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ム Yiitcik aug. 12., 9:46 
393593624 aug. 3., 23:10 
love this
legendaryminion59 júl. 29., 12:00 
Nitrome add this to steam!
Meryem Can júl. 27., 10:28 
nikoperroconsasna júl. 26., 12:45 
saho1212 júl. 18., 4:59 

please come FLIGHTLESS to steam

saho1212 júl. 18., 4:47 
please please please come flightless to steam
Paka Paka júl. 2., 13:15 
please come'nflightless to steam
Ez4ch! jún. 9., 5:17 
LtLoLz máj. 31., 10:04 
So what's up with Nitrome? I come by evey now and then and their steam games are uncomplete and there's less new games coimg out on their site. Maybe I could even say that the site looks a tad bit outdated.
Unowninator máj. 28., 9:11 
I'm afraid they already cancelled it, Marinoissoboss
Marinoissoboss máj. 28., 7:08 
I loved the demo which i played long ago and i completed with my sister it has been a loooooong while though but i still hope this comes out, don't abandon this please!~
... máj. 27., 5:51 
Ah. Nitrome, why did you abandon us at your website? its a bloody ghostown, even my favorite childhood game was the test subject series and it dosent even work, we love you though, you are awesome
spudik máj. 23., 10:59 
我的雨我的心情 máj. 23., 5:15 
Interestingly, hope to have Chinese support. By-Google translation
GOD máj. 22., 7:36 
Aperture Head AI máj. 19., 12:24 
This game is fun. I play it with my friends. It is two player split screen.
just a cat on the moon máj. 19., 5:30 
nice game bro ı hope you die instantly
Kimochii máj. 14., 8:29 
simba máj. 4., 1:32 
ASMGamer ápr. 30., 19:11 
NITROME eh boua dimais :D
Krille ápr. 24., 4:05 
Managed to get 46 diamonds. I really like the idea of this ladders. Btw really good game :)
как её скачать я непонял
chicken nugget ápr. 8., 9:10 
loseres, bad icecream ruuuuuls
Unowninator ápr. 3., 8:48 
I'm afraid that's correct, deino01.
deino01 ápr. 3., 4:30 
wait that means.....
this game is dead?! D:)
I hope not
Greenfan4 márc. 29., 0:25 
Nice Game)
Wolfgamerohod márc. 22., 7:11 
Esse game já joguei e apoio ele!!!
Unowninator márc. 20., 8:56 
Sadly no, Crozealius.
Crozealius márc. 20., 8:44 
This Game Is Still Schedueled For Steam Release, Right?
Unowninator márc. 19., 10:38 
Well, at least it means I'll finally play a new one of your games that isn't mobile, even if I have to pay. I miss your computer games.
nitrome  [készítő] márc. 19., 2:46 
We don't have a demo of Bomb Chicken planned. The game is fairly far along (much further than Flightless got) so although we can't give a release date yet we're talking more months than years :)
Unowninator márc. 18., 20:18 
Okay, is there at least a demo or date for this new game? I love your games, but I can't stand mobile games (it's too difficult to play without buttons, especially Silly Sausage).
Rm; márc. 18., 19:14 
would love both of the games to avaiable to play
nitrome  [készítő] márc. 18., 14:22 
@Unowninator we're not promising anything as there are a lot of factors in deciding what to work on at a given time. For Flightless to be considered though we would want to feel reasonably confident that we were going to make a return on making it so a success with Bomb Chicken might make going back to it more likely. Super Feed Me was never intended for Steam so Bomb Chicken is not really relevant to that game.
Unowninator márc. 18., 11:43 
Will you at least revive Flightless and/or Super Feed Me after that new game is released?
Skyrocon márc. 18., 1:17 
I support you guys, would love both of the games to be avaiable to play
nitrome  [készítő] márc. 18., 1:09 
How is it similar? Well it's set in a dungeon like this. You play as a Flightless bird with a magical power that serves as a tool in various ways and as a weapon.
Unowninator márc. 18., 0:07 
How is that one similar?
nitrome  [készítő] márc. 17., 22:28 
Anyone interested in Flightless would probably be interested in our newly announced Bomb Chicken which has a similar vibe. We would also appreciate the up votes :) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=884620027
Skyrocon márc. 17., 18:32 
I want this game to come out! the demo was addicting
Crozealius márc. 5., 3:01 
I Love Nitrome, I Love Steam, This Would Be Perfect! Nitrome Is Possibly THE BEST Flash Game Site Online, And To Have 1 Game Here On Steam, It'd Be Great!
黑暗中的疾奔者 márc. 4., 22:22 
Im a chinese player.Nitrome brought me much happiness in my childhood.If Nitrome deliver his games on steam,I must buy it.Come on Nitrome!
Mr. Moxilia márc. 2., 14:12 
Sadly this project was abanoned, but you can still play the demo. I remeber playing about 4 years ago.
steven.madia14 febr. 25., 14:31 
wow that is amazing game
Hai_Im_Bob febr. 10., 2:17 
Oh my god this game is amazing. Please don't wither and die ;-;
Unowninator febr. 9., 12:25 
Never. :(
Gold Slime -Soul- febr. 9., 8:48 
whens this gonna come out?
Unowninator febr. 8., 10:45 
*sigh* this game is dead.
🇰𐐎🇮Ꮑ jan. 21., 13:34 
This still happening? It's been like 4 years