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Random Alternate Start
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Syclonix  [author] 13 hours ago 
@UltraLesya: Hi, this seems to be a common issue. However, I've never managed to replicate this bug in my own playthroughs leading me to believe it may be caused by something outside the mod (e.g. a conflicting mod or missing/corrupt game files). Please try verifying the integrity of your game cache. This will restore any missing/corrupt game files that can possibly cause issues like NPCs not being interactable.
UltraLesya 14 hours ago 
Hey I found this bug that whenever I activate the mod, it didnt matter the load order, when i tried to talk to many NPCs, mainly Jarl Balgruff and he's Housecarl (the dark elf i forget the name) the dialogue box didnt open and therefore I couldnt continue the dialogue to begin and finish quests, i would apreciate if there is somehow to fix this because o loved the mod until i found this bug which makes me unnable to follow the main quest. Thanks
Mister Galaxy 17 hours ago 
Alright. Thanks.
Syclonix  [author] Oct 7 @ 11:13pm 
@Lionhear┼azor: That's really kind of you to think so :) thank you for your encouragement!

@Wingman: Unfortunately, you would have to start the main quest to do those things. I tried to make RAS as minimalistic as possible to not conflict with other mods that affect quests or the storyline.

@Mister Galaxy: If you've already started the main quest you can uninstall the mod without issue, but if you uninstall before then you may not be able to start the main quest later. RAS will not slow down your game, all the scripts turn off after you spawn.
Lionhear┼azor Oct 7 @ 8:12pm 
Wish steam would add a donate button, i like this mod.
Wingman Oct 7 @ 6:52pm 
Howdy! Just curious, with this mod is it possible to become thane and/or own the house in Whiterun without advancing the main quest, or is collecting dragonstone etc. still required?
Mister Galaxy Oct 7 @ 6:31pm 
Well, I really like this mod, except for one thing. After you progress a bit, the game gets REALLY slow. It takes me about five minutes per loading screen. Is there a way to fix this? Also, if I uninstall the mod, will it do anything to the save?
PunchFace™ Oct 3 @ 3:14pm 
Yeah it worked for me. Just had to re load my game

Syclonix  [author] Oct 2 @ 11:16pm 
Yup, click new game, create your character than wait a few seconds for you to be randomly placed into Skyrim.
PunchFace™ Oct 2 @ 7:08pm 
How would i start an alternate life? Just click new?
KALONA THE RAVENANT Oct 1 @ 11:02pm 
Does anyone know the console ID for the rumors of dragons quest? It didn't activate for one of my characters.
NOOBFACE Sep 30 @ 10:51am 
i dont like this mod prefer original start apart from long intro in original gets boring when restarting and watching intro
Mr Tiny Zen Dragon Sep 29 @ 6:52am 
It can be worth mention that the Unofficial Skyrim patch can brake the main story, in the way that it wont trigger stuff like dialogs that will start quest or that some character will not move to the position it suppose to walk to.

If anyone else come here and have main quest problem. Just uninstall all the Unofficial skyrim, Hearthfire, dragonborn and Dawnguard patch mods. Then do a Verify integrity of game cache on Skyrim. And then try again. If that doesn't work, uninstal and instal Skyrim and don't use Unofficial skyrim patch at all.
Syclonix  [author] Sep 28 @ 5:13pm 
Great. Glad to hear you found the culprit to the problem Mr Tiny Zen Dragon!
Mr Tiny Zen Dragon Sep 28 @ 1:53pm 
I fixed the problem by reinstalling skyrim and deleted all the remains that are in the steam folder that holds Skyrim.
Syclonix  [author] Sep 27 @ 6:43pm 
@Mr Tiny Zen Dragon, @Bambooma, @Mardus: I'm sorry you're all having the same issue. As I mentioned, I was never able to replicate this bug on my own so I can only offer general troubleshooting advice. First try moving RAS to the bottom of your load order if you haven't already. Second, I would try verifying the integrity of the game files. Right click on Skyrim in your steam library. Go to Properties > Local Files then click Verify Integrity of Game Cache. If that still doesn't work, try starting a new game with other mods disabled to check if it is actually a problem with RAS then selectively reactivate your other mods until you find the conflicting mod(s) preventing the start of the main quest.
Mr Tiny Zen Dragon Sep 27 @ 2:18pm 
Been trying some stuff and I have to say that if the main quest doesn't start something is wrong with the game files, I can't even start the quest with console commands. Probably to much moding or something. The only thing I can think about that will help is delet the game, and I mean everything that have the name Elder scrolls or Skyrim in it, and start from the beggining and be carefull what you mod in the future, I know I will. Have a good day.
Mr Tiny Zen Dragon Sep 27 @ 12:56pm 
Having the same problem as Mardus that I can't activate the main quest, tried to get rid of all my mods and restore the files of the game and then get the mods back, nothing. I would guess it's some mod both me and Mardus have that interfeer with the this mod. I tried some different Alternate Start mods and they all have the same problem to activate the main quest.
Bambooma Sep 27 @ 8:47am 
Syclonix, its a great mod! could you adress the issue in the discussion i made please :)
Mardus Sep 26 @ 10:23pm 
I found that you have had this problem before? Version 1.0.6 - Released October 19st, 2012
- Fixed Main Quest thread not starting in last version
Mardus Sep 26 @ 10:22pm 
Maybe I should unsub and then sub agian could that change something?
Syclonix  [author] Sep 26 @ 3:50pm 
Are you checking your secondary quests as well? I'm not sure why it's not showing up for you as I can't reproduce the bug.
Mardus Sep 26 @ 10:59am 
I tryed putting it into the bottom and well nothing I chose a monk dark elf and well nothing happend I got into the game and no main quest
Mardus Sep 25 @ 11:09am 
I can try also some damn mod screwed up my normal start too -_- so frustrating so this mod is like my 1 and only thing that could save me :DD
Syclonix  [author] Sep 25 @ 11:06am 
@Mardus: Can you try moving RAS to the bottom of your load order and start a new game to see if you then get the "Rumors of Dragons" quest?
Mardus Sep 25 @ 10:23am 
@Gol btw ebony warrior easy kill if you use 1 poison look at his vid its amazing :DD
Mardus Sep 25 @ 10:20am 
Maybe its cause the "Random" button is broken or something maybe you should check that ;) anyways love the mod
Mardus Sep 25 @ 10:19am 
I ran into a problem I could not start the main quest I wanted to play as a dark elf with random start but when I chose the random start then nothing happen no "Investigate Helgen" or anything like that the quest just said "No Active Quest"
Syclonix  [author] Sep 24 @ 4:32pm 
@Jj: No, Nexus Mod Manager is not required. Just subscribe like you normally would using Steam Workshop.
Syclonix  [author] Sep 23 @ 12:45pm 
Strange.. I created the mod before ever even owning Dawnguard. Can anyone else confirm?

