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La comunità ha mostrato il suo interesse per questo gioco. Valve si sta accordando con lo sviluppatore per il rilascio su Steam.

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Skylele 1 ora fa 
Love it
CallMeDragon 18 set, ore 11:20 
NIce game!
Save the Queen 9 set, ore 0:17 
Oh man, what happened to this gem? This is probably the best 2012 submission that still isn't done.
Hazza Inc 18 ago, ore 15:19 
why not on stream yet?
hispongebob 18 ago, ore 8:53 
i want to play it
M0RD3CAI 9 ago, ore 11:59 
end of the demo
VeryImmersivePlayer 1 ago, ore 9:55 
Eh, I wouldn't say that this'll be too big a holdback for Flightless...if anything, the longer it's being worked on, the more creative Nitrome can be with it! After all, their games are stunningly well-crafted...if anything, Nitrome should consider releasing some of their other games on Steam, with new added features! For instance, maybe Nitrome Must Die with a four-player battle mode, or even online co-op...either way, Flightless is looking great so far, and getting held back won't let our hopes fade away that easily, for sure!
JakeTehGamer 29 lug, ore 11:01 
I got news


Flightless is currently on hold and has been for a while. We're not ruling out going back to it as we loved it but our focus is on mobile at the moment.

We do however have an unannounced title in development that you will probably like if you liked flightless. It has a similar dungeon crawling gem collecting structure but with a different mechanic. The visuals are similarly awesome too and have a similar vibe.

Basically the reason for working on that and not flightless is down to our focus on mobile and it being headed by a different artist who we wanted to give some room for flare. The game is based around the limitations of mobile but you have full control over the movement (no auto running) so it would translate well to keys or a gamepad. Because of that it may well end up being a duel mobile and PC release and in that our first steps at branching beyond mobile.

Im not sure when we're going to announce it but it's already pretty far along."
PrimeSilver 22 lug, ore 19:21 
Comment if you still believe in nitrome! I cannot wait for this game
Marinoissoboss 12 lug, ore 13:16 
this is taking a long time, the demo was awesome i 100%ed it like 5 times but i hope nitrome wont throw this out like no one cared...
Marc_115 27 giu, ore 7:37 
It's a very good Game, I want it
maden 26 giu, ore 10:59 
elPyromano 24 giu, ore 8:31 
I need the game
The_Momo 22 giu, ore 8:45 
I've given up on this. Flightless is dead.
الملك الأطفال 20 giu, ore 10:32 
Frosty | #RoadToGrandChampion 16 giu, ore 10:44 
hello m8
bgladosd 13 giu, ore 10:34 
Nitrome my child hood!!!
King of Goats 4 giu, ore 11:38 
I like the game i hope it comes out soon!!!
Đ Ø Ø Ḿ Ž Ę 5 mag, ore 8:12 
Я очень много игр играл от этой компании, и думаю что эта игра будет также хороша как и другие!
fRaan ^-^ ♥K 2 mag, ore 13:17 
kawaii game :o
Danandy2468 1 mag, ore 18:36 
cool game ;)
JayDoesAnything™ 24 apr, ore 16:29 
Was this abandoned?
Alchemist 23 apr, ore 18:02 
looks cool...
sans 20 apr, ore 3:39 
this is my favorite game! i hope to complete the full version!
RonKing 20 apr, ore 3:19 
hmmmm. looks like the game is really dead... nitrome dont do the game.... over a year!
Yumpotjie 17 apr, ore 1:33 
looks awesome
Berds - Weight Training™® 14 apr, ore 15:09 
looks good, I'd love to get it when it comes out
The Dark Guardツ 10 apr, ore 10:44 
I cannot wait.The demo is getting boring.Please release it.
pancake34521 10 apr, ore 10:04 
SIEJEK 10 apr, ore 2:59 
very very so big very fantastic game.Nitrome is fantastic development

Dynamicip 9 apr, ore 12:17 
this game is soooooooooo dead
The_Momo 5 apr, ore 7:23 
that sucks man
Zach Fett 4 apr, ore 19:46 
Looks like the game is dead.
ArmyMan 4 apr, ore 10:48 
забросили уже ?
Tacosauraus 12 mar, ore 17:17 
Can't Wait!
The_Momo 6 mar, ore 15:27 
probably not
chorao online 5 mar, ore 22:16 
Will it ever get released?
elPyromano 28 feb, ore 14:00 
yay NITROME :3
LikRiolu 28 feb, ore 3:51 
very cool game :)
MY STORY 23 feb, ore 8:15 
Gradpa 19 feb, ore 7:05 
[IDM]Bolverk 15 feb, ore 18:00 
Nitrome <3
Pigeon 9 feb, ore 21:41 
Adam the Great 25 gen, ore 12:43 
I would love to see this happen, I have always been a friend of nitrome and will always be.
Guilherme 23 gen, ore 10:35 
muito divertido
elPyromano 21 gen, ore 10:30 
hi i speek spanish and like this game a prove this game in and i cant complete to kill the boss and a like you creator of this game can maked conplete plz for my and my brother and all of the gamers its liked this game
MehKind® 3 gen, ore 5:21 
I think at this point not a single game company makes fun games than Nitrome. You don't agree....? Then why dont your try their website and mobile games!
marciosouzas 31 dic 2015, ore 16:06 
Good game