Dragonbone Ebonsteel Armor
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Dreogan  [author] 22 hours ago 
It should work. It's a pretty basic mod.
Smallville Mar 24 @ 5:26pm 
Is this Mod still active?? It doesn´t work in my game, and in te only one installed
wolfking3339 Mar 21 @ 3:47pm 
omg that dancing at the end was
Pierce Mar 18 @ 3:38pm 
I'm offering a challenge to make the Guy Fox outfit from V For Vendetta to anyone how will accept it. DO NOT answer this comment I will know if you accept or not.
Vladucard Mar 15 @ 8:53am 
Can You make a weapon verson of this or a retexure of the vanila ones please
myownterms66 Mar 15 @ 7:40am 
i cant find it in the dragon smithing list and i caant find anyhting in the console help
Russthebuster Mar 8 @ 6:16pm 
This mod crashes my game alot... is there a problem?
Domynoz Mar 4 @ 10:00am 
It's a nice mod and it has cool designs for the dragonbone armor set, but... daedric armor still gives you more armor rating and weights less than the dragonbone set. I may use it at a higher level but for now it's kinda useless to me. This is just the way I think.
Thank you! I love the Dragonbone Armor but honestly not the helm...so I'm getting this!
SGN Lord_WaterSlap Mar 1 @ 10:44am 
Agreed. I love the look of the Ancient Nord-style Dragon Helm, but I use Light armor and can't use it without huge debuffs.
PR PUNISHER Feb 23 @ 10:31pm 
Awesome looking armor, love Dragon Bone and Ebony armors. Now I have to ask, why no light armor, please add them to this mod, its a must.... Thanks
LokiTheSuperSaiyan Feb 22 @ 5:46pm 
✪ | Murkal Feb 22 @ 7:59am 
The armor doesn't work with some perks.
Shadow Night Feb 21 @ 5:56am 
when I used the cheat to help get it, I typed "ebonsteel", but there was too much stuff it couldn't fit all of it inside that cheat menu and then I tried help Ebonsteel armor, it didn't do crap. someone pls hlp
Dark_Lord Feb 21 @ 4:53am 
Can this armor be found as random loot, or does it have to be forged?
--The Last Warrior-- Feb 20 @ 5:36pm 
@FC thank you so much!
T3hYoshi2 Feb 18 @ 10:52pm 
aww why is there even a hood if you cant have light armor versions :/
CoolDewds Feb 9 @ 1:33am 
can you guys tell me the code of this mod
FC Feb 4 @ 12:17am 
@MarvinIsKewl: Open the console and type: help "ebonsteel" .... or hep "ebonsteel heavy" ... Or something like that. A list of items with their respective IDs should appear.
All you have to do then is type: player.additem "insert item id here" x ... (x being the number of times the object will be duplicated in your inventory).
MarvinIsKewl Feb 1 @ 3:50pm 
Is there an ID because i want to make my character go to jail and keep all of his armor with him because this armor is kewl
Skrillex Feb 1 @ 1:15pm 
FC Jan 31 @ 4:30am 
The expert in battle wouldn't need such a massive armor, only someone not confident with their fighting skills would protect themselves that much... It's an amazing mod and the creator spent a lot of time putting i together, but anything above glass armor makes the game boring.
Dr. Toast™ Jan 28 @ 9:59pm 
Can someone help the armor is not appearing in the dragon category
The Charging Whaenkar Jan 25 @ 8:35am 
Orion Jan 24 @ 6:36am 
Doll, so you do not get fed on by hungry internet-hounds, I'd suggest deleting the last comment.
Dollop Jan 21 @ 9:31pm 
...... Okay please don't mock me forever but I'm semi-retarded and my entire previous message was entirely driven by me forgetting that I needed ebony smithing as well, and going straight up through Glass smithing instead. And god dammit, I even went as far as a total steam purge and uninstall today.

