Yhteisö on antanut tälle pelille julkaisuluvan!

Yhteisö on osoittanut mielenkiintonsa tätä peliä kohtaan. Valve on ottanut yhteyttä kehittäjiin saadakseen pelille Steam-julkaisun.

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Đ Ø Ø Ḿ Ž Ę 5. touko 8.12 
Я очень много игр играл от этой компании, и думаю что эта игра будет также хороша как и другие!
fRancisckaa ♥ zenh 2. touko 13.17 
kawaii game :o
FNATI Fan 9999 1. touko 18.36 
cool game ;)
JayDoesAnything™ 24. huhti 16.29 
Was this abandoned?
Alchemist 23. huhti 18.02 
looks cool...
sans 20. huhti 3.39 
this is my favorite game! i hope to complete the full version!
1ron.kokotov 20. huhti 3.19 
hmmmm. looks like the game is really dead... nitrome dont do the game.... over a year!
yum potjie 17. huhti 1.33 
looks awesome
Berds 14. huhti 15.09 
looks good, I'd love to get it when it comes out
I cannot wait.The demo is getting boring.Please release it.
pancake34521 10. huhti 10.04 
xardos 10. huhti 2.59 
very very so big very fantastic game.Nitrome is fantastic development

Dynamicip 9. huhti 12.17 
this game is soooooooooo dead
The_Momo 5. huhti 7.23 
that sucks man
Zach Fett 4. huhti 19.46 
Looks like the game is dead.
ArmyMan 4. huhti 10.48 
забросили уже ?
Tacosauraus 12. maalis 17.17 
Can't Wait!
The_Momo 6. maalis 15.27 
probably not
herbalist 5. maalis 22.16 
Will it ever get released?
elPyromano 28. helmi 14.00 
yay NITROME :3
LikRiolu 28. helmi 3.51 
very cool game :)
MY STORY 23. helmi 8.15 
Gradpa CSGOReaper.com 19. helmi 7.05 
[IDM]Bolverk 15. helmi 18.00 
Nitrome <3
Pigeon 9. helmi 21.41 
Adam the Great 25. tammi 12.43 
I would love to see this happen, I have always been a friend of nitrome and will always be.
Guilherme 23. tammi 10.35 
muito divertido
elPyromano 21. tammi 10.30 
hi i speek spanish and like this game a prove this game in nitrome.com and i cant complete to kill the boss and a like you creator of this game can maked conplete plz for my and my brother and all of the gamers its liked this game
Frosty ◕◡◕ 9. tammi 0.07 
MehKind® 3. tammi 5.21 
I think at this point not a single game company makes fun games than Nitrome. You don't agree....? Then why dont your try their website and mobile games!
marciosouzas 31. joulu, 2015 16.06 
Good game
- ̗̀BearTony ̖́- 30. joulu, 2015 4.47 
Good game
Wuligi 23. joulu, 2015 21.39 
How do I vote???? I REALLY WANT TO BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW!!!! Can someone pleas tell me how cuz this game really rocks so far!
powneuw$$pancy 21. joulu, 2015 12.49 
no lo hay en español ?
Nael 15. joulu, 2015 4.32 
Redtail the game is not hard, I beat it in 20 mins, crank the difficulty up!
The_Momo 13. joulu, 2015 10.39 
Sooooooo... will it ever launch?
[FURY]BrAniA|PL 13. joulu, 2015 5.12 
bardzo fajna gierka dla dwoch
tommasolion 5. joulu, 2015 2.44 
when will it be readyyy
Jokeyman 4. joulu, 2015 15.41 
ну так себе!! говно
The_Momo 1. joulu, 2015 9.21 
lildeucedeuce 27. marras, 2015 6.48 
what have the 100% of the game
lildeucedeuce 25. marras, 2015 8.23 
give a melon for the game is EPIC
Nightstorm 7. marras, 2015 8.24 
Holy buckets. This game is very fun (played demo) but it's hard! It took me nearly an hour to pass the demo! 7/10 Best Nitrome Graphics, but can you chill the difficulty a little. I got so pissed at one point I left, relaxed and came back to beat it.
Oralpegg the Bear 5. marras, 2015 9.02 
I will give a proper review from what i think from looking at it
It has graphics of magicite or shovel knight
Seems like a game that will run like tboir or that adventure time game (going onto lower floor, unlocking more as you go though)
it seem a little odd and unexplained though, a game that could have some glitches that are huge at the start
would play
TheDarkBR123 4. marras, 2015 12.10 
when the game will launch?
Greg Shark 1. marras, 2015 8.16 
Of course it's gonna be good, it's nitrome! I remember struggling through the stages of parasite...good times, good times..
RobexXD 31. loka, 2015 3.58 
this is awesome i'm waiting for this game soo long,but nothing...(sorry for my english i'm from poland)
stewstlr 21. loka, 2015 0.13 
Nice game
Yagyū 20. loka, 2015 17.56 
pleas make it FINALLY HAPPEND
Fun㊗ 16. loka, 2015 23.53