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B4SSi3 4月22日 14時23分 
CreamyBacon 4月7日 0時44分 
Congrats on the yoyogames "game of the month" win!
madmax71 2月12日 11時39分 
psychodelic - but i think i missed the point :-(
Moltress 2013年11月27日 14時54分 
The controls seem a bit weird, is there a way that i can use my mouse to aim and the click to fire? And set WASD to move instead of arrows?
Mr. Рыжий кот 2013年10月8日 10時39分 
very well
Vatticson! 2013年9月25日 14時08分 
Just played this game.

W.O.W. Colors and Explosions and Silly words floating around. Ssssugar!!

I'm really impressed about the things this game maker can do :D
Ultrabobbins  [作成者] 2013年6月15日 19時17分 
Jewvia 2013年6月15日 6時36分 
I noticed that you removed your Greenlight page. Why, exactly? 2013年6月14日 11時06分 
Make this please on mobile devices.
JunglistVIP 2013年4月12日 5時48分 
Wow this is excellent.
Excelle 2013年3月24日 17時26分 
Played it at Eurogamer. Forgot how goddamn addictive it is. Good work man!
TheFinalDuck 2013年2月24日 18時29分 
One of those nights huh? We've all been there...

Anyway, I'd be honoured if you had a look at the project I'm working on. I think it'll be obvious why I'd like feedback from an expert particle designer...
Ultrabobbins  [作成者] 2013年2月23日 14時59分 
@TheFinalDuck Oh god, I need sleep.
TheFinalDuck 2013年2月23日 11時43分 
ipad 5? Have you just flown back from the future? :P

And I think I have too many particles on screen to use objects for each one. Thanks for replying anyway.
Ultrabobbins  [作成者] 2013年2月23日 11時05分 
@TheFinalDuck I'm not much use there as @psychicparrot did the mobile versions. The problem we've had is that there's an inconsistency in the fill rates for the different devices so we can get something running massively well on an iPad 2 but it'll take a hit on the iPad 5 (!). So technically we can get it running not quite 1:1 but not too crippled if erm, half of the Apple devices didn't exist and didn't need supporting.

BUT! What I don't do is use the inbuilt particle engine anyway. Everything you see in DRM is either art patching over the cracks or objects being flung around left right and centre. I don't know if that's any help. I've found in the past that whilst I can throw more things around using the particles, it can be a bit of a pain and flunk out where you wouldn't really expect it to. It's the same reason I don't use surfaces.
TheFinalDuck 2013年2月23日 10時04分 
Hmm I think I noticed a few more shades of gray but I guess it's not that kind of game :)

Also, do you know of any tricks to have lots of particles on screen without slowing the frame rate on phones?
Ultrabobbins  [作成者] 2013年2月9日 18時31分 
@TheFinalDuck Could you do me a big favour then? Can you just reach your hand down the back of the sofa and see if there's a few down there. I'd *love* to include more but I think I might need some help with that :D
TheFinalDuck 2013年2月9日 4時21分 
I don't think there's enough colours :P
FatPool 2013年1月16日 16時10分 
dude...give me my eyesight back! jk jk. i had fun for a long time with this game. EXCELLENT WORK
I did it, mom! 2013年1月1日 13時57分 
I have 1 fps :(
Äppelkaka 2012年12月29日 13時28分 
Awsome game i have to say, though it crashed my computer 2 times, wich is extremely odd. My PC is more than capable of the game, it could be the GameMaker: Studio. Anyways, Good game!
Ultrabobbins  [作成者] 2012年11月29日 19時02分 
Cheers! Everything I do that I'm allowed to throw in there goes in there so it'll see you right for any future stuff too.
DarkByNight 2012年11月29日 18時37分 
Yay me, just purchased your l;ovely bundle, and what a lot of things I got! :)
Good luck and thanks! *Rushes off to play Death Ray Manta!*
Ultrabobbins  [作成者] 2012年11月27日 17時30分 
@DarkByNight OK, the offer *is* there though, I honestly don't mind. Wouldn't offer otherwise.
DarkByNight 2012年11月26日 21時26分 
Rob, I greatly appreciate it, however my salary does come in on the 30'th so if I can just remind myself about the bundle then, I can get it before it ends. :D
Thank you so much for the thought though!
Ultrabobbins  [作成者] 2012年11月26日 21時09分 
@DarkByNight Yeah, all my own solo stuff is in GM.Stuff I've done with other folks or contributed to that isn't I obviously don't have the right to sell so that's elsewhere.

