--OUTDATED READ DESCRIPTION-- Map Markers: Places of Interest
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Monster_Lobster 20 oct à 13h16 
я задаюсь тем же вопросом
maksim12 13 fév 2013 à 5h22 
Я 1 здесь русский?????????
Jelly Fox 1 nov 2012 à 10h42 
i dont know what it is, but something is making skyrim freeze up, i unsubbed this, it helped. and a couple of other things, but maybe its too many mods. gah. well see how it plays out
Sarthes Arai  [créateur] 1 nov 2012 à 10h26 
@ GeneralDisarray: It still works but is no longer updated.
Jelly Fox 1 nov 2012 à 10h06 
so this doesnt work anymore?
Xiianil 19 oct 2012 à 7h49 
Awesome. I very much appreciate the explanation. I can't wait to see how packed for of details the map is with these mods. Cheers mate.
Sarthes Arai  [créateur] 18 oct 2012 à 11h59 
@ Xiianil: Maybe my writings were a bit confusing, i´m going to change that open cities thing soon. but to explain:
- markers outside of cities do not care at all
- markers that were added to vanilla walled cities will not show up when using open cities by normal means
- markers that were made for open cities may show up even in vanilla if somehow clipping throug the cities walls on the normal world map

if no errors occure and you do not use the console (wich i only would recomend to those knowing what they´re doing), you will never know that the mod coveres both.
this mod, however, does not interfere with any kind of city-busines

@ Caligula: A Quality World Map - With Roads by IcePenguin http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/4929
(i will post this in the descriptions as well...)
Dreamer 18 oct 2012 à 11h33 
What mod gives you the hold lines and detailed environment?
Xiianil 17 oct 2012 à 20h26 
Fantastic, I came back to re-examine you map markers mod and read something about them simply not appearing, is that what you mean? Or do you mean they won't appear on the map at all? because that would be highly preferable to having two map markers and constantly having to remember which is the right one to travel to.
jconsort 17 oct 2012 à 13h39 
can you add a marker where Velehk sain's chest spawns? I can never find it and the u tube video's showing wqhere it is do not agree.
dreamkiller 16 oct 2012 à 9h03 
@ Sarthese Arai thnx cool mod to :D
Sarthes Arai  [créateur] 16 oct 2012 à 8h59 
@ (J4F) Dreamkiller Es: It´s the morpheus font from Main Font Replacement by Valistar http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/95
dreamkiller 16 oct 2012 à 6h58 
what mod is for the text ? :D
RexJayden 15 oct 2012 à 13h52 
Thanks for these mods. Im subscribed to all of them.
Sarthes Arai  [créateur] 15 oct 2012 à 8h15 
@ Xiianil: Even if it did, you just wouldn´t trigger those markers since you are not in the same worldspace as them.
Open Cities compatibility is soon to come (maybe today).
Xiianil 14 oct 2012 à 13h25 
Also hoping this does not add anything to cities.