Este jogo recebeu o sinal verde da Comunidade!

A comunidade demonstrou interesse neste jogo. A Valve entrou em contato com este desenvolvedor para começarmos a preparar o lançamento no Steam.

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BenchMaker 17 de abr às 8:07 
Nitrome in steam?? Each time better! I love Nitrome Games!
jacobharper24 16 de abr às 12:46 
I've been playing nitrome games since 2007. So after seven years you get the idea that they are crazy awesome at making games. Great job nitrome :D I'll be sure to buy this when it comes out.
thomson0306 15 de abr às 11:20 
I love this game! Especially the puzzle part! Nitrome needs to put more games on Steam!
Summer Typhlosion 14 de abr às 15:03 
I really like Nitrome and Steam so this might be interesting.
sway1 10 de abr às 17:19 
I'm not playing this because you can't fly in it ;)
MrSaturn012 9 de abr às 14:31 
I wish they showed a better trailer then just what was in the demo
ernestjames.deleon 31 de mar às 0:22 
ouh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tomtrost00 26 de mar às 0:38 
i love it
tomtrost00 26 de mar às 0:38 
cool game

Vapidyne 23 de mar às 11:12 
it is so much fun please tell other about it
[o.w.n] thelighgod 23 de mar às 1:37 
this game looks awsome
U WISH 22 de mar às 16:38 
100$ ??? wth is that ?
Charlotte 18 de mar às 9:13 
its an awsome game but i have only played it on nitrome.
The philosoraptor 12 de mar às 8:07 
when can we get to buy this i am looking forward to it
Dr.Hamsta Lab of Gaming 9 de mar às 9:00 
Pixel Lover 9 de mar às 1:12 
could we have an estimated release date to look forward to?
Zephyr Engine 7 de mar às 20:16 
this game is the best but Nitrome........ THIS IS TAKING FOREVER
Piisamirotta 3 de mar às 5:31 
This game is best
[IMOAF SA.] ben drowned 1 de mar às 4:44 
SlimeKing 27 de fev às 17:28 
This game needs to be made. Right. Now.
tbone120120 22 de fev às 13:49 
This might take as long as nitrome accounts *shudder*
balloonbird 16 de fev às 11:08 
I know those took like a year or two
updownbanana 15 de fev às 9:39 
Can't wait for this to come out. But in how long it might take, I'm horribly reminded of how long Nitrome accounts took...
Bananageddon 14 de fev às 18:35 
Sounds like terraria music at the start abit
balloonbird 12 de fev às 14:20 
Iam trying to grt in touch with nitrome so they release Ice Breakers app on the pc on steam or their planed project super feed me would any one be interested?
manoelnt0 9 de fev às 0:14 
░▀▀▀░▀▀▀▀░▀░░░▀▀▀░▀░ ▀
░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀
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░▀▀▀ ░▀ ░░░▀ ░▀▀▀
I love this in a game! Explorer and cognitive game! Moreover, and this coop mode?! Is insane! I can't wait for the final version!!!
pyramus [death guard] 8 de fev às 9:06 
Zero 8 de fev às 8:02 
Awesome game!
Awesome multiplayer on the same PC!
Love it!
[KI] Iaen 7 de fev às 14:03 
zhaxiawa 4 de fev às 10:31 
bo5522927 3 de fev às 3:18 
can't wait
Ninjafoxx-Plays 1 de fev às 8:17 
Cant wait for it! <3
Nilmeh 31 de jan às 23:03 
i want to buy it
King Lear 31 de jan às 9:47 
maxatron13 30 de jan às 0:10 
please let us buy
TheRodneyIsHere 28 de jan às 19:28 
MOre nitrome games for steam!
monsieur most bestest 27 de jan às 14:37 
Dark paladin Ruthar 26 de jan às 15:44 
why cant I buy it yes? :(
RanYehe 25 de jan às 4:07 
where I vote?
Thomas34557 24 de jan às 10:38 
Jimmydragon24 23 de jan às 5:48 
Supper Feed Me!!!!!!
Parrises² 22 de jan às 19:52 
Looks good! If this goes well, any chance for super feed me? ◕ ◡ ◕
ferics132 22 de jan às 6:10 
lets make some any nitrome games in there please
s7121n95 22 de jan às 0:02 
great concept could be a lot of fun. excited to try
Lotus_Elise 21 de jan às 23:29 
support NITROME very hard!!!!!
Goh Glohw 20 de jan às 17:46 
more people should know about nitrome
epichvs 20 de jan às 16:56 
Guys, this is nitrome. Of course it's awesome! Who WOULD'NT want to buy?
Worxy 20 de jan às 3:18 
ROBOTunderscore 19 de jan às 15:27 
Beaxtor 19 de jan às 3:16 
Nitrome Rocks !