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No Heroes
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NineTwNty ★ G2A.com преди 15 часа 
@Lambda Gaming the game will be released this year (thats what we know for now, no exact date) as an Early Access title (Free). @silvershot the game engines of the two games are different... The Mechanics of No Heroes are based on things that you can do in real life. Hope you dont think the game is a copy of battlefield anymore :)
silvershot 25 май в 10:54 следобед 
its like bf on crack
Lambda Gaming 25 май в 8:45 сутринта 
Do you know how many days it will be before the release?
pe@ce 24 май в 12:45 следобед 
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Lambda Gaming 24 май в 12:01 сутринта 
When are you releasing the game?
Jinderamarak 22 май в 5:16 сутринта 
This game is very COOL !
TheGamingGemini 19 май в 8:13 следобед 
Your username is so accurate it isn't even funny.
FPSUsername 17 май в 10:24 сутринта 
@PrinceOFools If you drop linux, why not mac too? Mac is based of unix and works about the same as linux, you don't have to do much work to get it working on both. And there are people that play games on linux, linux is a great system, but lacks of program support.
Payback780 17 май в 4:37 сутринта 
Love this game
Madstryker 16 май в 10:08 сутринта 
Love the game keep up the hard work :D I got great ideas for takedowns is there anywhere I can go to put my suggestions.
Andryel 16 май в 9:06 сутринта 
AEEEEEEEEE! Thiago, parabéns :DDD
Vai demorar pro jogo sair? ;/
Cuca Beludo 16 май в 8:42 сутринта 
i would pay for 3 years of development

belo trabalho thiago
Jp # * CMSTORM - 16 май в 8:03 сутринта 
this is very nice game pls gaben pls valve
PrinceOFools 15 май в 6:24 следобед 
Drop Linux Nobody will play games on linux Everyone either plays o mac or Windows 7 or something of that nature
FOKUME 10 май в 10:24 сутринта 
we will need to wait a lot dudes , i see no feedback from him xD i mean no more updates or anything , we need to wait for the game to be ready
EricScarpi 7 май в 3:14 следобед 
ZombieMachine 7 май в 9:04 сутринта 
I want it!
Tourist 5 май в 8:46 следобед 
Game looks cool, can't wait to see it.
NineTwNty ★ G2A.com 5 май в 3:36 следобед 
@Trixxie! Can you go shit on another game? Pl0x... Love, Your mother.
⊰τʀιxxιᴇ!⊱ 4 май в 6:36 следобед 
I'm going to laugh so much when this game gets shut down due to assets being used from other games.
NZdude 3 май в 9:02 следобед 
How do I donate money to help you?
pvpmask 3 май в 3:11 сутринта 
Deadpoop 30 април в 11:56 следобед 
Fuck all you retards demanding game release, i've been waiting for this since the first update, so shut the fuck up and be patient you little shits
NZdude 29 април в 7:08 следобед 
Cant wait man, keep up the good work!
SKÅRA 26 април в 6:05 сутринта 
Release it! FOR FUCK SAKE
quietsniper141 24 април в 9:26 следобед 
Daniel 21 април в 8:35 сутринта 
this is probably the best free-to-play shooter i've ever seen!
NielRyanBlack 20 април в 1:41 сутринта 
this so gooooooooooooooood game ! Awesome !
ABlueMooShroom 17 април в 1:52 следобед 
Im excited for this game
Sgt. PsycHo 17 април в 7:54 сутринта 
Разработчики прошу вас не затягивайте с релизом)
Hawt-Dawg 8 април в 10:31 сутринта 
caLypso * AUS , BF4 had 50-100 people working on it for a few years. No Heroes is a game being developed by one guy. It's pretty obvious it's gonna take longer
leniwiec70 4 април в 10:35 сутринта 
this game is amazing
Mario 3 април в 3:22 следобед 
look cool boyz
SKÅRA 25 март в 10:18 сутринта 
I know this game since it was an concept
ChickenLord 22 март в 3:05 сутринта 
filecorrupted but this came isnt as good as battlefield no way close so shouldn't take as long as battlefield
Berkowich 21 март в 7:30 сутринта 
Mazurenkov [PL] 16 март в 10:35 сутринта 
can't wait :)
Cokai 13 март в 5:19 следобед 
Your Game is in my Linux Games Collection : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=379532833
Noah Rayburn 11 март в 8:38 следобед 
@۞>۞D۞a۞la۞jit۞ I think you underestimate the time it makes to take a game. A typical COD or Battlefield takes 1-2 years with 50-100 people working on it, this is one guy, with a very low budget.
ChickenLord 10 март в 2:14 сутринта 
this game will never come out if it hasn't been released for 2 years this guy is really slow at making the game which even isnt as good a the other games that dont take this long
tritri301 9 март в 1:02 следобед 
All Tags 9 март в 10:12 сутринта 
if this doesnt get accepted...
SyberStreak 6 март в 8:47 сутринта 
A Small But Talented Grapefruit 5 март в 6:58 следобед 
f(x) zetabyte 1 март в 8:05 следобед 
Been following this game for a long time now..can't wait.
Andryel 1 март в 12:50 следобед 
branderbob3 28 февруари в 12:54 следобед 
can you donate with steam money
DJ Cookiez 28 февруари в 12:28 следобед 
Next Battlefield
Should be on steam by now :)

do not get angry with me because i said battlefield it is like it though :)
Mc Ballsacs 27 февруари в 5:04 следобед 
I been waiting for too long already
FlirtySlash 22 февруари в 6:50 сутринта 
I am still waiting m8