Portal 2
The End Is only the begining
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Peyj 29 lipca 2013 o 8:22 
i got stuck even on the "glass door" from the third room... ^^"
Peyj 29 lipca 2013 o 8:19 
I could skip everything from the beguinning, and later i got stuck on the moving plate from the second room, by wainting on it until the counter from room 1 was over. Then the plate got up, and glitched me into it... x)
Meau 29 lipca 2013 o 4:59 
Still possible to skip everything by using the white tiles to the right.
Porg  [autor] 10 października 2012 o 8:55 
Ok I think i fixed it
Porg  [autor] 10 października 2012 o 8:41 
ok ill try to fix it
pinkie 10 października 2012 o 0:51 
you can just skip past the entire test by using the floor around the middle section
nice try but not up to par