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copley28 2014年9月24日 9時43分 
the snow elves would not have used dwemer tech, but they were advanced.... all you would need to do is change the metal color.... i think something white or almost a white-gold or platnium would be nice...
jeffwoodrow 2014年8月11日 17時37分 
The house is extraordinay- however there's problems that break it for me. The constantly respawning Falmer in and around the house make it unsusable for me as a player home. The mudcrabs in the trough in the dining area are a nice idea in theory but the game still treats them as enemies so it's impossible to fast travel away while 4 or 5 are crawling around. The quest needs work too as I had to use the console to get it to work. The quest I could deal with but the respawning enemies every tiem I visit the house are a dealbreaker.
Balck 2014年7月19日 6時25分 
Haven't playe it yet, but as an architect, judging from the screenshots, well done sir!

Reminds me quite a bit of Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water.
A Cyan Stone Covered in Mustard 2014年7月8日 13時41分 
Where is this on the map?
[IDK]SlayerSTL 2014年6月12日 18時48分 
what do i ddo when is says read [...]
darkrovian 2014年5月6日 21時50分 
i have a question in your dwemer longrifle mod you had a different inventory set up how do i get that?
Araanim  [作成者] 2014年1月4日 6時41分 
Fixed the alchemy chest, and tweaked a few details.
Dr.Phil 2013年12月30日 22時30分 
reminds me of JZs house
killraven65 2013年12月17日 17時59分 
Rofl, thanks for that. I thought it was a bit much. Great job on the design though!
Araanim  [作成者] 2013年12月12日 9時19分 
By the way, the one chest on the alchemy terrace apparently respawns after awhile (beside the regular table, not the crafting table). Don't put anything valuable in there.
The Last Resort 2013年12月4日 17時40分 
i started the quest and it says read [...] what am i supposed to be reading? i read the book that started the quest and yet nothing happened
Dallesse 2013年11月29日 18時31分 
WOW! What a mindblower!!! This house is way worth the effort to claim it! for those struggling to find it...open the console and type coc tltundraloft. Lots of baddies to be killed, especially that one in the basement! One of the best house mods- without a doubt. Keeper!
jyusti 2013年11月14日 18時53分 
where it is
Mr JIGGY 2013年9月17日 3時36分 
dam man i realy wanted this but its right on another mod i have called dovahkiin temple, its a big dwemer for built into teh mountain, now i have a falmer fort stuck on a dwemer fort -_-
larraklisberg 2013年7月24日 13時39分 
it's Not hard bud.
Cody Furlong 2013年7月24日 3時10分 
Ok A first I was excited to get this mod, and the look of the place didn;t disapoint. However, the 20 millon falmer, charus, and whatever that boss guy was, complelty ruined it. I had to trun boss mode on just to get into the place, becaus I ran out of healing potins before even getting inside.

I also had problems with every other door being locked to such a high level, or requiring a key I didn't have, I kept having to use the consol to unlock things just so I could progess through the house, the keys i picked up off the shaman falmer didn't seem to work on any of the doors I tried.

