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Against the Wall
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Zquiller 3 apr, ore 11:49 
This looks really cool
NightmareBlitz 1 apr, ore 13:04 
im glad to see creativity and innovative ideas are still strong in the indie developing community.
Yazu 28 mar, ore 19:49 
In case anyone was curious, I contacted the developer and he is indeed still working on the game, though he said he is very busy with other things too. We haven't heard about the game in awhile so I felt like asking.
waterboy789 23 mar, ore 19:35 
Cool I always wanted a wall to help me. Looks pretty nice
.:Anubis:. 20 mar, ore 19:31 
balls attack 16 mar, ore 10:56 
▐█▐██▐░▄▓▓▓▓▓▀▄░▀▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▌█▌ doge wants you to vote.
To0D 13 mar, ore 9:18 
Simon 2 mar, ore 5:17 
Derp 23 feb, ore 9:15 
Yazu 29 gen, ore 16:08 
Yes, that blog post is good to see. He's really improved the look of the game compared to the current screenshots here on Steam. I'm sure when this game comes out it will take many people by surprise. It will probably be a hot item that few saw coming.
Lord Admiral Dane Phillips 21 gen, ore 17:41 
Hey guys, if you take a look at his site, he posted a blog pertaining to the current state of things a few days ago. Check it out if you're still interesting in the game.
Toxic Avenger 4 gen, ore 19:01 
Downloaded the alpha a while back (if it wasn't the alpha, it was something) and it was really cool, fun, and made ya think. If there was any story it was implied (Where am i? What am I doing? Who made this structure?)
KillerOfTheNice 1 gen, ore 10:32 
It must have been a year, since I missed the Kickstarter campaign. I hope this game is still coming out and soon.
Old Man Jenkins 30 dic 2013, ore 17:19 
I downloaded the alpha and i can say i was really impressed with it.
It looks great and is a lot more harder then i expected Good job
Nolan (jkiefer2) 28 dic 2013, ore 17:21 
hope it goes on steam soon

Vendetta 7 dic 2013, ore 5:10 
The game looks awesome from just watching videos of it :D I wonder what its like to play it c:
SugarMan720 5 dic 2013, ore 19:26 
sooo beautiful
More_Badass 10 nov 2013, ore 16:45 
Any news/updates on development?
[nico] 9 nov 2013, ore 9:06 
:) :)
Krakan 8 nov 2013, ore 19:12 
люблю токие игры там где нужно думать
Mister Nuggets 26 ott 2013, ore 18:17 
wolfkiller99 20 ott 2013, ore 6:50 
How about letting in some multiplayer for 3 or 4 people so friends can play to see who are fater and slower
Garmo 13 ott 2013, ore 9:55 
its like... quite cool... can u have LAN parties or no?
Mike 11 ott 2013, ore 20:39 
.... Either I'm tripping balls, or this is an amazing, unique game concept. One of the two.
Oppser 27 set 2013, ore 3:26 
SCUBASTEVE 21 set 2013, ore 0:19 
Played the demo through to completeing. Awesome. Graphics need some better textures and the lighting could be a little better but the gameplay is cool and really makes you think. Love the concept!
tomatopipps 20 set 2013, ore 20:30 
oh god this game is all of my fears.
[PBA]GrymThör 17 set 2013, ore 2:02 
Interesting idea, i approve!
PygamePi 16 set 2013, ore 21:34 
The game looks amazing and I love the concept. I hope this one gets released.
Brony 15 set 2013, ore 12:42 
cool I'd played this game
288 GTO 7 set 2013, ore 16:39 
Looks like being on an Escher painting, pretty interesting
­class101 5 set 2013, ore 13:07 
This game has been reviewed and added to the Procedurally generated games collection
ThediamondRock 5 set 2013, ore 4:49 
Interesting, sometimes it´s creepy... :D
S90KID 4 set 2013, ore 7:27 
wow :D
Zerdath 2 set 2013, ore 20:29 
Long time follower; so glad it has been Greenlit! :D
Acheron  [autore] 2 set 2013, ore 16:41 
Thanks for all the positive comments, and for making this happen!

Yazu: Well aware. This news dropped right before my birthday and PAX Prime, so I didn't really have time to post outside of Twitter and Facebook. I'm writing something up now.
Yazu 30 ago 2013, ore 8:40 
Does the creator know it was Greenlit? He's still active on his blog on the game's website, but usually game-makers celebrate and let us know about it when their games get Greenlit.
B|ack Mamba 29 ago 2013, ore 13:40 
Wowza, this game is so surreal! I'm digging it though. The first time the giant eye monster floated up I just about shit myself..
Miss WildCherry 29 ago 2013, ore 8:33 
This looks awesome!!
Anti-Despair of Sylveon 29 ago 2013, ore 4:04 
Tasty as a Donut.
graylox 28 ago 2013, ore 21:29 
OMG - this game looks vertigo-inducing good ;)
Scotty 28 ago 2013, ore 14:13 
Vertigo much? Awesome idea and hope that you take the time to execute it well :)
Cyndy ✿✿ 28 ago 2013, ore 12:03 
OverdriveOtaku 28 ago 2013, ore 11:33 
Looking forward to trying this. If it has controller support, I'm in.
bl33ding_silence 28 ago 2013, ore 10:47 
Congrats! And please don't forget your promises for Linux support!
lithicbee 28 ago 2013, ore 10:10 
Any credits to K.W. Jeter for using his Farewell Horizontal concept?
Jomann 28 ago 2013, ore 9:16 
Qon 28 ago 2013, ore 8:47 
Qongratz! ATW is greenlit! :D
Skrukk 26 ago 2013, ore 10:53 
refreshing! something entirely different! seems genuinly good!
drneonis 26 ago 2013, ore 10:46 
i like the concept