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Common Cold
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MachinemanVlyoxFH 5 фев в 21:21 
But seriously though, it looks super cool. I hope this gets added, stats or not. c:
MachinemanVlyoxFH 5 фев в 21:21 
I love the way it looks. Also, that picture reminds me of something... What was it? Ah, yes. "YOU'VE BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE."
Moonjew 19 сен, 2014 в 14:29 
On Hit: 100% chance to slow target by 20%
-40% less damage
-90% fire rate
On Fire: Becomes fire-proof for 5 seconds. Unable to use current weapon.
Zbobman112 assassin 21 мар, 2014 в 15:46
ZacBender 25 янв, 2014 в 17:35 
100% To Slow Target Down By 20%
10% chance To Freeze TarGets Gun For 3 seconds
-25% Damage
-10% Projetile Speed
1% Chance For Your Gun To Freeze For 3 Seconds

Please Let me Know What You Think :)
JAX (Commisions!) 19 дек, 2013 в 14:59 
I guess you can say the medic's, *equips summer shades w/ lack of hue* up to snowgood
Cranberry 20 июн, 2013 в 5:15 
On hit: 100% chance to slow target
-20% fire rate
-30% damage
The Spookdocktor 27 мая, 2013 в 15:59 
So know I finally and favoriting it
The Spookdocktor 27 мая, 2013 в 15:58 
This was the first item I ever saw on the workshop and I fucking love it
Lunaralpacaman 23 мая, 2013 в 13:21 
i want this item its actually pretty good :)
OGGYMKANAH 17 янв, 2013 в 20:28 
@plainburger617 THe Vaccinator was community item
WWWwww 20 дек, 2012 в 15:36 
why wasn't this added...? :(
Sir Milquetoast 13 дек, 2012 в 17:37 
has anyone besides me noticed that no medic-specific items have been accepted for game yet? only all-class items. I say this should be the first community medic weapon added to the game
All I Sea is Bass 10 дек, 2012 в 14:46 
slowing an enemy down is a good idea
bazman 17 ноя, 2012 в 8:20 
just like spycicle if you kill somebody he turns into ice
Robo 8 ноя, 2012 в 16:11 
we need more string guns vlike this
The Avian Agenda 4 ноя, 2012 в 13:48 
10/10 would use it to fire needles into people's flesh
Phantom Gui 4 ноя, 2012 в 13:14 
Extinguish teammates on hit
Slow enemies 30% on hit
+50% fire vulnerability on wearer
CRA5H256 3 ноя, 2012 в 16:46 
Proberly should slow down target and a ice kill model but have a slight weapon damage decrease or less ammo
Chain 31 окт, 2012 в 4:25 
great idea. you will never catch a cold again, im sure.
Ingio 28 окт, 2012 в 14:43 
this weapon would make me want to use the medic more. it should be made!
Aelkrie 28 окт, 2012 в 13:31 
whats that thing in the background for the pic of the red medic? a new map perhaps?
BEHEMOTH 28 окт, 2012 в 2:26 
tf2 needs more ice weps and this is perfect!
Glocktor Seuss 27 окт, 2012 в 20:37 
Perhaps a movement speed penalty on hit?
DarthInvader1 27 окт, 2012 в 19:07 
Dude this is epic, Smart idea
Jack The Ripper 27 окт, 2012 в 16:39 
AMAZING idea! I love using the medic and now im going to have money waiting in the wallet until this thing comes out. Cool idea bro
hopsin 27 окт, 2012 в 16:37 
Well done. Medic needs a really good weapon besides Crusader's. I'd be Medic a lot more.
Agent OOW 27 окт, 2012 в 15:01 
Good idea, being able to slow down enemies then ubercharge to run away from hazardous situations. I'd use it for sure
Watermelon 27 окт, 2012 в 14:32 
like :)
Loli SpecOps Colonel 27 окт, 2012 в 12:28 
It would probably shoot slower, but slow down enemies.

Would use if thats true. You find yourself with no uber or teammates to use as cover, you spray and run.
Mike 27 окт, 2012 в 0:08 
How do i get this mod
Marxon The Shadowhunter 26 окт, 2012 в 17:49 
what happens if you use this on a desert map?
Congo 26 окт, 2012 в 12:50 
How is this not on the front page?
Cougertom 26 окт, 2012 в 4:05 
epic for a winter update
Falling 25 окт, 2012 в 17:03 
yo bro this is really the coolest thing yet i am a tf2 reviewer and this is definentaly be in the game we did need more weapons like the spycicle
Suddenly, Tomatoes 25 окт, 2012 в 15:49 
Alright everyone just freeze. I don't want to seem cold, but I think everyone should chill out with the weapon stats.
LikeAlaaawt 25 окт, 2012 в 5:40 
Stats should be
Slow down enemys
+10%firing speed
+30 ammo
-15% wepon swaping .
Rawr 25 окт, 2012 в 0:51 
Kurger Bing 24 окт, 2012 в 21:58 
If this gets added it the stats should/could be this:

Freezes enemys (like the spycicle) on death
slows enemys down by 30% on hit for 5 seconds
-15% firing speed
puts out fire on both teammates and enemys
+20% damage
-20% health on user
slows down enemys and teammates in a small radius for 5 seconds on taunt
FoxWasp 24 окт, 2012 в 19:55 
This this is really cool! (No pun intended)
I hope this gets added to the game.
munqqq 24 окт, 2012 в 19:20 
This weapon is really COOL. I'd love to CHILL with my buddies and show off this weapon. If they claim i'm rich, then I'll tell them that they're just being COLD. Stay FROSTY and hope this weapon is just the tip of the ICEBERG.

★ ∞ ☁ ♔ ︻芫══↼ayy lmao 24 окт, 2012 в 18:37 
Muffintop Madness 24 окт, 2012 в 17:56 
medic badly needs new primaries, should slow people down and have a similair death effect to the spycicle. THIs should difinetely be added
Fat2.1 [Bro #2] 24 окт, 2012 в 17:21 
No "cold shoulder" jokes?

Seriously though, this is really a great weapon. This deserves to make it in.
Kon 24 окт, 2012 в 17:18 
After browsing the new Workshop weapons, this is the one that really stands out. Hope it makes it to the game!
Pikachu 2.0 24 окт, 2012 в 16:30 
Slow down movement on hit for 8 seconds
-15% firing rate
turn medic into ice as a taunt
Jittler 24 окт, 2012 в 16:06 
My opinion for stats

+20% Uber on kill
Extinguish's teammates that are on fire
Slows Enemy's down
-15% firing rate
literally the worst 24 окт, 2012 в 13:54 
Recomended stats:

on hit, 100% chance to slow target (both a pro and a con)
-25% clip size
iBeatz 24 окт, 2012 в 9:01 
looks epic :D
RATMRYAN 24 окт, 2012 в 8:13 
awesome idea should be in the game