Random Alternate Start
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Honey Badger 3 hours ago 
@Syclonix Thank you but I think I found the problem. I had a mod called Dragon's Curse (pretty sure that was the name) that seemed to conflict with this one. Since removing that mod this one works just fine.

No more annoying 5 minute intros!
Syclonix  [author] 6 hours ago 
@Meep and @Honey Badger: Yup I can tell you. Go to Skyrim Launcher -> Data Files and check to see if Random Alternate Start.esp was downloaded. If not, wait for Steam to sync your subscribed mods. Now, make sure Random Alternate Start.esp has a checkbox next to it and drag the file to the bottom of your load order. Start a new game and it should work.

The reason I asked if you can check the comments is because I end up typing this answer again and again. Sometimes I can't respond right away so comments are a good place to check.
Honey Badger 12 hours ago 
Doesn't work for me.
Meep 15 hours ago 
Can you not just tell me? I really dont feel like looking through 152 pages of comments.
tomas_pacner May 4 @ 10:28pm 
very good mod
Mr. Awesomest May 4 @ 5:16pm 
I've had this problem where on the street conversations, particularly those in Whiterun, would not start. This left Adrianne and Battleborn in a staring competition, the children doing nothing, Belethor just standing behind the counter not wanting to sell me anything, among other things. I made a new character with no mods except for the unofficial patch to test it, and then when I got to Belethor he was responsive. I then turned on all of the mods, and things continued as normal. For this reason, I think not starting from Helgen (or, not receiving the mission to go to Balgruff from Riverwood, which I don't think you can do) breaks Whiterun and the main quest.
Caboose May 4 @ 4:25pm 
No need to apologize! I expertly walked out the wall. With the "w" key. Thanks for reading my comment though!
Syclonix  [author] May 4 @ 3:33pm 
@Meep: Please check the comments for troubleshooting steps.

@<iolo> and @Caboose: I'm very sorry about that! There are a few reported spawn points that don't work as intended. My apologies.
Meep May 4 @ 2:02am 
Doesnt work with me. I still have to do the intro and the mod does nothing in game. I can't get it to work D:
Caboose May 3 @ 2:37pm 
I dont mean to annoy, but I spawned into (no-clipped) the mountain north east of solitude. Just wanted to inform you of that, even though it isn't a problem.
Peppery FyreStorm May 3 @ 12:30pm 
One way to skip the majority of the intro is to make a save game right before you are asked who you are and load that save every time you want to start a new character.
<iolo> May 3 @ 3:54am 
I got spawned into the hillgrund's tomb which I cleared, but I seem to be trapped inside it (maybe not having the key to the tomb/the quest? Anyway to save this?
Egoensis May 2 @ 5:16am 
It wont work for me.Can anyone help?
Admiral Ackbar Apr 29 @ 7:31pm 
@Colonel Sassacre is HOMEWORK!!!

