Este jogo recebeu o sinal verde da Comunidade!

A comunidade demonstrou interesse neste jogo. A Valve entrou em contato com este desenvolvedor para começarmos a preparar o lançamento no Steam.

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Ionic Wind 17 de mai às 23:08 
Can't wait
brethren 20 de abr às 15:14 
I think they need to ease up on the flashing hallway lights.
mikee 31 de mar às 2:14 
Any updates on this thing?
-=Corsair=- S763 18 de mar às 23:57 
Strikes me as the perfect combo of Silent Hill and Bioshock! Can't wait!
Crypter 5 de mar às 4:57 
I can't wait
Poko8998 19 de fev às 8:29 
Looks nice i want play it now :D
Creazn  [autor(a)] 19/dez/2014 às 15:37 
@ Renzk : We decided to focus our development on one game at a time instead of two. This will allow both our games to reach its full potential then something lackluster. I-NFECTED is next on our list after Dollhouse. Thanks for asking!
RenzkDoPao 18/dez/2014 às 8:11 
Where is I-NFECTED?
[ El ]KiKc_КиТо 6/out/2014 às 7:39 
good game
GameGlomp 22/set/2014 às 23:46 
Very awesome update!
IwillKillUrHero 26/ago/2014 às 17:31 
giveme this game free :3
The Son 23/ago/2014 às 11:11 
она будет бесплатна ?
ASKER 18/jul/2014 às 7:24 
how many players can play co-op ?
mikee 16/jul/2014 às 6:48 
whatever happened to this game?
LyndaSmiles 12/jul/2014 às 21:20 
I would love to play this game!
K-A-IX XIII 3/jul/2014 às 1:21 
That gave me a scare ....would like to play it ~
KiraKitten 2/jul/2014 às 0:14 
I just wish this wasn't in grayscale.. lame. Would be amazing if there was color.
Sabbath 26/mai/2014 às 7:09 
Gray 16/abr/2014 às 1:47 
austin.vandal 31/mar/2014 às 19:41 
Dat trailer...I can't wait to play this!
2rbina 2rista 4/mar/2014 às 8:49 
время строить кирпичные хибары!
20/fev/2014 às 16:08 
what about night vision goggles
elmolio 11/fev/2014 às 14:11 
Sypher(Syn.Co) 10/fev/2014 às 13:37 
Holy hell. I am speechless. Just take my money
Creazn  [autor(a)] 20/jan/2014 às 18:11 
@ zombie: We are working on a price point at the moment. I assure you it will not cost more than $10. That goes for I NFECTED as well!
Einstein 20/jan/2014 às 15:50 
how much will this cost because i REALLY want it but dont have much money
FusionX 19/jan/2014 às 13:38 
Now Lets get your other game I-NFECTED Greenlit!!!
ricardocasama 10/jan/2014 às 0:30 
Please add spanish language.
Klam 8/jan/2014 às 11:44 
grats!! woooooooo!
Azrael (死神) 7/jan/2014 às 18:21 
congrats on greenlight!
A Bear of Thrones 7/jan/2014 às 16:17 
Grats on the Greenlight, was about time!
s_wolfie46 7/jan/2014 às 14:53 
hunnikay 7/jan/2014 às 12:03 
greenlit!!! YAY!!!
s_wolfie46 7/jan/2014 às 11:48 
tolkent 6/jan/2014 às 3:22 
Очень понравилось атмосфера одиночества и ощушение неизвестного и непонятного,надеюсь проект будет дальше развиваться в эту сторону.Очень жду от игры больше чувства неразборчивости и непонятия ,что вообще происходит в этом доме.
White Paper Inhaler 4/jan/2014 às 21:54 
no color?
ashmiester 4/jan/2014 às 13:32 
looks good when you releasing it
Akari 3/jan/2014 às 20:15 
Creepy :S .. you got my vote !
Marvin 2/jan/2014 às 8:01 
Gzillagurl 28/dez/2013 às 12:00 
thumbs up from me
Drey 26/dez/2013 às 12:25 
I do hope you'll manage to make it to Steam since this looks very promising indeed.
Best of luck to you guys!
Creazn  [autor(a)] 26/dez/2013 às 11:29 
@ Vovan :-) : We most indeed will!
Bunny 19/dez/2013 às 17:16 
Sounds Exciting!!
Vovan =) 19/dez/2013 às 14:21 
Please add russian language=)
Super Vanya 19/dez/2013 às 11:25 
looks interesting
Jinxter 19/dez/2013 às 5:03 
It does sound exciting.
Doot 11/dez/2013 às 4:39 
ricardocasama 5/dez/2013 às 1:29 
Please add spanish language.
Raindrop. 4/dez/2013 às 1:56 
Sounds interesting :)
Cute Foxeh 2/dez/2013 às 14:18 
Exited. Something new!