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Against the Wall
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MysteryDonkey 11. marras 11.16 
the graphics are beast
#TCM | NotDaltonIsCake 10. marras 0.54 
Seems interesting.
Cerebral 5. loka 14.09 
Connor Arbiter 22. syys 23.40 
Good to see your recent Facebook comments about how you're not cancelling this but just had life get in the way for a while. Would love to help get the game done if I wasn't starting up on tring to create my own first person exploration game
Visionhunter 21. syys 16.53 
A year sincethe last update. Abandonware?
this game at where find
Men's Best Friend 4. elo 10.35 
Look in desk. for link :D
Men's Best Friend 4. elo 10.34 
I haz
Kakashi Senpai 3. elo 23.30 
looks sick!
nice game. tnx bro.
best game ever i relly will enjoy you hard work plz repaly this
ninjaplayer24 29. heinä 1.03 
Acheron  [tekijä] 23. heinä 12.32 
Thank you KillerOfTheNice! I appreciate your support of the game.
фикус 22. heinä 2.58 
KillerOfTheNice 14. heinä 16.22 
Thanks for replying. I noticed you on twitter, posting updates about new games you produced, but didn't realized that the money on kickstarter that although was low, wasn't enough to cover your costs. I am glad you are still working on it and that you are still planning on releasing it. So I will pre-purchase it and hope other people will as well.
Acheron  [tekijä] 14. heinä 14.51 
Well KillerOfTheNice, it's been rough trying to finish the game. The Kickstarter didn't bring in enough money for sustained development or hiring anyone, basically covered the costs of software, hardware, and hosting. I'm working on projects that are smaller and cheaper to produce right now, and will hopefully generate some income that I can put to AtW. Could also try a second KS, though setting those up is quite a bit of work.
KillerOfTheNice 12. heinä 11.49 
This game was backed on Kickstarter on December 4, 2011. The last version of the demo was released on April 2012. What I have seen on his Twitter, Facebook and Website, there is no new info. But the developer is still posting in the Discussions area. His name is Acheron. I thought this game was dead in the water the last year=Z
lexa08 9. heinä 9.27 
good :) : )
QQ 1. heinä 9.41 
28. kesä 13.37 
очень интересная и необычная игра
TheHolyPotato 28. kesä 13.07 
[PRN] James Root 26. kesä 3.38 
Good game
CSM | ZeT 23. kesä 6.05 
=RGBD= RoXor470 18. kesä 8.18 
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FurtiveNeptune 14. kesä 21.02 
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FTB_Riel 12. kesä 10.09 
Cpt. Wuppergnom 5. kesä 11.31 
OGS Oliver 4. kesä 16.44 
Q.U.B.E. Sequel confirmed
Mayuri Shiina 26. touko 13.05 
Шикос игра,я купил бы)
L!K3 A B0$$ (GR) 9. touko 9.52 
I like it but...I'm not a fan of those puzzle games but this one looks different! :D
Jery 4. touko 9.29 
still working on it?
D_aRkAnGeL 2. touko 11.37 
I want this to come out!! I tested the Alpha from the site like... 5 or 6 times, it's wonderful!
themexbrine 23. huhti 11.21 
Cant wait for this awesomeness to come out.
Celtic Rose 20. huhti 8.34 
CastIronBoomstick 18. huhti 21.11 
Any clue when this is getting put out to market. Late 2013 has long since come and gone...
Zquiller 3. huhti 11.49 
This looks really cool
NightmareBlitz 1. huhti 13.04 
im glad to see creativity and innovative ideas are still strong in the indie developing community.
Yazu 28. maalis 19.49 
In case anyone was curious, I contacted the developer and he is indeed still working on the game, though he said he is very busy with other things too. We haven't heard about the game in awhile so I felt like asking.
DampHawk 23. maalis 19.35 
Cool I always wanted a wall to help me. Looks pretty nice
.:Anubis:. 20. maalis 19.31 
Bwals Attack 16. maalis 10.56 
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Спирт 13. maalis 9.18 
¥ŞİМỞŇ¥ 2. maalis 5.17 
Derp 23. helmi 9.15 
Yazu 29. tammi 16.08 
Yes, that blog post is good to see. He's really improved the look of the game compared to the current screenshots here on Steam. I'm sure when this game comes out it will take many people by surprise. It will probably be a hot item that few saw coming.
Hey guys, if you take a look at his site, he posted a blog pertaining to the current state of things a few days ago. Check it out if you're still interesting in the game.
The JFK Experience 4. tammi 19.01 
Downloaded the alpha a while back (if it wasn't the alpha, it was something) and it was really cool, fun, and made ya think. If there was any story it was implied (Where am i? What am I doing? Who made this structure?)
KillerOfTheNice 1. tammi 10.32 
It must have been a year, since I missed the Kickstarter campaign. I hope this game is still coming out and soon.
Fr3sh 30. joulu, 2013 17.19 
I downloaded the alpha and i can say i was really impressed with it.
It looks great and is a lot more harder then i expected Good job
Sofa King (Nolan) 28. joulu, 2013 17.21 
hope it goes on steam soon