Lol... the whole purpose of the mod is to skip the tedius intro
I like this mod, but I wish it was still possible to end up in Helgen DURING the dragon attack, rather than coming across the aftermath. The way things play out with this mod takes away a lot of the impact of the game's canon opening. You don't have the personal connection to Alduin (since it's because of him that the Dragonborn escapes at all), and you don't have any connection to the Civil War story, which is the other major storyline of the game. Any chance you could add in a scenario where you're arrested by Empire Soldiers and brought to Helgen, so that the intro can play out the way it normally does? I'd even settle for it to be a choice you can make before starting a new character, without having to completely disable the mod.
Flegmat Apr 29 @ 12:47am 
@Syclonix How i can start this qeust when kill first dragon cuz i go to riverwood and don;t have any qeusts. This is really import qeust
Love Panda Apr 27 @ 6:01pm 
Great mod!
Pheonix533 Apr 27 @ 4:49am 
How am I supposed to play the story missions?
Pheonix533 Apr 27 @ 4:49am 
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Leeroy Jenkins Apr 26 @ 10:26am 
it always puts me straight into the normal start. I cant get this to work. help please
Unidentified body Apr 26 @ 9:59am 
Spawned in Blackreach 10/10
Xxjammydodgerz Apr 26 @ 6:45am 
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Confused Gherkin Apr 26 @ 6:40am 
Where do you start the main questline? I went to Helgen but I didn't get the quest. Is there a special thing you have to do in Helgen to get the quest? I also tried setstage mq102 30 but I can't talk to the Jarl.
Tycer Apr 26 @ 6:09am 
Le Kebab français Apr 25 @ 10:31pm 
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Peasent King Apr 25 @ 10:11pm 
This mod no longer works for me it crashes my skyrim launcher on start up what should I do?
Babaganuche7 Apr 25 @ 9:19am 
@ℬrute I believe you have to use a mod manager to change the load order
WolfeWarrior Apr 25 @ 1:07am 
The mod isn't showing up in the folder.
ℬrute Apr 24 @ 11:41pm 
How do you move the 'Radnom Alternate Start.esp' to the bottom of your load folder? I couldn't understand that..
pyrotim Apr 23 @ 2:12pm 
@where'swaldo the main quest can be started if you go straight to helgen
Where'sWaldo Apr 19 @ 3:07pm 
I can't find a way to start the main quest... help plz!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Apr 18 @ 1:50pm 
It seems it just goes to the normal start and i deleted all mods and redownloaded them but it wont work
Syclonix  [author] Apr 18 @ 1:17pm 
Hi, did you add any mods recently? It may be a mod conflict. Can you explain in a little more detail how it doesn't work?

Also, make sure you order RAS so it is at the bottom of your mod Load Order--that will solve a lot of mod conflicts.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Apr 18 @ 12:53pm 
Hey,ive had this mod for a long time and it soundnly wont work anymore if you can help that would be great.
MinutiaeGames Apr 17 @ 10:03am 
thanks :)
Syclonix  [author] Apr 17 @ 9:43am 
@MinutiaeGames: Yes, it only works when starting a New Game. RAS should be okay to use if your loading an old save after you finish the first two Main Quests, BUT if you want to be perfectly safe deactivate RAS before loading an existing save game.
Pugamer Apr 17 @ 9:30am 
fixed it sorry for wasting your time
Pugamer Apr 17 @ 9:23am 
I subscribed to the mod but it doesn't show in the data files????
MinutiaeGames Apr 17 @ 6:40am 
does this mod only affect your game when you start a new save? Just checking as i dont want it to mess up my main save but i want to chack it out. Thanks!
Syclonix  [author] Apr 14 @ 7:14pm 
I didn't mean contact Bethesda, I meant try their forums. Users on the Bethesda forum are really helpful. At least more helpful than I can be on the comments section on a mod I'm not developing anymore. It's been a long time since I've played Skyrim and I simply cannot help troubleshoot non-RAS related issues.
Dovahkiin Apr 14 @ 6:28pm 
its hopeless to ask bethesda, I did to try and fix my Skyrim but all they sent me was a link to their survey asking if their non-existant help was useful and if I was satisfied.
Syclonix  [author] Apr 13 @ 2:42pm 
I don't know how to help with that technical problem, perhaps you can try asking for help on the Bethesda or Steam forums?
thedotorofpeper Apr 13 @ 1:38pm 
i did that already and it didnt help
Syclonix  [author] Apr 13 @ 1:34pm 
Hmm that used to happen to me too. I forgot how I fixed it, but you can try going to Steam, right click on Skyrim -> Properties then click Verify Game Cache. That way you don't have to reinstall the whole game.

You can also check if it's an issue with your save game by starting a new game then quiting and see if it crashes.

Hope that helps.
zdawg728 Apr 13 @ 7:23am 
It's not your mod I don't think, I think it started crashing when I uninstalled mods incorrectly. It crashes as soon as I quit to desktop, no matter what. Even if I quit to desktop from the main menu, up until that point everything works fine. I reinstalled Skyrim, I'm going to see if that fixes anything @Skyclonix
Syclonix  [author] Apr 13 @ 2:07am 
@zdawg728: What changed that made it start crashing? You're able to spawn, correct? At what point does the crash happen?

@thedotorofpeper: You need to let steam download your subscribed mods. Launch the Skyrim launcher and wait for the downloads to happen. Click Data Files to check and make sure the mods have been downloaded.