I feel sort of lame now.
Dollop Jan 20 @ 9:58pm 
k so this and your skyforged weapons/shields are among my favorite mods, but there's a problem and maybe you know what's wrong. In my most recent playthroughm the dragonbone ebonsteel armor was completely absent from my forgable armor selections. I've been trying to fix this for the past 2 days now, from uninstalling and reinstalling all mods, double checking load orders, all the way up to completely uninstalling and deleting all skyrim-related information from my computer after uninstalling all mods to give it a 100% clean slate. Still doesn't work. I even tried removing all mods BUT the dragonbone ebonsteel and still nothing. Any ideas of what's wrong? I hate the look of the vanilla dragonbone armor, and this is my fix, and I'm lost at this point without a clue of what to do to fix this.
jaybyrd4101 Jan 19 @ 9:30pm 
Really? Breast plate? Seriously? That would get people killed in reality
The Reaper Jan 15 @ 5:16pm 
So im sorry but i cant seem to find an answer and the mod isnt on steam, but rather the nexus.
How or where do i craft or find the Winter is Coming cloaks? i want them so bad lol
dataDyne Jan 12 @ 2:40pm 
I really like how the khajiit ears work with the scale helmet
Also the fun chainmail hood and other helmets
dataDyne Jan 12 @ 2:33pm 
Very nice, it seems the scale boots and gloves have the wrong pic though
Are they supposed to be light? It says the scale armor is heavy
Could you do something like this with dragonbone weapons, i seem to have bad low res textures on the standard weapons
Big Begonyas Jan 11 @ 7:37am 
The mod is amazing the look of the armor is so nice and the choice if helms is fantastic great work
Dreogan  [author] Jan 6 @ 5:58pm 
@THE: I think in general the strength and agility of armor-wearing characters in fantasy RPG's don't generally comport with reality (not sure I'd survive many of those falls, either)...
kaiser20191981 Jan 4 @ 8:53pm 
Amazing work here! hope u decide to make some epic mage armor one day. all the stuff ive seen on here is just vanilla for mages be nice to see some custom work!
Synesdro Jan 3 @ 8:24am 
is this armor at the skyforge?
qwertyderpyzehurpy Jan 2 @ 8:09pm 
This is still my fav armor IMO tho.
qwertyderpyzehurpy Jan 2 @ 8:09pm 
Alright.. Enough of this crap already.

Some stuff has been going through my mind lately.
I've been thinking:

"How the f(BEEP)k are these guys wearing bones straight off of a dragon and COMBINING it with ebony chainmail and not falling down or being crushed by over 120 pounds?"

But hey, thats just my opinion.
strykerwaller02 Jan 1 @ 3:45pm 
I LOVE the veiled "iron" Nordic Helm
Wolf Jober Jan 1 @ 11:53am 
To bad for me, the mode makes my skyrim stop!? :(
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Molagone Dec 28, 2014 @ 7:32am 
LOVE THIS MOD SO MUCH! EPIC ARMORS MAN! You should make weapon sets as well to suit the awesome armors in this mod. I rate 5/5 stars!
MrExpendable Dec 28, 2014 @ 7:12am 
@FACEpuncher, I use Skyforge Weapons pack and it goes pretty well with these armor sets I must say.

Also, the Dovah Luv sword in the Jaysus Swords mod :)
FACEpuncher Dec 27, 2014 @ 2:08am 
Is there any weapon that could match this armor?
templarsrevng Dec 25, 2014 @ 10:27pm 
I have this mod but have turned it off due to conflicts with others (this wasn't causing them I turned off all my mods and forgot to reactivate this one don't worry!) but did you add that fur on the shoulders or is it another mod?
buttermeetstoast Dec 21, 2014 @ 2:24am 
its awesome i love it ! but i would also love a light version of these :D
voodoovibe Dec 10, 2014 @ 1:17am 
@dreogan: can make you make a light armor variant of the mail hood? thanks..
kandsbowden Dec 7, 2014 @ 10:30am 
Easily my favorite armor mod. Makes you feel like you're the true Dragonborn kicking ass.
Balthias Dec 7, 2014 @ 8:34am 
If this was broken down into several mods for more individual sets that would be awesome for easing up on crafting options and reducing list size.
faster than you haha Dec 3, 2014 @ 3:55pm 
i am bout to try i hope it works good!
Dapeep Nov 25, 2014 @ 9:33am