Anyway, if you're stuck for a dollar, mail me and I'll sort you out anyway. My email is on all my sites.
DarkByNight 2012年11月26日 20時56分 
I just found your Bagfull of Wrong bundle. I did not know you already had lots of commercial games out. How I desperately had the 1 dollar to buy the bundle.
Are all the games in the bundle made with GM?
PsychicParrot 2012年11月7日 7時43分 
BigDaveisCheap 2012年11月6日 21時33分 
Just in case my video Rob was nice enough to feature here wasn't clear enough I love this game! I'm glad to be able to come here and support this title with a like and favorite (something I should have done when it first hit the Workshop) and I'm happy to see a developer sharing their knowledge and resources to help better up and comers. People like this deserve your support folks... so support him!
Intoxicatious 2012年11月2日 13時22分 
Great depth of sound. Great Robotron-like game. Colors can be distracting though, and I would prefer that the player moved in 8 directions instead of the analog feel he has. It animates well, but it's strange when using arrow keys.
jonathan.cadenazzi 2012年11月2日 10時02分 
Do not think I do not like. The fact is that personally I can not play it because it bothers me in the eyes, even if they are not epileptic. very good game ;)
Ultrabobbins  [作成者] 2012年11月2日 7時46分 
@jonathan.cadenazzi Thanks for trying it anyway! Although I should note there's only one point where it fails the PEAT test for photosensitive epilepsy (which I'll be addressing in the update), just having lights and strong colours doesn't count.I am *very* careful about these things.
jonathan.cadenazzi 2012年11月2日 6時46分 
Excuse me, but I did not like. The idea is good. But after a few minutes I eyes hurt with all those colored lights. I would hate for people suffering from epilepsy.
Ultrabobbins  [作成者] 2012年11月1日 9時21分 
@Darkrain I originally had it more paced so that you had the time to read it, then I realised you were really just wasting time reading it. But I needed something to transition between stages and that seemed like the funniest route. OK, OK, no-one else finds it funny but when games have this awful habit of making you watch slow things slowly, it made me laugh ;)
Darkrain 2012年11月1日 9時09分 
Cool! It looked like it was something funny though! Lol
Ultrabobbins  [作成者] 2012年11月1日 9時03分 
@xot Thanks @Darkrain - it's OK, there is absolutely nothing you need to read there, that's half the fun. It's absolutely trivial get-in-the-way stuff. You don't miss a single thing in not reading it other than the odd horror movie title with manta inserted.
Darkrain 2012年11月1日 8時44分 
Cool game! It does move really fast though. Mostly that's good, but I can't read the stuff after I complete or fail a level. As a result I had no idea if I was advancing or loosing and starting over.
xot 2012年11月1日 8時32分 
Good luck, Rob!
♥ Nanase Shizuku ♥ 2012年11月1日 2時05分 
:'| you gunna win the yoyo comp... by 90+ votes :""""( WHY AM I SECOND BY 90 VOTES... (You're the only obstacle stopping me from winning lol)
Ultrabobbins  [作成者] 2012年10月27日 14時40分 
@jmcmatrixs Yeah, soz. It *was* supposed to happen the other way round but for various reasons I've had to take a fortnight off (mainly that I really had to take a fortnight off!) so my schedule went to mup.
ʝmcmatrixs 2012年10月27日 14時28分 
Alright, that's cool, glad to support indies anyhow! Greenlight :)
Ultrabobbins  [作成者] 2012年10月27日 14時21分 
@jmcmatrixs I've just made this version free, yuss. There'll be an update to the standalone version in the next fortnight that'll put some stuff in there that won't ever be available in the workshop version and then there's an even bigger update planned before the end of the year, the same. So y'know, don't worry, I've got it covered. I'm just a bit slower getting the update together than I'd hoped.
ʝmcmatrixs 2012年10月27日 14時12分 
I actually bought this from bundle in a box, and it's free........
Laud 2012年10月27日 9時13分 
Soooo, generic shooter?
Ultrabobbins  [作成者] 2012年10月27日 5時27分 
I've removed the twelve level limit. It's now the full up to date Death Ray Manta.
Ultrabobbins  [作成者] 2012年10月22日 23時28分 
You might do but there's a pretty slim chance of that happening. I'm very careful with how I construct my effects!
water2770 2012年10月22日 21時23分 
anyone else first look at it and think "There's a seizure law suit waiting to happen"
Ultrabobbins  [作成者] 2012年10月11日 18時32分 
Tiffins are for a bonus point each round. To max out your score you need to clear each stage and get the tiffin in each. Should be relatively easy in this demo, getting all 32 in the full game is sliiiiightly tougher.

I dunno, I'm still not sure if this worked as an idea yet. Filed under "it seemed like a good idea at the time!"
DarkByNight 2012年10月11日 18時30分 
@RobF Ohh I do I have a question now that I've convinced myself not to play DRM for 5 minutes to ask it. :P Aside from being an extra weapon, what do you need Tiffins for? Seeing as there is a counter, counting the total number you've picked up. :D
Coty 2012年10月11日 16時40分 
Oh, I'm sorry. Removed my comment. I completely misread your post.

Well anyways, you should still consider doing dual analog, it feels much better, haha.