Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

No Heroes
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Alex☰▲ 11 uur geleden 
Release it! FOR FUCK SAKE
quietsniper141 24 apr om 9:26nm 
Daniel 21 apr om 8:35vm 
this is probably the best free-to-play shooter i've ever seen!
NielRyanBlack 20 apr om 1:41vm 
this so gooooooooooooooood game ! Awesome !
ABlueMooShroom 17 apr om 1:52nm 
Im excited for this game
Sgt. PsycHo 17 apr om 7:54vm 
Разработчики прошу вас не затягивайте с релизом)
Hawt-Dog 8 apr om 10:31vm 
caLypso * AUS , BF4 had 50-100 people working on it for a few years. No Heroes is a game being developed by one guy. It's pretty obvious it's gonna take longer
leniwiec70 4 apr om 10:35vm 
this game is amazing
Mario 3 apr om 3:22nm 
look cool boyz
Alex☰▲ 25 mrt om 10:18vm 
I know this game since it was an concept
caLypso * AUS 22 mrt om 3:05vm 
filecorrupted but this came isnt as good as battlefield no way close so shouldn't take as long as battlefield
Ahmet USK 21 mrt om 7:30vm 
Mazurenkov [PL] 16 mrt om 10:35vm 
can't wait :)
Cokai 13 mrt om 5:19nm 
Your Game is in my Linux Games Collection : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=379532833
FileCorrupted 11 mrt om 8:38nm 
@۞>۞D۞a۞la۞jit۞ I think you underestimate the time it makes to take a game. A typical COD or Battlefield takes 1-2 years with 50-100 people working on it, this is one guy, with a very low budget.
caLypso * AUS 10 mrt om 2:14vm 
this game will never come out if it hasn't been released for 2 years this guy is really slow at making the game which even isnt as good a the other games that dont take this long
tritri301 9 mrt om 1:02nm 
All Tags 9 mrt om 10:12vm 
if this doesnt get accepted...
SyberStreak 6 mrt om 8:47vm 
Freddy Fusebear 5 mrt om 6:58nm 
zetabyte - us.msi.com 1 mrt om 8:05nm 
Been following this game for a long time now..can't wait.
João Ü | #DAORA 1 mrt om 12:50nm 
branderbob3 28 feb om 12:54nm 
can you donate with steam money
DJ Cookiez 28 feb om 12:28nm 
Next Battlefield
Should be on steam by now :)

do not get angry with me because i said battlefield it is like it though :)
Sir derp of herpalot 27 feb om 5:04nm 
I been waiting for too long already
FlirtySlash 22 feb om 6:50vm 
I am still waiting m8
super160 21 feb om 11:17nm 
Such shooters
כֿ BOOMBA כֿ 14 feb om 9:19vm 
Why wont steam put this on the market, This is what is called a "fun game" Most Games dont have it though :P i am a person who uses unity as well i'd like to see this game on the market!
★PuRe' s3mt3x★ 12 feb om 11:19vm 
whene does this game drop
super160 6 feb om 11:26nm 
I like this! And this is free to play)
FightingMachine 5 feb om 5:51vm 
<woooooo waiting it!!!!
Nigor 2 feb om 10:46vm 
Getting there!
JokerZ 1 feb om 9:28vm 
@NQKZ^ do you know that elite squad is insurgeny that already is out ? loool
Roland Barthes 1 feb om 3:29vm 
1,5 jears *-*
Brotha 29 jan om 5:10vm 
@☭Trevor☭ m8 , we all want the game , so i guess we will all wait the same time.. so we can just wait for a new report..
uNdefiNed 25 jan om 5:41vm 
@ValBog#ValsackBogson, we've been waiting for almost 2 years now, so shut the fuck up and wait for the release
[CRP] Frank Landstrom neTZ 24 jan om 6:09vm 
Hey, nice work Tiago! You've an approx date for the release? I'll pass my time on that game before Elite squad's out!
V41B06 23 jan om 9:22vm 
Cmon!!! I waiting 1 year... GL guys!!!
Cokai 22 jan om 1:44nm 
Keep it up ! We can wait, but dont stop developing :) .... and i love the Linux support of the game.
TravoQur 21 jan om 6:29vm 
Good game
JustasLTU 18 jan om 8:11vm 
I wonder when will it be on which month
ToxicToasterDude 17 jan om 9:32nm 
You should also add Single player missions and single player mode like bots.
ToxicToasterDude 17 jan om 9:21nm 
Awesome! Cant wait!
Brotha 13 jan om 6:09vm 
@sanjrang.sube I VANT TO SEE IT TOO
sanjrang.suba 12 jan om 7:02vm 
Brotha 10 jan om 4:37vm 
All i want to know is when i can quickscope scrubs in this game ;c?
( i mean when it will be realeased [it says 2015 , we are in 2015 , he could give us a month ;c ] )
TheHarmlessGhost | Trading 9 jan om 6:49vm 
I would like to pay 10 Euro for a DLC :D
TheHarmlessGhost | Trading 7 jan om 11:15vm 
Yes, it will, NinjaRazorZ
Mr. Derpy Senpai 4 jan om 3:54nm 
is this game gonna be free? and it looks a bit weird ,the gun and the other players. Hope he works on it. Still cant wait for the game to be released !!! keep up the good work
InvalidSyntax 4 jan om 12:43nm