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The Musketeer's Sword
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DrIvanRadosivic 2016년 2월 28일 오전 2시 59분 
Very nice, I like it.
Impulse 2015년 1월 12일 오후 1시 33분 
I think it would be better as a spy wep
Stork 2014년 3월 23일 오전 6시 44분 
its not working to fix it
Seth ᶠᵘᶜᵏ ʸᵒᵘ 2013년 12월 17일 오후 4시 09분 
we cant download things from the workshop?
Lewis Armistead 2013년 8월 27일 오후 11시 30분 
Almost looks like Steiner's sword from Final Fantasy 9.
Dr.Seezme 2013년 7월 1일 오후 6시 02분 
Look at that precious monster! It reminds me of the horrid ease of impalement a rapier truly has!
Zurath Hord 2012년 11월 2일 오후 2시 06분 
No more demo swords for god sakes!
Zairoo 2012년 11월 2일 오전 10시 36분 
hmm.....this is great! we need it!
I got a idea for something:
Valve should release a Duel Minigame where you suddenly get teleported to a musketeer-like battlefield where you have to duel just with the sword =D
POSE「+33」 2012년 10월 27일 오후 6시 03분 
guys it's a rapier meaning it's meant for thrust s which in turn are the deadlest way to start a swing chain (as in a sword fight) but it's slow and easy to dodge so stats woud be like
+50% damage
-30% swing speed
uses stabs instead of swings (aim carefully)
25% longer charge
will crit when would normally mini-crit
no random crits
Savage Source 2012년 10월 27일 오후 4시 14분 
The Discoverer's Rapier:

+Adds 20% charge impact damage
+50% firing speed
+Protects melee attacks in front while firing
-60% damage penalty
TITWISTER 2012년 10월 27일 오전 4시 44분 
Its so uniqur and amazing. Heres some stats.
+50% fire speed
+20% faster weapon switch
-25% dammage
✪ vibb 2012년 10월 26일 오전 3시 34분 
………….…………………… („-~~--„¸_….,/ì'Ì
…….…………………….¸„-^"¯ : : : : :¸-¯"¯/'
……………………¸„„-^"¯ : : : : : : : '\¸„„,-"
**¯¯¯'^^~-„„„----~^*'"¯ : : : : : : : : : :¸-"
.:.:.:.:.„-^" : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :„-"
:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: : : : : : : : : : ¸„-^¯
.::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. : : : : : : : ¸„„-^¯
:.' : : '\ : : : : : : : ;¸„„-~"¯
:.:.:: :"-„""***/*'ì¸'¯
:.': : : : :"-„ : : :"\
.:.:.: : : : :" : : : : \,
:.: : : : : : : : : : : : 'Ì
: : : : : : :, : : : : : :/
kiri 2012년 10월 25일 오후 6시 58분 
+Alt-Fire: Counter Attack Animation (What is this? Assassins Creed?)
-Cannot Use Shields
Mink 2012년 10월 25일 오후 5시 36분 
needs a new name, maybe "somthing rapier" idk what exactly
Able_Archer01 2012년 10월 25일 오전 4시 42분 
+100% increase in charge recharge rate
-30% damage from ranged sources while active

once drawn cannot switch weapons until it kills
+80% damage from melee sources while active
TITWISTER 2012년 10월 24일 오후 8시 58분 
awesome and original I agree with gangsta soup
HerrDave 2012년 10월 24일 오후 2시 59분 
a counterpart to ze horrid Half-Zatoichi? This is for the classy
Nanomachines, Son 2012년 10월 20일 오후 7시 36분 
Neon Crayon 2012년 10월 20일 오후 5시 41분 
Athos - Soldier
Porthos - Heavy
Aramis - Spy
d'Artagnan - Scout
Dickhole 2012년 10월 20일 오후 12시 59분 
The Musketeer's Sword
+ 25% Damage
-50% Charge duration
+ 150% Charge regeneration rate
- 50 Health
+ 75 Health on kill (can overheal if at full health)
Can block opponents attacks by holding Right mouse button (only melle)
______________________________________________________________________________best idea ever @kyon [DK]
Toaster Roaster 2012년 10월 20일 오전 7시 05분 
The Musketeer's Sword
+ 25% Damage
-50% Charge duration
+ 150% Charge regeneration rate
- 50 Health
+ 75 Health on kill (can overheal if at full health)
Can block opponents attacks by holding Right mouse button (only melle)


Duel with this High quality Sword made from melted iron in the high mountains.
tarodar 2012년 10월 18일 오후 12시 06분 
@ Dr Who

So he got drunk and grabed the wrong sword, the main reason you probably want it for a spy is because he already has a fencing taunt. Deffinetly not the ideal weapon for a backstab, too conspicuois. To make it plausable it would need something like chance to decloak on backstab ready.

