Ця гра була схвалена спільнотою!

Спільнота продемонструвала свою зацікавленість цією грою. Valve зв’язалися з розробником та розпочали підготовку до релізу гри у Steam.

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TheMegaTveX 18 кві о 8:58am 
For updates on this game, you'd best go to their Kickstarter page. I think they update more frequently there: Distance (Posts) - Kickstarter
nago 13 кві о 9:43pm 
Saw this at PAX East, it looks totally sicked. I'm amped to see what this game becomes!
Jimbotastic 13 кві о 2:55pm 
I pre ordered it so long ago- I'm so hyped! (I'm getting impatient and angry though)
EuropeanFellow 13 кві о 2:24pm 
looks cool
Mr. Panda 8 кві о 12:52pm 
26. Feb. 2013 um 18:53 Uhr

Mehr als 1 Jahr vergangen und noch nichts Aktuallisiert :(
Regime 6 кві о 8:22am 
Sick game.
nicholasdeeter 5 кві о 3:53pm 
this game is so much fun. when two people play it on the same internet on the same level they are forced to work together
Babies 5 кві о 6:05am 
I'm going to go play Nitronic rush...
Babies 5 кві о 6:04am 

go team nitronic!!
White Fang 4 кві о 3:44pm 
This game looks great! Looking forward to buy it when the game releases! :)
Webster 2 кві о 2:22pm 
This game looks Insane!
Heathkliff69 31 бер о 4:16am 
This is cool!!!
DispleasedGreenTaco 28 бер о 8:19am 
This is fuckin' awesome.
Rich Homie Juan 27 бер о 4:08pm 
ive probably said this before, but this game looks fucking sick
kriegersebastien 23 бер о 12:01am 
assez fun, bien colorré, mais trop répétitif. Note 10/20
IceNight ツ 16 бер о 11:15am 
cool !!!!!!!!!
STVR 14 бер о 9:01pm 
I just want to say that Nitronic Rush is incredible, this looks great, and I wish you guys the best of luck!
piedude67 12 бер о 11:19pm 
Damn.... realease already.
CRAZEEMEESHA 8 бер о 3:55pm 
This game must come out and be treate as a AAA game even though it isnt, these guys are amazing
r0bstr 5 бер о 8:58am 
Will Tron never die?
lcossham 5 бер о 8:46am 
When oh when will this be released?
WouterSmits 4 бер о 10:57am 
do you need a tester
i can help you testing
drdoodle 4 бер о 1:20am 
tron, f zero, extreme g, all merged into one game? why isnt this out yet!
Sun-Yeoh 2 бер о 3:09pm 
Murtle 2 бер о 12:08am 
With the original time frames the developers gave, I don't think anyone is taking this game seriously anymore.
=WFC=Paisapower 28 лют о 6:25am 
I can't believe its been a whole year since we last heard from these devs!
Sniper Fan ︻デ═一 25 лют о 8:11am 
I preordered this, and want it NOW!!!!!!!

(Whoever finds a grammar error, you can have It :P)
NekoAngel- 24 лют о 8:04am 
Hurry up and finish this already you are a year late!!!!
Фоголан 24 лют о 6:40am 
Spirit Balanceholder 24 лют о 5:40am 
Stiiiil waiting, still love nitronic rush (anyone who comments here should try that first).
huge▽bop 22 лют о 10:13pm 
i will buy it
this is awesome
Appendix "A.O.Shield S01E18 <3" 21 лют о 4:39pm 
Would definitely buy it with reasonable price and show support :)
BestNoob 21 лют о 9:07am 
Ahhh i wanna play it :(

I play NitronicRush but its getting boring time for something new .....
JayManGTA (Back in 1-2 Weeks) 20 лют о 8:09pm 
Every day I look at the "Coming Soon" tab of the Steam page, hoping Distance will be there.
men66 20 лют о 10:51am 
romanero5 19 лют о 4:14pm 
i would buy it!
CHAINSAW.psd 16 лют о 8:45pm 
Where can we get the Soundtrack? It's downright amazing!
CHAINSAW.psd 16 лют о 8:41pm 
When is this going to be released?! I'm so exited for it
DARK ANGEL! 16 лют о 6:21pm 
Tic-toc26 15 лют о 6:41pm 
What if this was somehow combined with Audio Surf
Aztesan 15 лют о 1:42pm 
I've play'n nitronic rush alot, and let me say if this is any thing like that, it will be amazing!
sspkobe 13 лют о 10:13pm 
really awesome
whitehawkwing 11 лют о 10:17pm 
I'm probably one of the very few people who really like racing games...
Regime 10 лют о 12:09pm 
Looks sick.
austin_nolan 9 лют о 10:10pm 
Teddy. 9 лют о 6:18am 
anybody can tell me when exactly will it release
Sonicslayer 7 лют о 1:00pm 
seriously when will this game come out?
[FR][EN] Xeno9™ 6 лют о 12:41pm 
Arkyhead 5 лют о 2:50am 
i guess this will be the new duke nukem forever, as in delayed for ages?
spliffhun 2 лют о 3:08pm