Ця гра була схвалена спільнотою!

Спільнота продемонструвала свою зацікавленість цією грою. Valve зв’язалися з розробником та розпочали підготовку до релізу гри у Steam.

Against the Wall
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HarukaNZ 25 тра о 8:25 
Nice game !
MagnaXOXOXOXoo 13 тра о 11:43 
I played the demo and I really enjoyed it, so I am definitely looking forward to this. Good luck with your game!
Cov 26 кві о 12:28 
I want this.
Kvirog 10 кві о 11:57 
It is perfect idea!
N30N 1 кві о 14:16 
This game looks so sick
)●•JageR•●( 1 кві о 11:15 
OBIPPO 7 лют о 7:24 
Game is still alive. Dev hasn't much time to develop it but he told me on facebook that it's NOT abandoned and he will eventually release it on steam. It's just a matter of time.
Tsuichoi the Preserver 25 січ о 3:32 
Is there any update on this game? Would love to see it.
ChristiaN 3 січ о 13:31 
AtlasRedux 31 гру 2015 о 17:56 
Have followed the development of this for years. Of course I support it being released on Steam, but it hasn't exactly been developing ... quickly to say the least.
GDC| Sky da subba noob ;D 30 гру 2015 о 13:09 
RodzyN 11 лис 2015 о 9:53 
HØU£ 8 лис 2015 о 6:10 
Mazer 5 лис 2015 о 5:56 
OBIPPO 4 жов 2015 о 8:09 
sharpnova, follow this guy's facebook for news. He recently posted that hes still developing the game, slow because he doesn't have the funds to hire someone else, but he's still on it. I thought it was abandoned but thank god it ins't.
Wig Bang 28 сер 2015 о 7:07 
oh well :(

development is hard and takes more time than most people even have a clue about.

but writing a quick post letting people know it's still in progress or temporarily on halt takes seconds.

a few minutes if you want to go into a tad bit more detail.

and if you aren't doing that, then the project isn't even remotely on your mind and hasn't been for quite some time.
OBIPPO 6 сер 2015 о 6:17 
Definitely abandoned. What a shame, was super excited for this :(((
FBSwaffles ♛ 5 лип 2015 о 7:05 
Oxxy oJ 14 чер 2015 о 11:12 
2jjy 28 тра 2015 о 2:51 
都绿光了,不能弃疗啊 :(
Fobeus 21 тра 2015 о 1:19 
It's not dead, it's just a standstill while the dev has to do other work. He said He's thinking of doing a Kickstarter...

Go read the full post here: http://www.againstthewallgame.com/2015/04/21/april-update/
elilupe 19 кві 2015 о 0:52 
I really hope this game is still in development, I couldn't get enough of the free demo I played in 2013. I keep checking this page every few months to see if anything has changed
meXc 11 кві 2015 о 7:34 
Is this game still beeing in active development after all that time without any kind of news?
Death_Ghost2 18 бер 2015 о 19:07 
very awesome
돌탱 20 лют 2015 о 14:30 
Coto122 15 лют 2015 о 13:46 
ootrebbe essere un'idea carina ma ancora da perfezionare
Parrises² 20 січ 2015 о 18:44 
Not afraid of heights but this game really freaks me out. I think it's the emptiness.

Excited to see this progressing!
Legendary Sandwich 5 січ 2015 о 11:34 
Congrats on getting greenlit!
DOBRO 1 січ 2015 о 6:56 
Rico 23 гру 2014 о 15:42 
ValTzuK 18 гру 2014 о 6:04 
MysteryDonkey 11 лис 2014 о 11:16 
the graphics are beast
Cake Sama 10 лис 2014 о 0:54 
Seems interesting.
Rhylexx 5 жов 2014 о 14:09 
AzureanStudios 22 вер 2014 о 23:40 
Good to see your recent Facebook comments about how you're not cancelling this but just had life get in the way for a while. Would love to help get the game done if I wasn't starting up on tring to create my own first person exploration game
Visionhunter 21 вер 2014 о 16:53 
A year sincethe last update. Abandonware?
ZPzhangbo张伯 5 вер 2014 о 9:13 
this game at where find
ButterBalls 4 сер 2014 о 10:35 
Look in desk. for link :D
ButterBalls 4 сер 2014 о 10:34 
I haz
bATMAN IN dA HOuSe! 3 сер 2014 о 23:30 
looks sick!
Greyer Face ( no space ) 2 сер 2014 о 11:17 
nice game. tnx bro.
=pb dat boi 31 лип 2014 о 9:00 
best game ever i relly will enjoy you hard work plz repaly this
NinjaPlayer 29 лип 2014 о 1:03 
Acheron  [автор] 23 лип 2014 о 12:32 
Thank you KillerOfTheNice! I appreciate your support of the game.
admin 22 лип 2014 о 2:58 
TRYER 14 лип 2014 о 16:22 
Thanks for replying. I noticed you on twitter, posting updates about new games you produced, but didn't realized that the money on kickstarter that although was low, wasn't enough to cover your costs. I am glad you are still working on it and that you are still planning on releasing it. So I will pre-purchase it and hope other people will as well.
Acheron  [автор] 14 лип 2014 о 14:51 
Well KillerOfTheNice, it's been rough trying to finish the game. The Kickstarter didn't bring in enough money for sustained development or hiring anyone, basically covered the costs of software, hardware, and hosting. I'm working on projects that are smaller and cheaper to produce right now, and will hopefully generate some income that I can put to AtW. Could also try a second KS, though setting those up is quite a bit of work.
TRYER 12 лип 2014 о 11:49 
This game was backed on Kickstarter on December 4, 2011. The last version of the demo was released on April 2012. What I have seen on his Twitter, Facebook and Website, there is no new info. But the developer is still posting in the Discussions area. His name is Acheron. I thought this game was dead in the water the last year=Z
lexa08 9 лип 2014 о 9:27 
good :) : )
QQ 1 лип 2014 о 9:41