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Ze PoTaTo 20 ore fa 
When do we get to buy the full game ?
febgurl0216 26 feb, ore 14:56 
is it free
extrafox45 25 feb, ore 17:20 
That looks awesome!
R2D2(rus) 23 feb, ore 22:14 
Good game
Sage_Afrodroid 19 feb, ore 21:40 
when is this being released ive been watching it on the site and it hasnt been released yet. Is the project a no go? or is the dev team buys working on some more awesome mobile games?
kentgrammel 11 feb, ore 15:59 
is the game dead..... cool if it can be rpg elements and random in thisgame
Issac 11 feb, ore 3:43 
zuelt 7 feb, ore 15:12 
I love this game please come out soon :)
bestfriendforever37 27 gen, ore 9:18 
I want to buy it! I hope it's affordable
xXgHoStBuStErSx 18 gen, ore 11:43 
loved the demo...
Skulduggery_12 17 gen, ore 10:42 
where is like button?
MY STORY 13 gen, ore 11:24 
AAAAARRRRRROOOOONNNNN!!!!!! 30 dic 2014, ore 19:41 
i have played nitrome games long before i have played games on steam and i really like the demo.
❄Infamousツ_Reclaimer:3Kawaii 28 dic 2014, ore 5:47 
nice game i love nitrome since i was a kid :3 :D
riscles 26 dic 2014, ore 23:02 
riscles 26 dic 2014, ore 23:01 
WOOHOO GUYS ive played your free games now your moving to steam i can see this is going to go somewhere
Silver Wolf ヅ - LTU Bro's™ 22 dic 2014, ore 2:43 
EPIC GAME!!! but where is the full version?
The Trumpeter 17 dic 2014, ore 18:21 
I've waited far too long to buy game to support Nitrome. Is it ever coming out?
Fish_ 17 dic 2014, ore 15:39 
Finished demo 3 times, too good
altSHIFT1 9 dic 2014, ore 21:10 
Где игра ??? Когда она появится в Steam? Почему нет новостей?
Разработчики - почему молчите?
Аууууу! Есть кто нибудь дома?
proPer_5 7 dic 2014, ore 19:24 
awesome game!!!!

orangezest1 6 dic 2014, ore 23:53 
@vasha mavasha
the free demo is on on the steam tab
(you'l know it when you see it)
panferov-85 5 dic 2014, ore 17:26 
GABBO.ELELELELELE 5 dic 2014, ore 11:27 
geberaid 4 dic 2014, ore 8:08 
quite good
MY STORY 1 dic 2014, ore 3:58 
very good game :)
jopee3 30 nov 2014, ore 6:52 
Awesome & fun game:)
abluexs 29 nov 2014, ore 12:47 
Awesome and fun game. Love NITROME!
RUSHEN PIDARASHEN 23 nov 2014, ore 6:19 
how to play this? game!!!!!
pls say if
you can
Toxic_Atoms 22 nov 2014, ore 18:03 
Want this, loved Nitrome since I was a kid and know this... AWESOME
SnowEmmet(TF2 Items for sale) 11 nov 2014, ore 19:14 
fineshed the demo looks great
Bazsi000 3 nov 2014, ore 8:26 
hogy lehet elindítani a teljes változatát? (HUN)
F4Br3zY 20 ott 2014, ore 8:54 
i feel like commenting
sushimaster1999 15 ott 2014, ore 16:02 
i want to fight the boss soooo bad!!!
eevan1122 10 ott 2014, ore 15:36 
▼ Clementine ▼ 26 set 2014, ore 11:36 
DarkHAN 22 set 2014, ore 22:12 
looks like fun
Atari 2600 man 21 set 2014, ore 18:34 
i can't wait for this Steam Nitrome Game To Come Out Nitrome Your The Best
Beyond names 19 set 2014, ore 13:13 
Can't wait for this Game! Ive played the demo And it is amazing, I highly Suggest you Play it if you havent already!
asimkoten 6 set 2014, ore 3:48 
Demo'sunu oynadım gayet güzel ve eğlenceli bir oyun Steam'e eklenilmesi gereken bir oyundur
Corporal Banana Sociopath 29 ago 2014, ore 2:04 
Retromelon [Billy] 25 ago 2014, ore 19:57 
100% Nitrome = 100% love
dave.goworek 24 ago 2014, ore 4:55 
awesome demo i collected all the gems but i cant vote for it because its already greenlit so i cant fight the boss :(
Sir DeGroot 23 ago 2014, ore 2:53 
pls add this steam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nexus 21 ago 2014, ore 14:06 
Give it an oscar
Lomesone 20 ago 2014, ore 6:04 
Nitrome is T.H.E..
Dark Matter 17 ago 2014, ore 15:18 
loved the demo, but the game still hasn't come out
TheAbyssOfHalo 15 ago 2014, ore 12:02 
this game has been up for far too long. if it is not done by next year, all hope is lost
Dany40000 12 ago 2014, ore 4:00 
The best game on Steam! Looking forward to it"s release! Great work,Nitrome!
cuteikuto 9 ago 2014, ore 1:01