Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

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1,482 opmerkingen
Niksu [FIN] 25 sep om 9:38vm 
(PL)Sidewings 22 sep om 10:45vm 
I can't wait for release of this game!
Rihoshi Ryuuta 12 sep om 4:53nm 
its really awesome game, local Co-op is very rare this times. music are really nice and pixel art is masterwork! i love it, you should finish it and relase, as you see ppl still want this game even though they wait years for this
_Jellay 5 sep om 5:46nm 
y so long to make the game! I so frikkin want this so bad! Please release it soon!
Ticci Toby 28 aug om 9:07vm 
The94thDoctor 24 aug om 2:43nm 
truthseeker828 4 aug om 4:46nm 
ugh I was so excited for this game I made a steam account just to vote for it...
G.Force 30 jul om 11:27vm 
Keksz 28 jul om 6:34vm 
TheVeepos^^ 20 jul om 5:53nm 
good game
illusioner01 19 jul om 4:03vm 
Excellent game.enjoyable local-co op multiplayer and nice puzzles :3
General Kalbsbraten 11 jul om 7:24vm 
Sicher gut
Kaiju Gamer 9 jul om 4:31nm 
Get this on dammit, I need more nitrome in my life
Syndrome 9 jul om 2:46nm 
I'm still waiting for this , but Nitrome said it's not a priority for now
Kronpr1nz 7 jul om 12:50nm 
add this.
NotsomanySPOOKS! 6 jul om 3:20nm 
This needs to be added, ASAP!
VAC 4 jul om 5:59vm 
nice game
Hawcgaming 2 jul om 9:24nm 
The Best Game, Valve needs to add this.
adruzenko03 27 jun om 10:28vm 
Great demo me want more
Boomer4nG 26 jun om 11:47vm 
Nice game =) I vote for this game =)
Boomer4nG 26 jun om 11:47vm 
Nice ame =)
Prof Banana 25 jun om 7:45vm 
This looks like a great game. Please don't make it so that you can have more than one ladder at a time because that would ruin the puzzles. The game itself is AWESOME!
aerocynic 24 jun om 6:01nm 
Yes! Gj nitrome.
Catler 22 jun om 4:46nm 
how do i vote?
lostlife62 18 jun om 11:13nm 
i found it, i played it, i loved it, i voted it!!!!
revolution_606 16 jun om 11:13nm 
reminds me of pang a bit will buy if it is under 5 pounds
Eastman51 14 jun om 6:20nm 
how much will it cost? and amazing!
Piratees 13 jun om 8:53vm 
Great game
Atomic Duck 12 jun om 8:40vm 
Absolutely amazing game! I played the flash version and i will definetly purchase when it comes out on steam!
Assassinfriend 10 jun om 12:05nm 
This game is awesome for co-op!
ThuRL1ght 6 jun om 1:08nm 
Michelini 6 mei om 4:12vm 
Love it!!!
Mordecai Bot 4 mei om 11:01vm 
wow its so awesome
=(^._.^)= 4 mei om 10:00vm 
this game is SO AWSOME
CuPIK3 3 mei om 1:42vm 
awesome game!!!Make please!!!!
Mr.Ħẩ₥έÐ 18 apr om 10:52vm 
im WATING .....
cloudtail5526 14 apr om 5:31nm 
please make!
truthseeker828 12 apr om 4:22nm 
Been wanting to play this ever since I played the preview!
Chivalry Dark 12 apr om 12:22nm 
This game is Dead, Isn't it?
LazenGann 10 apr om 7:47nm 
WHOOO Looks fun!
Cenrus 5 apr om 4:07vm 
I fully support this release, Nitrome never fails to impress with their games.
Snydo_Chaoz 28 mrt om 3:00nm 
Its " Free To Play" the game?
dick0411 27 mrt om 12:29vm 
JUST DO IT! 15 mrt om 5:08vm 
Nalex 13 mrt om 11:47vm 
I'm french and I say : " Je t'aime Nitrome" Finally a game on Steam !!
thomas6579 9 mrt om 4:17nm 
when will it be released just asking because it looks amazing
Ze PoTaTo 4 mrt om 7:00vm 
When do we get to buy the full game ?
febgurl0216 26 feb om 2:56nm 
is it free
extrafox45 25 feb om 5:20nm 
That looks awesome!
MiMEKiZ 23 feb om 10:14nm 
Good game