Daedric Assassin light armor
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hayden.trahan 20 hours ago 
The armor is ment for nords not argonians
Karkat Jul 27 @ 11:59am 
The hood clips into my argonian's face, just makes him look even creepier when he steals souls form people.
Hamburger Priest Jul 26 @ 10:49pm 
It crashes every time I put on the deadric assasin hood
The Fabulous Nerd Jul 25 @ 9:05am 
Finally the right mod for me ;)
KingOfDerp Jul 22 @ 7:05pm 
Finally, light Daedric! :D
Desimus Jul 12 @ 11:17pm 
Favorite Mod!
wash.hasted Jul 11 @ 3:38pm 
so cool and omg deadly
pedotto Jul 11 @ 12:33am 
can you please add thre console commands
GraYsoN Jul 11 @ 12:05am 
is this compatible with the cbbe body?
jeffreyschumi Jul 10 @ 2:43am 
what are the base stats of the armor?
Spectre Jul 7 @ 10:03am 
Any ideas why the cloak would be crashing my game? I don't believe I have any conflicting mods, and my follower and mannequins can wear it. Every time I try I crash though.
avalanchestealth Jul 6 @ 1:05pm 
holy crap it looks amazing
matias_jansen Jul 6 @ 10:21am 
Started a new save the other day.. Finally met lydia! For some reason she is wearing the full armour as well as a daedric sword an bow! Is that part of this mod?
headshothunter Jul 3 @ 9:01am 
nice mod :)
kuznets-sanya78 Jul 1 @ 4:46pm 
damogles Jun 27 @ 3:00am 
Thanks a lot for this really nice looking armor!
XmarcX92 Jun 22 @ 8:18am 
A bit flamboyant for an assassin.
themibjc Jun 19 @ 9:30am 
Nice mod, only gripe it's NOT stand alone, it will replace the original daedric armor..
P!ranha* Jun 16 @ 4:43am 
IllumiNotYi Jun 16 @ 2:48am 
great look, but it should be beast compatable, as my character is an Argonian, also, character's feet go through the cloak, so it should either be trimmed, or fixed.
Pasta Bro Jun 14 @ 5:21am 
Looks epic. Is there and ID so that I can spawn it in?
Nightcrawler Jun 13 @ 8:50pm 
You have to level smithing to 90, then spend perks just to get this armor. Should also be in a dungeon. NOT VERY GOOD!!!!
AquwardSquirrel Jun 13 @ 9:14am 
you should make it so u can find it in a chest or a person is wearing it and if u kill them u get it
Timesplitter Jun 3 @ 10:35am 
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The Duke of Awesome Jun 1 @ 1:31am 
This is by far my favorite mod that I have used. A good balance of red, black, and silver metals. Very nice looking. To the author: Thank you for making my new sexy armor!

Only complaint: The armor goes through parts of the cape on both reg and assassin daedric armors. I realize that can't be helped much, but perhaps make other capes that hang differently? Still the best mod though!
forsiller May 28 @ 11:25am 
OH... Sorry....
OFCOURSE I have to forge it to get it in the game :P
silly me...
forsiller May 28 @ 11:14am 
My 'Heavy Armor' was modfied to perfection! BUT

WHERE can I find the 'Assasin Light Armor'? :/
necro_wulf666 May 19 @ 11:55pm 
i think it woule be much cooler if you didnt change the vanilla texture.. because you did that i am unsubscribing because some of the other mods i have running that change the look of the armor (killerkeo mods).. gl tho.. i'll check in to see if you have changed that or not some other time
hansnicolaim2 Apr 13 @ 6:54am 
It retextured both the daedric armor your mod added and the vanilla daedric armor, it sucks ass because it made the daedric armor look less tougher so i'm unsubscribing
JJMC Apr 4 @ 1:32pm 
when i inslated it all my daedric textures have a purple glow to them ?
dose it add the blood texture or do you stil nead nexus?
Aaron Mar 22 @ 6:17pm 
awsome mod
doom775h Mar 21 @ 3:26pm 
realy cool mod love the look
doom775h Mar 21 @ 3:26pm 
check the hood with the kajiit the sids of my head show through
Zeimaster Mar 21 @ 7:49am 
I believe you should change the title a bit, since the mod also adds the Daedric Armor retexture by GarryG to the game which i have no problem with
Sir Mad Moo Man Mar 11 @ 10:36pm 
I love how it looks but unfortunately it isn't downloading for me
Fin_Maxe Mar 11 @ 3:30pm 
This is the best armor I have ever used!! I prefer the hood not the cloak beacause it gives you some more armor rating and I think it looks way cooler too.
A little piece of an advice for all who use or will use this:
Get Enchanting 100 and put some perks on it and enchant the armor however you like. I enchanted One-Handed and Archery and it's so good when you have this beast armor and good enchantments with it. And especially when you smith it to legendary, which is actually a lot more important than the enchanting! :D
Pyromancer919 Mar 3 @ 10:01pm 
Whenever I equip the cloak Skyrim crashes, Help?
rhysparks05 Mar 2 @ 6:00pm 
You Should Make A Dragon Priest Mask For This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sangetsutensou Mar 1 @ 5:08pm 
my game crashes if i put the cloak on :( nice look tho ^^
jay_ding72 Feb 26 @ 9:49pm 
Just type help assassin and the id's be in there
I FRIENDLY :3 Feb 26 @ 1:16am 
What is the armor id ???
Teleios Feb 25 @ 9:57am 
this changes the pattern of my normal daedric armor. just some feedback
Darkest Eden Feb 24 @ 2:12am 
Only problem for me is it won't let me craft Heavy boots anymore? wat?
joexm Feb 21 @ 3:14pm 
what is the armor id
heliem Feb 19 @ 11:52pm 
Nice armor, but when I equip the cloak my game crashes.
Madara Uchiha Feb 8 @ 5:28am 
i does´nt get the armour in my game... can anyone help?
Balien Feb 5 @ 10:02pm 
This Light armor will count as light armor within the game right? and not as just deadric armor which is considered heavy in the game
RedRain Feb 1 @ 2:58pm 
What i would love is if you had two different hoods that one could cover your mouth like a ninja, and the other one didnt for those who like to look at their lips :b like in the dark brotherhood the leader's mouth was covered with cloth. Other than that, great job.
Orion Jan 8 @ 2:08pm 
great mod i only have one problem with it, and that would be the look of the hood and cloak, they dont seem to fit the armor very well.