Yhteisö on antanut tälle pelille julkaisuluvan!

Yhteisö on osoittanut mielenkiintonsa tätä peliä kohtaan. Valve on ottanut yhteyttä kehittäjiin saadakseen pelille Steam-julkaisun.

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Gray 16. huhti 1.47 
austin.vandal 31. maalis 19.41 
Dat trailer...I can't wait to play this!
МарихуЯнь 4. maalis 8.49 
время строить кирпичные хибары!
the involved 20. helmi 16.08 
what about night vision goggles
emorales1695 11. helmi 14.11 
Holy hell. I am speechless. Just take my money
Creazn  [tekijä] 20. tammi 18.11 
@ zombie: We are working on a price point at the moment. I assure you it will not cost more than $10. That goes for I NFECTED as well!
TheNothingParodox 20. tammi 15.50 
how much will this cost because i REALLY want it but dont have much money
FusionX 19. tammi 13.38 
Now Lets get your other game I-NFECTED Greenlit!!!
ricardocasama 10. tammi 0.30 
Please add spanish language.
Klam 8. tammi 11.44 
grats!! woooooooo!
Iroquois (靂) 7. tammi 18.21 
congrats on greenlight!
A Bear of Thrones 7. tammi 16.17 
Grats on the Greenlight, was about time!
s_wolfie46 7. tammi 14.53 
hunnikay 7. tammi 12.03 
greenlit!!! YAY!!!
s_wolfie46 7. tammi 11.48 
tolkand 6. tammi 3.22 
Очень понравилось атмосфера одиночества и ощушение неизвестного и непонятного,надеюсь проект будет дальше развиваться в эту сторону.Очень жду от игры больше чувства неразборчивости и непонятия ,что вообще происходит в этом доме.
Humble Bundle Drunkard 4. tammi 21.54 
no color?
ashmiester 4. tammi 13.32 
looks good when you releasing it
Vinyl 3. tammi 20.15 
Creepy :S .. you got my vote !
|<Marvin>| 2. tammi 8.01 
zombiekraz41 28. joulu, 2013 12.00 
thumbs up from me
nemo 26. joulu, 2013 12.25 
I do hope you'll manage to make it to Steam since this looks very promising indeed.
Best of luck to you guys!
Creazn  [tekijä] 26. joulu, 2013 11.29 
@ Vovan :-) : We most indeed will!
Bunny 19. joulu, 2013 17.16 
Sounds Exciting!!
Vovan =) 19. joulu, 2013 14.21 
Please add russian language=)
Emptykg 19. joulu, 2013 11.25 
looks interesting
Zag 19. joulu, 2013 5.03 
It does sound exciting.
Adorabeezle Winterpop 11. joulu, 2013 4.39 
ricardocasama 5. joulu, 2013 1.29 
Please add spanish language.
Raindrop. 4. joulu, 2013 1.56 
Sounds interesting :)
Foxeh 2. joulu, 2013 14.18 
Exited. Something new!
Creazn  [tekijä] 30. marras, 2013 18.33 
@ HombreFelipe: Not a public one, but we guarantee that you will be able ot play one by the end of this year =)
TaCtiCs TR0ll 30. marras, 2013 17.38 
it looks like a pretty damn good horror-game
HombreFelipe 26. marras, 2013 14.23 
@Creazn Is there a demo available?
Vovan =) 24. marras, 2013 7.18 
i_love_tea_ru 21. marras, 2013 6.45 
I think it`s cool horror
soapMacTavish 19. marras, 2013 3.03 
Very good/Великолепно!!!
Amnesiac 14. marras, 2013 10.11 
pRo.Aerius 6. marras, 2013 12.48 
looks really scary. Nice!
talkinrock 4. marras, 2013 18.44 
That's kind of hard to believe, considering (from what I remember) Infected was already fantastic when I played it... But still, it was a demo, so I know what you mean. :)

Take care, and I'm looking forward to hearing new updates from you guys!
Creazn  [tekijä] 4. marras, 2013 18.07 
That is an awesome idea, we will definitely take that into consideration. That is good that you had a chance to try out the game. We will guarantee you that in the coming weeks, what you will see is a significant improvement over what you've played at the showcase.
talkinrock 4. marras, 2013 14.26 
On a related, but separate note, you guys might want to add a $10,000 tier like other campaigns do, in which you invite that backer(s) to Toronto for a week or weekend, and show them the sights (Also some of the great local secrets Toronto has; I can think of a few off the top of my head), and treat them to a couple dinners, lunches, and/or a few rounds of drinks. Anyway, just a thought, but you never know: You might come across some rich person who loved Resident Evil 2 style games when they were younger, and seeing your campaign makes them want to "resurrect" those memories (Ha? Ha? See what I did there? lol; zombie puns are the worst...).

Or something like that... :P
talkinrock 4. marras, 2013 14.26 
Actually, I was one of the few lucky bast*rds whom was able to play BOTH games, as I came back later in the day (I also spoke with Andrew for 2-3 minutes towards the end)... Nonetheless, I'm still very much looking forward to playing both Dollhouse and Infected.

Also, I'm really wanting to get all those physical rewards for Infected, so I'm probably going to raise my backer tier to $125 or $250 once my paycheck comes in...
Creazn  [tekijä] 4. marras, 2013 13.40 
Yup, you saw correctly we were there!

Unforutantley our booth was always packed because there was only 2 seats availabe at the showcase. However don't worry if you didn't have a chance to try it out, we have a major announcement soon!
talkinrock 3. marras, 2013 22.26 
Also, I backed your game "Infected" on Kickstarter a couple days ago, and am looking forward to playing it (It's always nice to help out my fellow Ontarian game developers)!
talkinrock 3. marras, 2013 22.15 
Was this at Level Up this year? I feel like I saw it there (or somewhere else, maybe) and I loved it!

I still love it now, so I definitely can't wait to hear updates from you guys!

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Clyed 30. loka, 2013 8.34 
I would really love to play this game i really like horror games and it also has coop so i could play it with my friends and i wouldnt be the only one with shit in my pants :3
Rainbow Dash Black 26. loka, 2013 11.02 
Lasted 54 seconds watching the trailer. I'm easily creeped out. I'm sure others would love this. This personally scares the fuck out of me. I hope it gets greenlit.
MegaMan 18. loka, 2013 14.06 
По скриншотам выгледит прикольно