The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Dawnguard Bug Fixes
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OTAK MICIN 16 giu, ore 21:22 
no descriptions report files
the fat father 20 nov 2014, ore 18:59 
this should be edited so that you randomly start being stalked by slenderman
Orło 15 nov 2014, ore 8:40 
what is this guy?
Lucian SaDiablo 16 gen 2014, ore 8:35 
Thanks, but I think I'll download the Unofficial Patches. I don't need malware.
Gallifrey 22 dic 2013, ore 18:43 
does this turn spider into slendermen?!
madscientist1 3 ago 2013, ore 7:16 
Where dos slenderman come in?
ARmodder 20 feb 2013, ore 17:19 
with a file size of 0.003MB it doesnt fix anything DO NOT SUBSCRIBE or you risk a game crash! a file of this size is either a text doc or just the size of this picture, a typical mod of any type will be in the high hundreds of Kilobytes to the low or mid-range Megabytes!
overlord in evil 2 feb 2013, ore 12:31 
thanks aqualung
Damion 27 gen 2013, ore 7:05 
@krista ... Look at the file size.
Here's a clue.
It doesn't fix one God dam thing !!
Adobe Fuck Josh  [autore] 26 gen 2013, ore 13:22 
overlord in evil 26 gen 2013, ore 8:42 
what the hell does this fix?!
GRooGGer 21 nov 2012, ore 12:49 
Damion 14 nov 2012, ore 5:08 
Perhaps it fixes whatever Ned Stark has to do with Dawnguard.
Schadock [The Angeloids] 6 ott 2012, ore 5:39 
what does it fix???