The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Alternate Place for Breezehome Alchemy Lab
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Schallas 24 feb 2014 om 10:43vm 
After 3 days of testing i finally have the perfect breeze home along with this one - no crashing, no clipping, no wierd camera angles.Thx to all of these modders. Endorse guys!
1 - Breezehome basement single cell / no load screen (not navmeshed, followers don't go in and bang an anvil which is lovely) :
2 - Extra storage :
3 - Lydia's bed rotated 180 so she sleeps in it :
The Last Scrap Dragon 29 apr 2013 om 5:42nm 
I used to be an Alchemy like you then I took in children in Breezehome. thanks man
[PGCA]nodijo 19 jan 2013 om 1:14nm 
It's so nice to have my children AND my alchemy station, thank you!