to time on our twitter page or fanpage.

If it was purchased before Steam release then yes.
Blood | Neon-Kryptex 2014年6月23日 20時12分 
is there a way i can get it free
XaZaX 2014年6月22日 9時36分 
I bought it via email, can I still add it to steam?
Kroz 2014年6月18日 10時34分 
It is out. Search the store for it!
J! 2014年6月17日 9時47分 
when this gonna come out, cant wait for this.
CrossGhostGrims 2014年5月3日 10時56分 
I like it, but i get audio desync when im recording on Tf2.. :/
LordSoth 2014年4月27日 10時22分 
I am currently waiting for this to be released on Steam. I hope that on release day a small discount will be granted (/wave Mirillis) ;-)
@potassiummm 2014年4月22日 19時49分 
Great to hear, thank you!
Faceless Shepherd 2014年4月16日 15時20分 
oh, well that answers my question. but for the non-steam version theres lots of bugs well at least in my copy. ive made a disscusion regarding all of them. please look at it, if you can. sorry to bug you.
Mirillis  [作成者] 2014年4月15日 7時21分 
@Nova: You won't have to pay again. We will deliver a Steam Key on request for every user who already own a license.
@potassiummm 2014年4月13日 21時51分 
I love Action!, it is the best recording software that I've tried. Really excited for it to come to Steam, though I'm really hoping that those of us who have already purchased the non-Steam version will not have to pay for the Steam version!
HowlinWolf_PL 2014年4月11日 13時19分 
if you would like to be 1 step ahead of the competition ( which already beats Action! in terms of performance and power usage ) you would like to consider support for 16:10 aspect ratio or resolution above the 1080p....which by the way becomes more common !
well done with the Steam idea btw !
KawaiiMcMuffin 2014年3月12日 0時48分 
i know but it is easier
codename: galactic z 2014年3月9日 21時32分 
Just saying if your wondering, you can actually buy this out of steam at their website for like $30
KawaiiMcMuffin 2014年3月1日 15時16分 
well that is what you do if you do not get it on steam
KawaiiMcMuffin 2014年2月19日 2時53分 
no there might be a trial version though but it will not be free for the actual thing
P@1n 2014年2月15日 9時04分 
will it be free??
KawaiiMcMuffin 2014年2月10日 23時42分 
will it that is the question??? plz make it come out i really want to get this product on steam because it will make it easier for many people to get. that live in different places.
SirCopperfield 2014年1月29日 1時32分 
Will this product EVER come out?
DKsDEVIL 2013年12月14日 3時50分 
I use this right now for all my gameplay recording and it work good and dont stress the system, and it render videos to youtube format faster hvan sony vegas.
🆆🅸🆉🆉 2013年10月19日 6時26分 
Really good recorder :)
Petekaboo 2013年9月25日 23時09分 
Firespite 2013年9月23日 18時09分 
Action! also fails to pick up Xfire's overlay. My plan is to film a coop game movie with a friend where Xfire or Steam's chat boxes appear so our communications will be visible, but they don't appear in the recorded video.
Firespite 2013年9月23日 17時06分 
Guys. You want to release this on Steam but two things: first, Steam captures the Action! overlay, and videos recorded with Action! fail to capture Steam's overlay. These are huge issues to me as an owner of your product, and I would like to see them fixed sometime soon, or at least to know they are being actively worked upon.
MFDK 2013年9月22日 17時11分 
@Lily No. I myself use Sony Vegas for all editing. I however remember reading Mirillis liked the idea about a built in editing function, but likely not something they gonna add in near future.
leelee 2013年9月21日 22時21分 
Since there is a chance I will get Action, I just wanted to know. Does action have a built in editing software or do you have to buy your own?
Petekaboo 2013年9月21日 16時19分 
I asked them about the release, here's what they said: "currently we had to postpone Steam release due technical issues, but this is still in our minds."
Venâncio 2013年9月11日 18時03分 
I can't believe that steam released f******* PLAYCLAW and didn't released ACTION! yet. WTF is going on? u____u
Petekaboo 2013年9月10日 22時55分 
Aaaaand PlayClaw is released. Sales advantage lost. :(
Petekaboo 2013年9月8日 20時02分 
Oh it will released on Steam alright, alongside with Half-Life 3.

Joke aside, I think there might be some complications with Steam API for developers to implement it, same with other screen capturing tools.
Azure 2013年9月8日 14時28分 
Guys, this has been Greenlit for over 10 months. I've lost all faith in this software. Don't expect this to be released on Steam.
bleed 2013年9月1日 8時46分 
no response :/ of course