Ez a játék Zöld Utat kapott a közösségtől!

A közösség kimutatta érdeklődését e játék iránt. A Valve kapcsolatba lépett ezzel a fejlesztővel, hogy megkezdjék a Steames megjelenés irányába terelni a dolgokat.

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Wolfgamerohod márc. 22., 7:11 
Esse game já joguei e apoio ele!!!
Unowninator márc. 20., 8:56 
Sadly no, Crozealius.
Crozealius márc. 20., 8:44 
This Game Is Still Schedueled For Steam Release, Right?
Unowninator márc. 19., 10:38 
Well, at least it means I'll finally play a new one of your games that isn't mobile, even if I have to pay. I miss your computer games.
nitrome  [készítő] márc. 19., 2:46 
We don't have a demo of Bomb Chicken planned. The game is fairly far along (much further than Flightless got) so although we can't give a release date yet we're talking more months than years :)
Unowninator márc. 18., 20:18 
Okay, is there at least a demo or date for this new game? I love your games, but I can't stand mobile games (it's too difficult to play without buttons, especially Silly Sausage).
Rm; márc. 18., 19:14 
would love both of the games to avaiable to play
nitrome  [készítő] márc. 18., 14:22 
@Unowninator we're not promising anything as there are a lot of factors in deciding what to work on at a given time. For Flightless to be considered though we would want to feel reasonably confident that we were going to make a return on making it so a success with Bomb Chicken might make going back to it more likely. Super Feed Me was never intended for Steam so Bomb Chicken is not really relevant to that game.
Unowninator márc. 18., 11:43 
Will you at least revive Flightless and/or Super Feed Me after that new game is released?
Skyrocon márc. 18., 1:17 
I support you guys, would love both of the games to be avaiable to play
nitrome  [készítő] márc. 18., 1:09 
How is it similar? Well it's set in a dungeon like this. You play as a Flightless bird with a magical power that serves as a tool in various ways and as a weapon.
Unowninator márc. 18., 0:07 
How is that one similar?
nitrome  [készítő] márc. 17., 22:28 
Anyone interested in Flightless would probably be interested in our newly announced Bomb Chicken which has a similar vibe. We would also appreciate the up votes :) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=884620027
Skyrocon márc. 17., 18:32 
I want this game to come out! the demo was addicting
Crozealius márc. 5., 3:01 
I Love Nitrome, I Love Steam, This Would Be Perfect! Nitrome Is Possibly THE BEST Flash Game Site Online, And To Have 1 Game Here On Steam, It'd Be Great!
黑暗中的疾奔者 márc. 4., 22:22 
Im a chinese player.Nitrome brought me much happiness in my childhood.If Nitrome deliver his games on steam,I must buy it.Come on Nitrome!
Mr. Moxilia márc. 2., 14:12 
Sadly this project was abanoned, but you can still play the demo. I remeber playing about 4 years ago.
steven.madia14 febr. 25., 14:31 
wow that is amazing game
Hai_Im_Bob febr. 10., 2:17 
Oh my god this game is amazing. Please don't wither and die ;-;
Unowninator febr. 9., 12:25 
Never. :(
SoulHunter482 febr. 9., 8:48 
whens this gonna come out?
Unowninator febr. 8., 10:45 
*sigh* this game is dead.
كوين jan. 21., 13:34 
This still happening? It's been like 4 years
开心光头强 jan. 19., 22:16 
Is this game from the NITROME
ari462 jan. 16., 16:51 
Wish this actually happened. I remember when I used to play games on there, like when final ninja was big and mutiny. Last game I remember coming out there was that bow shooting contest game.
ANN3x jan. 9., 15:29 
Anyone got a response from Nitrome?
combine2005 jan. 6., 5:38 
nitrome was last online 1544 days ago?
Rhys jan. 4., 21:20 
I've sent nitrome an email explaining the situation from a fan's perspective, and hopefully we'll see if they can't get this back on the tracks!
we should all contact nitrome about this actually
zeekhaverton jan. 1., 10:21 
last online: over 1500 days ago
yeah, I think It'll take time before this gets released...
Папоротник | Dota2™ 2016. dec. 31., 9:54 
JaN 2016. dec. 31., 8:04 
Game is "in hold"
yogamomma 2016. dec. 29., 11:57 
What happened to this game?
jun 2016. dec. 29., 4:22 
e tambem dou nota 10,eu fechei o jogo na nitrome
jun 2016. dec. 29., 4:21 
yes, iwant this game in my library
ghoffmannrr 2016. dec. 28., 8:07 
amei esse jogo dou nota 10
Will_The_Person 2016. dec. 20., 20:50 
It's been three years, Nitrome. Where is it?
Can't wait for this game i wuld tottaly pay for it!
The Almighty 404 2016. dec. 9., 16:36 
What if we already greenlit it ?
Spero-Hiems 2016. dec. 7., 8:26 
Still waiting to see it finally available... xD
mdracevac1 2016. dec. 2., 13:35 
how to vote
S.I.H 2016. dec. 2., 9:42 
I'm waiting for this game like forever what is going on with it?
level94836 2016. nov. 30., 18:41 
@everybody who's saying it's not going to be released or that it's abandoned

Nitrome tends to abandon stuff. The only way we can get them to care is to greenlight it.
MissingAtlantis 2016. nov. 25., 0:34 
I know you guys are currently making other games for mobile and for your website, but what's gonna happen to Flightless? Is it still gonna be released or...?
Hammy 2016. nov. 11., 9:59 
So are you guys not going to ever release this game or...?
There is no Cure 2016. nov. 1., 19:24 
I remember playing Nitrome games when I was younger and damn they were good. It's really nice to see some of their work right here! Wish you the best guys.
snugglemonkey 2016. okt. 25., 12:36 
When is this gonna come out? I've literaly been waiting for YEARS.
[AKTIVER JAPPLER] Skyguy 2016. okt. 1., 12:56 
Love it
Dylpickle 2016. szept. 18., 11:20 
NIce game!
Save the Queen 2016. szept. 9., 0:17 
Oh man, what happened to this gem? This is probably the best 2012 submission that still isn't done.