Yhteisö on antanut tälle pelille julkaisuluvan!

Yhteisö on osoittanut mielenkiintonsa tätä peliä kohtaan. Valve on ottanut yhteyttä kehittäjiin saadakseen pelille Steam-julkaisun.

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Musedoom 14. joulu 13.07 
WoW, this games looks fantastic. Keep it up guys.
B!t8vM 11. joulu 3.16 
GODDAMN!T I want this badass game to work with VR goggles whenever the goddamn public version hits shelf anyway. Imagine the visual style and the beats hitting your eyes and ears in real stereoscopic fashion. All that shebang going on RIGHT IN YOUR FACE!
tlove 8. joulu 21.50 
2 hours god damnit.
⑨ Fusion The Elf ⑨ 7. joulu 21.40 
The Hype is real.
Doctor House 4. joulu 17.57 
TAKE MY MONEY AND GIVE ME THIS GAME! I prepare my cash to buy this game : )
[PL] kamil950 2. joulu 10.14 
Make split-screen for up to 4 players (or more) with option to play split-screen in all single-player (if possible) and online modes, please.
5ilvara 29. marras 8.54 
Oh yes! Linking some references from Nitronic Rush would be awesome!
I loved the discreet hints at a scenario in Nitronic Rush...some rogue program coming to cut out the corrupted antivirus or the paranoid kenrel...or something. ♥ I hope there will be something like that in Distance too!
Gnome Chompski 29. marras 5.09 
Muffin Fox 28. marras 22.36 
@Caki1008 AGREED!
[PG:M] Mikikushi 24. marras 12.50 
Caki1008 20. marras 8.12 
I play Nitronic Rush, and it's AWESOME. Distance is like Nitronic, BUT IS BETTER!
iostream64 19. marras 16.40 
Yo, if you didn't see this before, it's coming soon:
I'm pro xD ok no :( 18. marras 16.54 
looks good!
TheassasinPro 15. marras 9.13 
Alto 13. marras 12.07 
Come on guys :D time to release beta! with the failure of assassins creed, people are looking for something new and awesome to play instead! release nao :)
Xentric2014 11. marras 12.40 
green light dis pls
iAMtHESushighost 8. marras 12.24 
also missed greenlight and spent money on steam cards instead :/
Gnome Chompski 8. marras 10.04 
oh and before i forget can you guys make it so you can buy the game whit paysafecards
Gnome Chompski 8. marras 9.37 
i hope you can unlock the old nitronic rush car that would be awsome
ChodaGirl 8. marras 5.48 
"Release date: FALL 2014 (Steam Early Access)"

wth.... it's practically WINTER 2015. I missed the kickstarter and am very much looking to get this game.
»Cinniztruz. 7. marras 21.53 
copper_top 3. marras 22.09 
really looking forward to this
742 3. marras 19.39 
Muy bueno, me hace acordar a TRON: EL LEGADO
[N2K] Kittopaul 3. marras 1.24 
looks amazing!
Staz 1. marras 18.47 
Invastar 29. loka 17.47 
lol happy birthday to me... wish i could have this game right now.
Satarian 27. loka 21.11 
Played it, love it, go pre-order this game.
dclanz 26. loka 16.50 
Techno music, futuristic cars and lasers? Pre-ordered and waiting! :)
Subsenix 26. loka 2.20 
HAHA 2222!
Mr. Jenkins 25. loka 23.48 
Saw that there were 2221 comments, had to be comment 2222.. :P
Nkata Del Gormo 18. loka 21.53 
Aw man I’ve been waiting since Nitronic Rush. If you don’t know Nitronic you’re missing out on 25% or more of this game. The story of Nitronic Rush was pretty simple, a computer infected w/ a virus and you are the anti-virus protection trying to get to the virus to destroy it. What makes this game amazing is the HUD on the car (which they had in Nitronic), the multiplayer, the roaming, and the graphics are amazing as seen in the video. I think this game should have workshop to share levels. Also I hope they have some Nitronic Rush in their "garage", well I mean the cars from Nitronic (like the DeLorean DMC from Back to the Future). All in all this will (or I hope) will be an amazing game.
Mr. Jenkins 17. loka 17.12 
Did I see "Coming to Early Access this fall!"?!?!?!
Been waiting for years, IS IT FINALLY HAPPENING!!!
Th3 ZuRd0 ✔ 16. loka 12.39 
liked :d
Th3 ZuRd0 ✔ 16. loka 12.38 
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG this game looks amazing
todrawingpride 11. loka 19.18 
I will get this as soon as it comes out, cant wait
BanthaPooDoh 11. loka 11.07 
Seems the "Less blah, more coding" approach was the better option!
English Is Language 3. loka 21.33 
I just can't wait unitl this is released! and I know I shouldn't of done anything on this until release but... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqgB2xDuDh0
iostream64 1. loka 16.49 
Yeah, that's what their site said. I'd be happy even having an official date.... Even happier if it was released soon.
Project Vexed 30. syys 20.42 
comes out fall 2014 hopefuly.
Project Vexed 30. syys 20.35 
there is a free game kind of demo you can download and play called nitronic rush.
lasarousi 29. syys 19.09 
the only game the its worth the 25 price solely for the music. thankfully the gameplay is amazing! i wanna try it so bad.
Johannes 29. syys 14.23 
I WANT this game.
Chryses.G 金雲 28. syys 8.03 
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monkulasprime 25. syys 12.07 
Reminds me of extreme G and f-zero GX.
ppetrr1 24. syys 12.50 
I waiting it so long, since I gamed Netronic Ruch! Great!
DarkHAN 22. syys 22.05 
it's amazing
Subsenix 21. syys 20.02 
думаю это будет офигенно!