Finally once I was insied and in the first rea, it looked like every brazer in the alcones was floating up off the ground. And I found that I kept getting lost, since all the halls looked the same and kept going around in circles. The gate like doors inside, opening out into my face and halls, only made things even worse, puching mme back and making it even harder to move around in.
larraklisberg 2013年7月9日 15時41分 
oh, by the way. I've been a planner or idea giver, whatever you want to call it, for tons of mods. Perhaps I could help you with Plotting for where the place is, and design?
larraklisberg 2013年7月9日 15時39分 
And the Snow elves Used pure moonstone As architecture, So if you wont use the ayleid packs, or if you do get it, Just retexture both sets (if possible, or contact a rextexturer) And make it the same colour as Snow elven moonstone.
larraklisberg 2013年7月9日 15時39分 
Or you could possibly port an ayleid furniture pack from oblivion. Every furniture ayleid pack from oblivions author has been inactive since skyrim came out and they Did say they'd give anyone permission to use it as long as they get crediting.
Araanim  [作成者] 2013年7月9日 15時29分 
Yeah, I haven't ventured into retexturing yet but I would like too. All the snow elven furniture is very similar to dwemer (stone with a metallic texture), so there's some dwemer stuff I could probably retexture pretty easily. I'm not sure about other furniture. Would snow elves use wooden furniture? Woven? Metal? I guess metal furniture similar to their gates and chandeliers would make the most sense. Hell, maybe just dwarven furniture in the snow elf metal texture would be good enough.
larraklisberg 2013年7月9日 12時04分 
Alright, awesome. perhaps you could retexture furniture to match the Snow elven house?
Araanim  [作成者] 2013年7月9日 10時27分 
@larraklisberg it seems like bramvdborg and I are looking into doing a larger snow elf base. We'll keep you posted.
larraklisberg 2013年7月3日 19時58分 
if your willing to make another snow elf house mod, contact me.
larraklisberg 2013年7月3日 18時43分 
Well? could you make another Snow elf home?
Stampkonijn 2013年6月29日 4時46分 
That would be great! At least one person that has experience with the creation kit;)
Araanim  [作成者] 2013年6月28日 10時41分 
If you need an Architect, I'm your man.
Stampkonijn 2013年6月28日 10時04分 
thanks for your help! I found it! I will search for a good location of the first stronghold, and I will contact the creator of Much Ado About Snow Elves, which is a great idea! I also will try to set up some kind of team to help, because if i have to do this its gonna take months:P thanks again for your help, and you will hear from me if I have an alpha version:)
Araanim  [作成者] 2013年6月26日 5時33分 
@bramvdborg I believe it's all tagged with "SERuins". It's fairly limited, since most of the Snow Elven stuff in Dawnguard is interior, so I had to get a little creative. I'm interested to see your end product. "Much Ado About Snow Elves" is a great mod that explores the history of the Snow Elves, but I thought at some point you'd actually find some alive. You should look at that and make your mod an extension of that. Maybe talk to the creator and see if you can use some of his weapon assets.
Stampkonijn 2013年6月23日 11時47分 
Where did you get this argitecture? I can't find it with the creation kit... I was trying to build a hidden snow elf base in the mountains in the east of skyrim, as a start for a larger project to return the snow elves into skyrim, but that was impossible because i couldn't find it... If you can tell me, I might get some hope for the return of the snow elves!:D
larraklisberg 2013年6月21日 4時57分 
Not quite. Not too mention I'd trueley enjoy another Snow elf house..seems your the Only one making them because everyone else complains about the lack of resorces.
Araanim  [作成者] 2013年6月21日 4時51分 
This one isn't big enough for ya? ;)
larraklisberg 2013年6月14日 18時16分 
can you make another Snow elven house? like use the Inner sanctums outside models, and add for the balcony, well. arch curate vyrthurs balcony? like a huge ass snow elven palace.
theonesource 2013年6月2日 21時51分 
where is it?
Opeb 2013年6月2日 14時54分 
I forgot I downloaded this and found it randomly and flipped out, thinking it was part of the game! This is so well made! That war with the Falmer guys is really fun!
larraklisberg 2013年5月27日 21時54分 
This mod keeps crashing whenever I get Near it..

ded hedding 2013年5月16日 8時50分 
there is a snow elf race mod..
bbobob 2013年5月15日 20時39分 
can you be snow elfs
larraklisberg 2013年5月6日 17時02分 
Finally a Fucking snow elven themed home..
Oasis 2013年4月19日 20時49分 
Looks very Frank Lloyd Wright-esque. Excellent job, can't wait to see the interior in-game.
Araanim  [作成者] 2013年4月9日 12時36分 
@killraven Haha that was actually an accident. I need to change that. Apparently in the creation kit there's a chest that is literally EVERY enchanted weapon. That wasn't supposed to be there. I got rid of one of them, but I missed that one I guess. I'm glad you like it!
killraven65 2013年3月24日 3時36分 
I admit it was a little hard to find, but it is indeed a beautiful piece of work.Nice touch having the underground tunnel running all the way into blackreach. Very interesting lvl design inside and i love the architechture. the only thing that bothered me was the ammount of weapons in the enchanted weapon chest, it took me an hour to get 17,000 lbs of weapons out of my inventory. the range and ammount of ALchemy ingredients was peferct, as was the balance of soul gems on the balcony. I am impressed by the originality and the attention to detail. Thank you!
vtec-just-kicked-in 2013年3月9日 15時11分 
dont like the falmer
Araanim  [作成者] 2013年3月7日 16時41分 
@frozenconnor Or a young architect who would rather pioneer Snow-Elf Modernisn than design shitty residential renovations...
Solderp 2013年3月6日 19時50分 
This is the beautiful work of a Skyrim addict. I love it!
Araanim  [作成者] 2013年3月6日 5時45分 
It's west of Whiterun.
AutumnusEtLupus 2013年3月4日 17時15分 
this would be alot better if it dint require dawngaurd but other than tht and the size this is an very epic house by the way love here there be monsters
Xiianil 2013年3月1日 8時55分 
I'm not sure I like how just-plain-fucking-huge this place is. But your screenshots look nice, and it's obvious you put time and care into your work. Where exactly is it again? The Craggy mountain at the center of the tundra makes me think Bonestrewn Crest. However, since pretty much all of skyrim is tundra, except for that temperate area (with it's natural hotsprings) a more specific description is needed.
Mr Dilly The Scrub Master 2013年2月28日 17時14分 
Cool mod, I resently saw how many subcribtions the here the be moster mod has, 50000, that a lot
Araanim  [作成者] 2013年2月26日 10時47分 
@What If Thanks! It would be so awesome if Bethesda added some God of War sized enemies to Skyrim. That would be phenomenal. Maybe Elder Scrolls VI will be mind blowing.
Liam Neeson Punching Wolves 2013年2月25日 21時30分 
You make fantastic mods. I think Bethesda will probably take on board your sea creatures mod in the future.