I think it would make sence to give it a significant damage penalty, but some kind of crit related bonus to represend the weak slashes/powerfull thrusts.
Bander 2012년 10월 17일 오전 10시 53분 
How do i download it?
Undead Unicorn 2012년 10월 16일 오전 8시 15분 
@DeLTA I think it was ment for demoman, but I like your idea.
DeLTΔ 2012년 10월 15일 오후 2시 59분 
weapon for spy:
-20% weapon change time
-25% damage when disguised [that means you deal 30 dmg with basic attack when disguised]
* Blocks one melee attack when you click R [r-click is reserved for cloak]

-> 3 seconds cooldown; when you press R, spy would raise up the weapon for 1 second and block enemy who tries bash him with melee at the same moment, enemy would be paralyzed in same way as Razorback do.
TheBiggles 2012년 10월 15일 오전 9시 46분 
+ 25% attack speed mebe?
Comrade js. 2012년 10월 15일 오전 3시 17분 
this weapon should be for spy maybe bigger melee range but no backstabs
Asian Ginger 2012년 10월 14일 오후 10시 16분 
its cool but it wouldnt really work for the "demoknight" theme
Tunnel 2012년 10월 14일 오후 8시 57분 
@Dr Woo +1
Dr.Woo (The Weasel) 2012년 10월 14일 오후 7시 43분 
doesn't work for the demo, he generally does 2 handed large weapons, this looks more like a sniper weapon, he deals more with the short-swords
Leaf ♤ 2012년 10월 14일 오전 6시 41분 
this weapon should also be for the Spy and the Soldier
boypussy 2.0 2012년 10월 14일 오전 3시 48분 
(Even though I have no clue about modelling) I wanted to make something like this, but for the Medic. It would make him rather fancy, don't you think?
BigBeardThoRn 2012년 10월 13일 오후 2시 51분 
I would say the spy
longer range of hitting som1
I dont know how much % but more damage
cant stab while cloak is on
Arcturian 2012년 10월 13일 오후 1시 49분 
i think the 3 muskateers should be the support classes :P that would be funny also it would go well with that one spy hat charmers chapou?
Fettgondel  [작성자] 2012년 10월 13일 오후 12시 49분 
The developer can add this sword to whatever class they want.. It's just another position and animation in the game. I'm just suggesting to use it for the demoman, because I think that would fit best just because of the outfit (and the rest of the set).
BigBeardThoRn 2012년 10월 13일 오후 12시 26분 
♥ Sneezle ♥ 2012년 10월 13일 오전 11시 39분 
i like it hope we will have a wep like that:D
Baron von Baron 2012년 10월 13일 오전 8시 25분 
I like RIgbone's suggestions about making it for Soldier and Spy. Its a great model, it'd be sad just to see it end up as another generic Demoknight weapon.
☭ Line-Up Dem ☭ 2012년 10월 13일 오전 7시 40분 
I wonder if you could make it for the Soldier AND the Spy? It would be interesting for the spy to have a melee weapon that was longer and might not have backstabbing. -shrugs- There were 3 Muskateers, but then there was thier friend. Could it fit on the Scout too? Maybe thats just insane, though.
АРУЗЯ 2012년 10월 13일 오전 7시 39분 
для кого
Wolvinof 2012년 10월 13일 오전 2시 35분 
Was expecting this to be a Spy weapon. After all, the Three Musketeers were French, and it would fit perfectly with his fencing taunt.
Now I see it's another Demoman sword... *sigh*
Damon 2012년 10월 12일 오후 11시 22분 
would make a good reskin for the half zatoichi
Tokitaro ☀ 2012년 10월 12일 오후 8시 52분 
This doesn't make sense.
Demoman isn't like a musketeer, Soldier is more of a musketeer. I would think it'd be for soldier.
<<GT500>> JZeeba 2012년 10월 12일 오전 11시 49분 
interesting.... needs in-game screenshots
fren 2012년 10월 12일 오전 6시 25분 
looks awesome
Xintract 2012년 10월 12일 오전 6시 25분 
this should do one hit kill duels like the zatoichi
David Jr. 2012년 10월 11일 오후 3시 56분 
yay moar swords! *not*
23r0 Gaming 2012년 10월 11일 오후 1시 15분 
Make a version of this with a broken blade so that it's really short and make it a Spy knife. That would be rather fitting.
Jolus 2012년 10월 11일 오전 9시 30분 
Yea, I think it would go best with Scout, Sniper, and possibly Demoman too.
☭ Line-Up Dem ☭ 2012년 10월 11일 오전 5시 37분