Тази игра получи зелена светлина от общността.

Общността показа интереса си към играта. Valve са се свързали с този разработчик, за да се придвижи излизането ѝ в Steam.

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ChixDigIt 19 август в 8:55след. 
The Frozen Waffle 18 август в 6:02след. 
Looks crashtastic.
Ichipwn 17 август в 9:58сут. 
FunSmith I think you should put the game on sale when it first gets on steam like 20% off, $7.99 or maybe $6.99, That should be your sorry for making us wait so long, :P lol jk, but seriously though I think you should put it for sale when it does come on steam for like the first week or so.
randomdeath5 14 август в 3:26след. 
Guys, its apperant that he put this game up JUST to get steam points to level up. it will never be on steam, so stop counting on it. if you want the game THAT badly, you can go get the game on the website... it will problebly be the same price as it would be if it was ever ON steam anyway...
Conrad645 14 август в 9:20сут. 
I think it should be for free
ThinVenty 13 август в 7:06сут. 
Please make it quickly....
Matthew_D_D 9 август в 8:51след. 
cant wait!
Ichipwn 9 август в 3:45след. 
ok, thank you very much for responding funsmith, i'll try my best to be patient :P
FunSmith  [автор] 9 август в 10:36сут. 
Once I finish these final three features I will have a much better idea when that will be. It's impossible to give a firm timeline, since tuning a feature can take quite some time to get the "feel" right.
Ichipwn 9 август в 10:07сут. 
do you have an estimate or something like that about how much longer it would take to upload it on steam?
FunSmith  [автор] 9 август в 9:59сут. 
Yes, still alive, and still working on the game! It's taking much longer to get to beta than I anticipated.
Matthew_D_D 7 август в 11:35след. 
make that 8-9 moths + 1 day
Ichipwn 6 август в 4:46след. 
funsmith atleast make an update if you arent going to release the game on steam yet, there hasent been an update in like 8-9 months
xXOPTICSXx 11 юли в 1:45сут. 
Are you Dead?! put it up on steam
NiceFx 10 юли в 11:12сут. 
Little big :) 10 юли в 6:24сут. 
FUN GAME please add steam
MonochromeCreeper 9 юли в 5:06сут. 
Dear steam: you let air control on the store but not this?
dark slayer 7 юли в 4:31след. 
MANBEARPIG 4 юли в 4:18сут. 
Have you died or something? It's been greenlit, right?
So put it on steam already! It's been since December, last year that you gave us an update.

What is taking so long?
Bluesnake59 30 юни в 6:08след. 
can't wait! :)
DanielPerson 27 юни в 10:08след. 
yeah, please release it! Im looking for it :3
Ichipwn 27 юни в 5:24след. 
smith, the game has been greenlit for 2 years now, please just release it on steam, stop torturing everyone and release it already, doing what your doing will just make people not want to play it anymore and they will just forget about it
Tenno 25 юни в 10:35сут. 
nice game
drkorvett 24 юни в 6:12след. 
So pumped for this game!
Boton2 23 юни в 4:04сут. 
Cool game
Babyfoodwii™ 17 юни в 9:45след. 
A great game that will surely get a lot of attention on a popular place like steam.
starstrucksam 12 юни в 12:34след. 
Cant wait for it to be picked on steam!
Atom 10 юни в 5:49сут. 
ECHO 9 юни в 10:21сут. 
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SirPolishWarrior 8 юни в 12:57след. 
[S@G]<•= Yugam =•> 2 юни в 9:35след. 
Could you have linux avalability in the steam release although i have dual booted my machine i dont want to kill my pc by constantly getting on windows to play games with th risk of BSOD
[S@G]<•= Yugam =•> 2 юни в 9:33след. 
@TWOHAMMERS Its just greenlit not released. Greenlit mens its been chosen to be released but is not avalible yet but you can get alpha at crashtastic.com and get a steam key when its released (Like I Have
Golden Glory 18 май в 4:18след. 
i want it so bad
TWOHAMMERS 15 май в 2:27след. 
ok looks awesome and says its released but ummm where?
DrunkenMunky 12 май в 9:55сут. 
This game looks crashtastic
Rootabeagle 7 май в 2:29след. 
this game looks awsome
CoifStorm 7 май в 1:02сут. 
I need you. Get on Steam now :D
Mega Pug 6 май в 4:16след. 
please put this on steam i have been waiting FOREVER!!!!! And it looks so fun!!!!
awesomeface0001 3 май в 6:14сут. 
Try making races and mutiplayer and stuff. And please link this game to steam Workshop so that we can get CRAZY vehicles.
BlackSeCtor 30 април в 1:17след. 
try put a space for player to post their build .. that would be more awesome ..
The匚◯尺尺∪ㄗ丅モ刀 27 април в 8:43сут. 
i love this game
HazeGaming 26 април в 3:20сут. 
it should come on steam
djlee02 22 април в 3:36след. 
What is updated 2013 Oct 12 mean? Does that mean greenlit Oct 12? Its been up atleast 7 months! I know you're the only one making this but thats a bit dumb...
Ichipwn 19 април в 6:44сут. 
Ichipwn 19 април в 6:43сут. 
LxTrigo 18 април в 2:57след. 
hey dev(s), you're loosing my interest in your game. been waiting for a steam download for two weeks and am about to give you the finger and send you packing.
Agent Banks!!! 15 април в 6:03сут. 
Come on want this game on steam.
budwheizzah 9 април в 9:19след. 
Totally awesome game! Looking forward to its Steam intro, having fun with the WIP in the meantime!
Ichipwn 4 април в 1:33след. 
oh and can you atleast give an estimate of when it will be on steam?