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Northmark: Hour of the Wolf
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134 commentaires
Dwarfurious 8 nov 2014 à 22h37 
So... I can be Dwarf?
All Zebest 21 août 2014 à 23h17 
Thank you! I'll contact you.
Tovy  [créateur] 21 août 2014 à 13h11 
Al Zebest: sounds great, but there are a lot of dialogs, so a lot of work. If you want to try it, please use our contact form: http://www.rakeingrass.com/contact.php
Tovy  [créateur] 21 août 2014 à 13h06 
Shifty: da se stahnout na oficialnim webu, ale je k oficialni verzi, ne Steamove, to asi zatim nikdo nezkousel :)
ShiftyCZ 20 août 2014 à 6h33 
A čeština nebude?
All Zebest 3 juin 2014 à 2h19 
I love this game: good scenario, good humor and easy to understand mecanics of gameplay. It is not Magis the Gathering, let's avoid misunderstanding, for it is much simplier, but it is very fun to play and has several classes, therefore a good replay value.

Besides, I can translate the game in French, if you let me access the text files...
ricardocasama 29 mai 2014 à 4h38 
Add spanish language, please.
xoɟʎʞɐǝɹℲ 25 mai 2014 à 5h14 
What is this?
tracy es mi novia y dijo... 22 mai 2014 à 16h30 
7+/10 not bad, but, we can be better.
MEIKO-KENJI 20 mai 2014 à 8h14 
EVREI79RUS 17 mai 2014 à 9h34 
BrucZI 12 mai 2014 à 12h21 
I want it !
Earl of Sandwich 3 avr 2014 à 10h42 
Want it!
RamStead 25 mar 2014 à 18h16 
only a 180 cards to collect? Nah, need twice that to make collection interesting. Are there factions of some sorts?
Vaagur 28 fév 2014 à 13h50 
I want to buy this game!
Nik0 ツ 21 fév 2014 à 23h29 
Stoned FoX 25 jan 2014 à 14h55 
buddy 14 jan 2014 à 21h06 
never played those type of card games, but i might spend a dollar or two for it if it were well supported by the community and there were plenty of other players online whenever i felt like playing
Magic 14 jan 2014 à 1h42 
good game
Дядя Женя [33russia] 13 jan 2014 à 6h35 
nice game :)
Ailantan 11 jan 2014 à 11h33 
Card game and RPG are great combo :)
Baco | Owlz 8 jan 2014 à 22h18 
looking interesting and cool !
chipolacha 2 jan 2014 à 3h17 
Localised russian
Coach Lombardi 1 jan 2014 à 4h29 
i like it
Tom 31 déc 2013 à 1h30 
San Remes 23 déc 2013 à 13h03 
Just|For«Fun» 22 déc 2013 à 1h21 
Tyzer 21 déc 2013 à 12h25 
nice old facion
WickedMagic 6 déc 2013 à 6h32 
The worst part about this is that it is never gonna get greenlit :/ i want it to come to steam
Remilia Scarlet 13 nov 2013 à 4h06 
i love the card game art so much。
yaj1979 31 oct 2013 à 7h22 
Card games are always fun and I like the asthetic and art style
Magnara 19 oct 2013 à 5h21 
I love card games like Yugioh or Magic: The Gathering :D
Seyako 27 sept 2013 à 11h21 
The combat system is definitely unique, I'll say that. I am also curious to see how the RPG element adds to a card game, and how the story unfolds.
Mindestens 24 sept 2013 à 4h37 
After reading Xyber Peach's post, changed my vote to 'no'.
RIKKYN 23 sept 2013 à 1h31 
syky_finisher 14 sept 2013 à 5h05 
Could be a great game in a cozy atmosphere.
Eternal 10 sept 2013 à 16h39 
So if I buy this on Indiegamestand, do I get a steam key when it get's greenlight? I'd love a card based strategy game to play on steam!
comp2sys 10 sept 2013 à 12h03 
card base strategy....voted it up......better trailer would be nice......
aburfordinc 9 sept 2013 à 5h13 
Looks like it's going to be a good game
Demon_Dice 9 sept 2013 à 3h05 
I beat this in 3 and a half hours, and that includes trying to find all the Chests and trying to finish all the side quests (except one, and their seems to be a few locations not shown on the map, so I think something is glitched badly).

ALSO, I choose the FEMALE avatar...everyone refers to HER as HIM. So i'm going to assume she's a tranny and they refuse to call her by the preferred gender. Also the constant text of "pulling out your sword"...she has a STAFF.
Volt1up 9 sept 2013 à 2h28 
You should add that an indiegamestand purchase will include the possibility of a steam key, if the campaign is successful.
Junoh 8 sept 2013 à 23h54 
Not only am I looking forward to it on Steam, but I have bought it already. :D
Emre 8 sept 2013 à 22h16 
Ragnarök 5 sept 2013 à 7h04 
Would be nice to get Linux support :D
M.A.D 1 sept 2013 à 9h22 
looks good..keep it on
Arthur 28 août 2013 à 7h57 
Sounds great, looking forward to it
NattyLeeVlogs 16 août 2013 à 20h25 
Donkey Cong 15 août 2013 à 7h36 
Looks nice, keep it on
Merticois 13 août 2013 à 18h33 
Looks pretty cool. Hopefully you plan on adding boosters to the game to keep the community alive and give more variety in deck building.
SALAMANCA 11 août 2013 à 19h44