Portal 2
Faith In Goo
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Butane Boss 9月7日下午1:48 
This was a really good level! I liked the red herring at the end.
Ratboy  [作者] 2月24日上午12:09 
Thanks for playing :P
GrtWhtBuf 2月17日下午12:24 
Good Job! Thanks.
tu7650x 2015年9月28日下午4:32 
Cool map. I love 1950's -60's decrepit spheres style test chamber construction. Good puzzle too.
Ratboy  [作者] 2015年9月19日上午8:31 
Well crap... Good catch. I may or may not get around to fixing that. Thnaks for playing! I hope you enjoyed it otherwise.
wildgoosespeeder 2015年9月16日上午1:40 
I found that I can prematurely go to places I am not intended to go until I reach a certain point. I had to reset the map to do it properly because I got stuck exploring. You may want place better blocks or clip volumes or whatever, especially near the beginning. I was able to get over the wall of the first area with blue gel.
turDucken 2015年8月21日下午8:28 
my name turducken
turDucken 2015年8月21日下午8:28 
yeah! awesome!
dven1 2015年7月5日上午4:56 
I somehow got an auto-save during a fall into the water. I guess I start over...
Petutski 2015年7月3日下午12:52 
Yes it was! But lots of fun!
Ratboy  [作者] 2014年7月22日下午2:12 
Because I was developing for Tripmine Studios, and now I'm making Android games ;)
Le Master 2014年6月23日下午1:01 
Do you have another account? If not, why aren't you making more maps? You have talent.
Ratboy  [作者] 2014年6月22日下午8:18 
Thanks Le Master! I would have done a lot more with this map, but it was built in a two week time limit for a mapping contest a couple years ago. I was considering changing the final puzzle to having the player go up the stairs to the first area, then use the gel and/or faith plate to get you over to the exit. But I got bogged down with other projects and never went back. Glad to see people are still enjoying this years later!
Le Master 2014年6月22日下午1:33 
Would have been a nearly perfect map if you were able to reuse the Repulsion Gel from the beginning of the map for the final bounce. One-time usage of the gel at the end is sloppy level design. Probably should have made the drip at the beginning constant without a switch, and then made a way to shoot it from the final room up top. Other than that, it was a damn fun map and I'm really jealous of your hammer skills.
RetroRobby 2014年4月3日下午9:59 
Very well done. One of the best custom underground maps.
apollosbeamship 2014年3月10日下午7:28 
I got to the exit the hard way without the room . If you paint one side of the runway blue and the other side orange and get enough speed and launch at the right angle on blue you can get to it without the room on top .
YETI HUNTER 2014年2月18日下午3:47 
well ratman ratboy G_Men G_Boy waht next ?
Resolute 2013年4月10日下午9:37 
Meh, I've had better...
gooberspace 2013年3月2日下午2:19 
Best 8 months of my life!!!
RooK 2012年11月17日上午8:11 
Almost too annoying/weird to finish, but everything placed well enough to catch on before I wussed out.
(IC) Greedo 2 2012年11月1日下午2:59 
Then consider the puzzle a resounding success! Thumbs up!
Ratboy  [作者] 2012年11月1日上午5:48 
@Greedo: Oh good! Thats actually why I made this map.
(IC) Greedo 2 2012年10月29日下午5:06 
Metzger Ben | GER 2012年10月23日下午11:52 
My solution without a potato: http://youtu.be/2ARHSl5zkhg
zazaza 2012年10月19日上午10:12 
this is very good but i'm stuck at the end, i can't get to the exit :(
magical zombie! 2012年10月16日下午10:16 
took a while for me to solve this
but it was good
nice rat nest you made there
tman507se 2012年10月16日下午4:10 
Love the old Aperture look, and the puzzles are great. I definitely enjoyed.
Ratboy  [作者] 2012年10月16日下午12:06 
@Kenn117: No.
RaveN 2012年10月15日下午11:05 
@Ratboy Play "Don't make Lemonade"
ShakeY 2012年10月15日下午1:36 
Really good although your Names stuck on the sccren at the end XD
dominique.ca 2012年10月15日上午9:07 
it must be a lot like that.
I had a great time.
TyGuy60 2012年10月15日上午4:04 
bro i have a problem i cannot find a way too get the speed gel. I dunno if its a glitch but plz help.
Mathey2009 2012年10月14日下午11:50 
Hey loved the map. Thank you fpr this map!
I've got a map of my own I'm trying to get out there a bit, try it and leave a comment :)

Strategy 4: Knockoff
Ratboy  [作者] 2012年10月14日下午4:02 
Feelin the love guys! Glad you all like it!
Pitrowitch 2012年10月14日上午5:29 
TellyTop 2012年10月13日下午1:40 
Great map, I loved it!
Spent a lot of time at the start before looking to the left. I felt so silly xD
PsyMan 2012年10月13日上午7:14 
well designed, my favourite aperture style, great puzzles, 10/10 :D
kevintillack 2012年10月12日下午6:47 
Really Fun, Not To long and Not to short
NyanNyanKoneko 2012年10月11日下午7:04 
This is one of the best maps I have played. Well designed, challenging, but not "tricky."
Frosty Cube 2012年10月11日下午6:41 
The puzzle was well thought out, The mapping was great, loved the map overall.10/10
Ratboy  [作者] 2012年10月11日下午5:43 
@ran492000: if you're referring to the portal fizzler in the video, that is not in the current version because it was not necessary. @ttamnedlog: make sure you cover ALL of the runway in speed gel. It sounds like you've got the right solution.
ttamnedlog 2012年10月11日下午3:57 
I'm not sure if I'm missing the solution, or if the placement of the final gel/portals is extremely picky. I keep making the jump and winding up JUST short of the exit. So close that one time I got stuck in the grating in front of the exit.
Conundrum 2012年10月11日下午2:30 
I liked how there was the crow to say good-bye when you finished.
Ran 2012年10月11日上午7:30 
Trying to play the game but the field to the speed gel isn't there.
lingress 2012年10月10日下午6:52 
These are the words that describe this level....AWESOME,BEST,PERFECT,EPIC AND FUN!
Ratboy  [作者] 2012年10月10日下午2:28 
Thanks guys! I made this a while ago! But thanks to Workshop alot more people can enjoy it now. @Kenn117: not sure what you mean by pop-up Chells...
RaveN 2012年10月10日上午4:28 
Are there any pop-up Chells in this?
mausilibaer 2012年10月10日上午4:02 
Really great map. Well designed and the tests are challenging but not too hard. Thanks for making.
timer 2012年10月10日上午2:20 
let me think ,good
gorio 2012年10月9日下午11:50