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No Heroes
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Bruh há 13 horas 
ace.ZETABYTE.rekt(); 1 de mar às 20:05 
Been following this game for a long time now..can't wait.
yJvcpPvP :3 1 de mar às 12:50 
branderbob3 28 de fev às 12:54 
can you donate with steam money
DJ Cookiez 28 de fev às 12:28 
Next Battlefield
Should be on steam by now :)

do not get angry with me because i said battlefield it is like it though :)
the fablolous pussy destroyer 27 de fev às 17:04 
I been waiting for too long already
MAGICAL UNICORN! 22 de fev às 6:50 
I am still waiting m8
super160 21 de fev às 23:17 
Such shooters
₪ Boomba ₪ 14 de fev às 9:19 
Why wont steam put this on the market, This is what is called a "fun game" Most Games dont have it though :P i am a person who uses unity as well i'd like to see this game on the market!
★PuRe' s3mt3x★ 12 de fev às 11:19 
whene does this game drop
super160 6 de fev às 23:26 
I like this! And this is free to play)
luca2000colo 5 de fev às 5:51 
<woooooo waiting it!!!!
DarkUnicorn 2 de fev às 10:46 
Getting there!
JokerZ 1 de fev às 9:28 
@NQKZ^ do you know that elite squad is insurgeny that already is out ? loool
RoyalKing #Nate Dogg 1 de fev às 3:29 
1,5 jears *-*
Alexandru Ivanica 29 de jan às 5:10 
@☭Trevor☭ m8 , we all want the game , so i guess we will all wait the same time.. so we can just wait for a new report..
-=Trevor=- 25 de jan às 5:41 
@ValBog#ValsackBogson, we've been waiting for almost 2 years now, so shut the fuck up and wait for the release
[CRP] neTZ 24 de jan às 6:09 
Hey, nice work Tiago! You've an approx date for the release? I'll pass my time on that game before Elite squad's out!
ValBog 23 de jan às 9:22 
Cmon!!! I waiting 1 year... GL guys!!!
Cokai 22 de jan às 13:44 
Keep it up ! We can wait, but dont stop developing :) .... and i love the Linux support of the game.
TravoQur 21 de jan às 6:29 
Good game
JustasLTU 18 de jan às 8:11 
I wonder when will it be on which month
ToxicToasterDude 17 de jan às 21:32 
You should also add Single player missions and single player mode like bots.
ToxicToasterDude 17 de jan às 21:21 
Awesome! Cant wait!
Alexandru Ivanica 13 de jan às 6:09 
@sanjrang.sube I VANT TO SEE IT TOO
sanjrang.suba 12 de jan às 7:02 
Alexandru Ivanica 10 de jan às 4:37 
All i want to know is when i can quickscope scrubs in this game ;c?
( i mean when it will be realeased [it says 2015 , we are in 2015 , he could give us a month ;c ] )
--TheHarmlessGhost-- 9 de jan às 6:49 
I would like to pay 10 Euro for a DLC :D
--TheHarmlessGhost-- 7 de jan às 11:15 
Yes, it will, NinjaRazorZ
J.Wickilicious 4 de jan às 15:54 
is this game gonna be free? and it looks a bit weird ,the gun and the other players. Hope he works on it. Still cant wait for the game to be released !!! keep up the good work
InvalidSyntax 4 de jan às 12:43 

Alexandru Ivanica 4 de jan às 0:10 
Can i know the price? so i know how much money i will prepare >:C
PuertoRicanSloth 2 de jan às 14:57 
@Soul Breaker Um... No microtransactions in the game.
Moderne 2 de jan às 5:22 
He didnt say 1.1.2015 maybe februar
(anymoushackers)Iluminati /0\ 1 de jan às 5:04 
it didint come out and it 2015
XoF Soul Breaker 31/dez/2014 às 14:25 
*NH Include OP weaponds and premium service only for $9.99 USD
Another Pay2Win will come tomorow...
(anymoushackers)Iluminati /0\ 31/dez/2014 às 5:36 
yay tomorow realease for me in canada
dade0 29/dez/2014 às 22:42 
looks awesome cnt wait
{ Dwarves} cianoneill6 29/dez/2014 às 9:55 
The customization looks amazing ! Cant wait :)
The MLG Pineapple 27/dez/2014 às 13:55 
Cant wait
Lin 24/dez/2014 às 4:51 
Very good!!
ClemDouDou 24/dez/2014 às 2:06 
I can't wait anymore ! :D ( ok, I joke ... )
Since 2013 I follow you ! :)
Anomaly is my god 23/dez/2014 às 4:10 
2015?! waht?! ive been waiting it for a year and i think they will not relase it 2015,fck it
✪ xonas 21/dez/2014 às 5:10 
ToxicFlares 16/dez/2014 às 12:23 
Looks epic!!
WEBS1511 16/dez/2014 às 5:43 
Add it please steam I love the game
[eX3s]Gecko 13/dez/2014 às 7:36 
will it free ?
=]_[= 12/dez/2014 às 11:15 
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░ Valve !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░Add This game░░░█
░░NOW Because it's More than░░░░
░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀ ░░░░░
░█▀▀ ░█▀▀ ░█ ░█ ░░░░
░▀▀▀ ░▀ ░░░▀ ░▀▀▀ ░

J.Wickilicious 9/dez/2014 às 18:43 
I hope this game won't paid to win, and weapons aren't too expensive with in game money. Overall, i can't wait for the game to be released!!! Keep up the good job , guys!
Crumster 9/dez/2014 às 5:18 
Looks great!