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No Heroes
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BananaSpeed okt. 16. @ du. 1:27 
I have waited 2 years and only screenshots have been updated please make it early access
WAR DADDY okt. 3. @ du. 7:21 
Congrats :)
✪jambo szept. 30. @ du. 7:28 
caiopolus szept. 28. @ de. 12:18 
Rosa szept. 26. @ de. 7:19 
Jeez people stop rushing! The dev said that the game will only be released in early access for the public when it has enough content and planned mechanics working, stable and consistent! We don't want just another shit uncompleted game released in early access on steam,do we ? I think we already have enough of those.
(P.S.: From what I know, it's only 1 guy developing the game)
(P.S.²: Not actually Triggered)
(P.S.³: is better than ps4 (and cheaper))
GANGST1ER szept. 25. @ du. 10:39 
Уже 4 года прошло я просто устал ждать(
Take Mosin szept. 19. @ du. 7:07 
I'm convinced I will die before a release.
H£llØ!24 szept. 16. @ de. 10:29 
Damn. Waited 3 years to realese, FFS i think it will not release for 2-3 years...
bwpphillip szept. 2. @ du. 8:24 
The Gmae Will Never Come Out
XoM9K_13 aug. 28. @ de. 10:58 
Brotha-Obersturmbannführer aug. 26. @ de. 2:31 
it will be released , w8 for it bois , it may have been 4 years ,but the more it takes the better it should be at the release =c , i hope so
PPAP aug. 25. @ de. 5:47 
Should be called : no release
lemonic aug. 13. @ du. 9:26 
no release.....
SoSDamiano98 aug. 3. @ de. 4:58 
Im waiting for this epic game since 2012... I WANT IT!!!!
Persia, The Movie júl. 29. @ du. 11:32 
oh boy. Anyone reading this?
123testando júl. 17. @ de. 11:41 
no heroes and no release date
Fireflz júl. 11. @ de. 12:23 
can't wait to be released! i've been waiting since the first update ever!
skyfox585 júl. 2. @ de. 3:00 
I have watched you guys for about 2 years now and i cant wait to get my hands on this, Unity is definitely my favorite Software for this kind of work, you guys really show us what it can do.
ピンクゲイ jún. 19. @ de. 10:54 
Судя по видео, игра хороша, но долго ли её ещё ждать? :D
Mister_Brian jún. 17. @ du. 10:26 
хотя бы набор в тестеры сделали бы...
BATTLEKOT jún. 8. @ de. 8:59 
@Mark выйдет, разраб активно постит посты в твиторе и фейсбуке. Просто он начал с нуля все когда перешел на Юнити 5
/b/ máj. 29. @ de. 3:09 
Не выйдет,забили на неё помоему
123 máj. 7. @ de. 4:44 
Ждём :)
TheiLGamer ápr. 22. @ du. 2:11 
когда игра уже наконец выйдет в стим?!?!?!?!?!
Hydranode ápr. 20. @ du. 7:42 
This game looks absolutley brilliant, I hope it gets released soon :)
BATTLEKOT ápr. 3. @ du. 3:12 
nice game! You need on Mapper?
human bean márc. 22. @ du. 12:41 
Tire Marks márc. 20. @ de. 10:57 
Been with this since 2012, man. Still hyped as hell.
Whistleblower márc. 16. @ du. 5:44 
these comments are a mix between decent and cancer
...meh, better then tumblr
good luck, man
Trabson márc. 15. @ du. 1:46 
muito bao
Persia, The Movie febr. 25. @ du. 2:59 
You still alive there bud?
BmxsquaredWTX febr. 2. @ de. 12:26 
Ive been following this game since early youtube logs, keep up with the development!
Mexpl febr. 1. @ de. 5:36 
plz add lot of weapon, n for the character i hope there was a special force vs terrorist, also has lot of map, and add background story
Mexpl jan. 27. @ de. 2:58 
btw what is system requirement for this game. i hope my notebook got it all
Mexpl jan. 27. @ de. 2:57 
damn that is the best indie fps game i ever see, n i demand steam to release it now
Drunken Lizard Games  [készítő] jan. 10. @ de. 8:32 
Thank you everyone for the amazing support! :) If you haven't yet, check the forum thread "State of No Heroes" to see why the date was changed to TBA. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/updates/102544767/1449403927
R|C Quando jan. 7. @ du. 12:11 
1ShotenougH jan. 2. @ de. 9:48 
You promiss us as followers to go in beta end of 2015 where is the fucking BETA go public man
Noot Püber jan. 2. @ de. 5:01 
I can't even believe the amount of shit this guy is getting right now.. I've been following development for 4 years now and it really only gets better with age. He's one person! And he's doing a great job! The rate at which this game is being developed is astounding considering the fact that AAA games like GTA V can take over 3 years to make! You're doing an amazing job and as soon as you can get this thing released i'm buying my copy!
oygurd | kickback.com jan. 1. @ de. 11:36 
the game is in development for lots of tme and i sure that the maker is only 1 guy, but now since valve approved it they will help him, i think. and we will see to try the game as soon as we will be constantly get updated by steam and the developer!. for the developer: really looks awesome! i hope to play it and see its features!.
Johny 2015. dec. 30. @ de. 10:23 
I don't know about you, but my hype is going down.
PuertoRicanSpaceSloth 2015. dec. 23. @ du. 6:49 
TBA? Really?
Whistleblower 2015. dec. 20. @ du. 7:19 
nor *is it
Line of Fire is dead now.
I hope Elite Squad isn't.
CunKai Go 2015. dec. 13. @ de. 5:21 
@4J3L The Game is NOT Shit, nor it's dead. TBA doesn't mean that the game is Dead. OK?
Greg Krem 2015. dec. 12. @ du. 3:40 
TBA now? :/
JaMe 2015. dec. 8. @ de. 9:40 
been waiting for 3 years now and NOW you tell us the dat is TBA (To Be Announced)
๖ۣۜAjel 2015. dec. 6. @ de. 6:17 
Game's shit, game's dead.
Convult 2015. dec. 5. @ du. 11:39 
I have been followng this game for 4 years now, I was actually after Elite Squad but they haven't posted any updates for a while now so I guess this one is actually going to be better.

Jared(A3) 2015. dec. 2. @ du. 6:58 
Cant WAIT!
Skull Faced Polish-Hungarian Guy 2015. dec. 1. @ de. 11:22 
Now this has potential.