@G.O.A.T.: Try using the Skyrim Nexus version
G.O.A.T. Sep 23 @ 8:50am 
Have no Skyrim DLC, yet my mod manager is telling me that Dawngaurd is a required master of this crashes before the title screen. Uninstalling this mod fixes it
Gol Zin Viing Sep 20 @ 3:47am 
@Victory....According to a Wiki I use the Ebony warrior is EXACTLY that.....A " reverse cheat " aimed at the player......I just "disable" ( console command) him as soon as I see him.

@Syclonix......TY for your prompt response!
Syclonix  [author] Sep 19 @ 11:08pm 
@Gol Zin Viing: Yes, no DLC is required for any of my mods.
Victoryguard Sep 19 @ 10:54pm 
@ Gol, if you use the mod Timing is Everything you can postpone quests that are triggered by level e.g. I personally postpone Ebony Warrior indefinately as I think he's a god-mode by Bethesda.
Gol Zin Viing Sep 19 @ 9:05pm 
I'm considering restarting my game YET AGAIN and I'm considering your start as I;m SICK AND TIRED of that opening "cart ride" and dealing with Hadvar.....I have all three DLC's but next restart I wont be reinstalling Dragonborn....Solstheim is very depressing and that Questline adds very lil to gameplay......My question is tho will this start work without DB installed?
ϟ Mr. Skeltal (Hydro) Sep 19 @ 1:10am 
Heard good things about this mod, getting ready to try it.
Syclonix  [author] Sep 19 @ 12:36am 
@jnbell02: Nope :)

@Link: You can ignore instructions about Nexus Mod Manager if you're subscribing to my mod via Steam Workshop.
jnbell02 Sep 18 @ 5:50pm 
Does this mod require any DLC?
Tangeycodman Sep 18 @ 1:39pm 
You can download the Nexus mod manager of the nexus forums you will need an account though.
Link Sep 18 @ 12:58pm 
How do i get the nexus mod manager? Or how do i access it?
Syclonix  [author] Sep 17 @ 10:51am 
no, you'll have to disable the mod to do that.
DUCK Sep 17 @ 10:21am 
Can you choose not to have a random start?
Syclonix  [author] Sep 11 @ 1:19pm 
You'll get a quest to check out the dragon attack at Helgen
Wait, how do you start the main questline then?
[BB™]Shadow The Cetra Sep 7 @ 6:55pm 
Okay, thanks anyways. :P
Syclonix  [author] Sep 7 @ 5:18pm 
@link0510: Make sure RAS is last in your load order and try again. You *may* need to start a new game for changes to take effect but I haven't tested it.

@[BB™]Shadow The Cetra: It's a semi-randomized kit based on the class description. Sorry I don't have a list of all the possible items, best to just try it.
link0510 Sep 7 @ 11:01am 
i dont recieve quest from the alternate start like i used to
[BB™]Shadow The Cetra Sep 6 @ 5:05pm 
Is there anywhere that shows what each class starts with? It would be really helpful if anyone knows. :)
Syclonix  [author] Sep 4 @ 12:30pm 
@Animomo: No you don't need to finish the game first. Sounds like you don't have the mod properly synced. Please see my comment a few comments below with troubleshooting steps.